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  1. For a guy that often appears pretty serious in public glimpses, I like how he does bring in the positives. Granted, he can't be too specific publicly and maintain competition. He's like, 'hey there are some things we need to correct, but others we're doing pretty good: just need to do them more often or go from level 8 to level 11 on that dial.' He's not wrong. You certainly want to encourage guys, especially when they are learning something new, to take those risks outside their comfort zone. Otherwise they'll just get to a plateau where they hang out tentative and afraid of getting more crit
  2. IKR?! These sports writers gotta be so academic in their profound posts. IDK why they can't just keep it simple for us simple sports folk.
  3. Danke schön. "Gee Mister Lamarr, you use your mouth prettier than a twenty dollar ...." - Taggart (Slim Pickens), Blazing Saddles
  4. So, are we saying before we get too attached, we gotta lay it down to Hars like this?
  5. Marcello is CLEARLY saying that the Arkansas victory showed that Harsin has extracted the Platonic universal potential of the players to manifest the Aristotelian form of their skilled play. As Marcello indicates, there is no doubt that the whole NCAAF world is abuzz about how "Be the Ball" was a brilliant nod to the epistemological noumena of Kant and Schoppenhauer. In his voluminous treatise, Marcello goes on to show that the dissolution of the absolute sovereign, as Hobbes predicted, has produced a functional social contract from which to build the team. People are probably impressed by how
  6. Yes and no. I thought it was already evident by how the team continues to work and play 60 minutes despite some serious misfires through one helluva complicated makeover. The result was better yesterday, but I would not point to it as some drastic turning point. We may misfire some more this season, but not because the plan and philosophy is flawed. Players consistently getting just a little bit better, with much more stability within the process, and combined, they perform substantially-better. A bigger and bigger bulldozer vs unaimed and mis-timed bottle rockets. As far taking shape an
  7. Hoping Capt. Kidd finds a way to stomp Rumplestiltskin this eve. Need more cowbell.
  8. It is scary to watch, but it's probably the best compromise with the learning curve. I felt bad for the D when we scored on that 1st down post and D had to go right back on the field. Certainly wouldn't have foregone the points. But I bet D was wishing the O had taken a couple more plays to give them a breather.
  9. I probably like Gary Trudeau's version of HST slightly better. Self destruction is not a great look. Vonnegut, Heller, Hemingway, Bradbury, Heinlein, Dick, Dave Barry, Ludlum, Koontz, ..... on and on. And then there's nonfiction. Too many good writers, not enough time.
  10. It's Paul Marshall's alter ego (like Chris Gaines is to Garth Brooks). Paul goes all Hunter S. Thompson, breaks out that cigarette on the long stem, guzzles a fifth of Popov, and writes a secondary article with different incorrect facts. Get's him a supplemental paycheck.
  11. I'm sure they and lots of other guys feel like 90 year-olds right now. Just looked weird to me. A few times it looked like he barely got touched and just fell forward vs downshifted. Hunter didn't go down til there was a pile on top of him.
  12. Agree. Tell Andy not to bring it up to Harsin in the pre-game. I cringed when he did. Yeah, it needs to stop lest it be a self-fulfilling prophesy.
  13. Awesome game to watch. I'm happy to see the Auburn personality I've been missing - looking like everybody is working hard the whole game. I am curious why it looks like Tank loses his momentum as soon as anyone touches him low. What's different now vs 'before'? I am not criticizing. Just seems like he's got the power of someone half his weight. Still doing good with speed and when he has some green space on the outside. I see that he has the fun of encounter a pile of bodies and no hole where he's supposed to go. So does Hunter, who seems to break quicker and find a different route - and
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