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  1. Who can question a "Platinum" record?!
  2. I use dark theme for most apps on most devices. AUFam dark theme was a little too uniformly-dark for me. I can queue to info quicker with light and blue. It is great having these options!
  3. To be referenced with the utmost caution. I debated using the reference. Though drastically different circumstance I would not hint to equate, I hear the same attitude toward Harsin in a few that the little old lady showed when she would only deliver Sheriff Bart a pie of thanks at night and through the back window; and still cautioned Bart not to tell anyone she talked to him. "If Harsin would just be likable and spend time with us...." "If only he'd be more like Gus." If only this, and if only that. JUST like how how Saban had to become warm and fuzzy before he could spend a nickel, right? (sarc) In this environment, he's gonna if-only to another school and make them stellarly-successful before the good people of Rock Ridge affix postage to Howard Johnson's strongly-worded letter to the guvnuh.
  4. I feel for Harsin. And the difficulty was predicted eons ago: if Auburn hired what it needed and tried to let him run it the way it needed to be run, could Auburn handle it? Odds were - nope. There hasn't been anybody as supportively-accepted into his new job since Sheriff Bart rode into Rock Ridge.
  5. Yeah. Lot of comments from around the community like, "not sure if he's 'our kind of person'," and "he may not 'fit in'." Well, with a stellar reputation of maintaining a mediocre JABA status quo, maybe some self-awareness is overdue. The best plan is just churn coaching hires till we come up with 'one of our kind' so egos will be fulfilled and championships will be perpetually in our bright future. What a family.
  6. Receivers hard at work in their new drills ...
  7. well, I didn't want to flaunt it, but our unparalleled achievements were attained despite all having severe dyslexia. Apology accepted.
  8. I've heard AE '91 was the penultimate, superlative, smartest, most socially-adjusted, refined, affluent, and most handsome class AU engineering ever graduated. That's just what I hear. Not that I know anybody in that calss.
  9. He has a game against the Rams tomorrow night. Ariz is a 3.5 point dog. I'm not exactly routing for them to lose. But if they do, then hopefully some motion.
  10. Will he turn out to be good Spock or evil Spock? Well, if there's anything we know from our sci-fi training, even evil Spock is still an okay guy.
  11. His bona fides and firsthand accounts of his management of the CE and Engineering departments. He’s qualified to do this job outside Auburn. He doesn’t depend on Auburn for enrichment. But he has been extremely committed to his job. Yes, he resembles David Housel in his official picture. For this, he has my sympathy.
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