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  1. Not so fast, my friend. Some may say you don't know Didley.
  2. Here in Destin. Not sure what this means, but Harsin just picked up 30 of these at Alvin's Island (to take back to staff in Auburn). JK - about Harsin, not about being in Destin.
  3. snow started to slide and somebody jumped on to create an avalanche. Not clear whether this was random or organized. Someone made it his/her mission. Lot of folks who were rah rah bye bye Harsin inside and outside the fambly. Water under the bridge. Doesn't have to be a PTB conspiracy to be another Auburn mess.
  4. Probably finished in formica and cheap laminates like locker room - whatever the contractor has a surplus of and is cheap. Just hope it's similar to navy and burnt orange vs crimson and crimson. We'll see if the kickback culture is was or is.
  5. Spring. We're officially in the Rocky 3 training montage, clawing back from rock bottom, to out-blue-collar Clubber, culminating in a sweaty hug with the the Creed? And poke somebody(ies) in the eye with a tweet. Ugh.
  6. 2nd half MSU, Bo stays healthy, but Leach subs his entire squad for Mike Ditka. Ditka!
  7. Wellcome to the (AU)family football board.
  8. I know. No need to go all rabid cabbage mauler. Angry corgeeees.
  9. Indeed. Spider's prolific posts should have been self-evident. 2016 was traumatic, made a lot of us psychotic, and he represents a lot of us looking for hope.
  10. DO NOT ADMIT one "Mus Galzahn" chewing bubble gum that makes him loop stoopid and glasses that make him look comically stoopid-trying-to-look-smart. Well, he can attend if he pays the paltry price of $6M.
  11. Let me dumb it down for you. Acronym. Traumatic Emotional Expectancy Mischance (TERM), id est, "an Auburn football thing." At 64 and after seeing the totality of the cosmos collaborate for an outright BCS National Championship, and after watching Malzahn repeatedly squander talent while claiming, "the future is bright," and considering general recurrent dysfunction in the custodianship of the football department, any positive reports as to Harsin's banal, contemporary accomplishments can be assumed to be only forestalling an inevitable nonfeasance (ergo failure) that is Auburn football. More likely than not, panglossian interpretations of transient realizations only result in ineluctable outcomes, inexorably. Don't get your hopes up.
  12. So this is a (an assistant) coach recruiting opportunity for the future, as well. Way to pave those skids, prime those roads, and grease those pumps. Nothing wrong with this.
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