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  1. Why do I seem to have a blurry association with that poster + Wire Road + 75-cent beast + a certain David Allan Coe song??
  2. Similar. Did freelance photog work at one Bush and 500 at Talledega. Got the spot in front of turn 1 between the infield fence and the track. I caught a great wreck picture that went out on the press wire. Unrestricted access the rest of the time. My prior conception was that the garage was like a bigger collection of people like my extended family. Drivers and team staff were awesome. Anything but hapless good-ol-boys. This was while DAllison, DEearnhart, BElliott, RWallace and other legends were there and things were good. Meh - fans are fans: unproductive to stereotype and vilify. Now,
  3. AUx


    He sure represented his faith, his family, himself, and AU well. So sorry about what he had to endure. But endure it he did, and did it with exemplary grace.
  4. You never know. "Crap, the tight end only twirls in the backfield every dadgum play! What is wrong with this stupid game ......... Heyyyyyyyyy, that could really work! One day I'll show em!"
  5. Not this, and it’s a step in the right direction 😁 (BTW - I believe this is where the idea for the CoxCat came from. If you don’t understand, you’re too dang young)
  6. Todd: “I don’t keep score.” Carl: “ No, how do you measure yourself against other golfers?” Todd: “By height.” What’s Nix up to, 6’ 1-1/4”? Might be great, probably won’t implode, might not fit the system, somebody might accelerate around him. Improbable that Bobo and Harsin would just say, “Kid, you’re like Jim Furyk. Your technique is just horrible, but we just want you to keep doing it like you’re doing it, slug it out, and assume you’re the one in 100,000 who will excel despite best practices.” That’s a possibility. Improbable. Kudos to Nix’s competitiveness. Probably motiv
  7. It sucks that anyone has to go through this. Prayers are answered and miracles happen constantly. They are just not always in the way we want or expect, immediately. So don’t you or anyone slow down asking. It is a blessing to pray, and to pray for blessings on my neighbor as well.
  8. Very sorry for those losses. This is a great reminder.
  9. Maybe Spurrier didn't achieve the results to warrant 100% of the media hype, but whenever I think of him at UF or USCe, I see him with his QB right beside him, talking constantly, except when taking snaps. But he did pretty dang good (most of the time), was an asset to the SEC, and was an asset to Auburn when he kept calling pass plays and we kept picking them off!
  10. HC or OC together with the QB and sometimes offense at large after a possession, or getting ready to go in for then next possession, teaching, learning, scheming (vs everybody in a different zip code).
  11. a_l_dot_com staying afloat now just selling obituaries, legal notices (public subsidy), hoorah for uat, call the citizens backward idiots, and a little Auburn doom porn to stir the pot. Nice business model.
  12. 🙏 Nathan and family.
  13. Just disappointed that I couldn't find an aspect appealing, to me, that outweighed my expectation of nonstop commentary I either already knew ('this team is Patrick Mahomes and that team is Tom Brady', 'how these teams got here', 'sacks aren't good for scoring points'), or never think relevant to football (camera non-stop focused on somebody's family member in the stands, 'Brady's farts smell like roses'), or opportunities for creative advertising that now just tell everybody humans suck in so many ways. If it turned out way better, then I'm happy to hear that for everyone else's sake. Ready f
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