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  1. Liberty League You get two fingers of single malt if the theme music or sound effects just popped into your head.
  2. ^^^ It has been a conspicuous contrast at least to the prior 4 or 5 years.
  3. Not a problem at all. And let's hold that speed down from now on. Arrive alive (and always carry donuts).
  4. It’s funny. Roll with it, man. Nothing personal. I’m a Fify fan and advocate. I wouldn’t bust your chestnuts if I didn’t have respect for you. I’m just not the pandering asskisser wannabe loved type of forum goober.
  5. BREAKING: I’m hearing rumors on some pay boards that we might fire Malzahn. Also, hearing the Japanese may be close to a surrender. TIFWIW
  6. Nothing says Bama fan like saban tattoos. Instant esteem.
  7. Are you signed in? Are you editing your original post belonging to you? It should look like this. Perhaps the theme or device you’re using has some deleterious affect. There is a section for discussion about the forum and Q&A. https://www.aufamily.com/forums/forum/100-announcements/ Tag a mod for help if continues to be a problem. They’ll be happy to help.
  8. See the three dots to the upper right of your post? (…) Click them. It will expand to a drop-down menu with the “Edit” option.
  9. 13) New members are restricted from creating topics. Users are encouraged to contribute to AUFAMILY, however a member must have 50 posts before they are allowed to start a new topic (note: any registered member can reply to an existing topic regardless of post count). The purpose of this is twofold: It reduces the number of topics on the same subject posted by new users who haven't accustomed themselves to the message boards yet and also it reduces spamming and drive-by posters.
  10. Doh! Such a mental block against typing the other A-word. Thanks
  11. 26 - Western Kentucky University (which is actually in central Kentucky; geography must not be their strong suit) 27 - THE Auburn Alabama Polytechnic University
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