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  1. How has nobody predicted that our O-line crushes their D-line yet? My prediction: UGA - As much as they want. I'll say 48 bc bowl cut and Brock are feeling generous. AU - 3 Robby gets us in FG range 5 times. We blow 2 4th down calls and miss 2 field goals. Should be a good time. Harsin is fired on the field afterward and replaced immediately by Urban Freeze. AUFamily server explodes.
  2. I want to laugh, but it hurts...
  3. With enough time and resources, we could finish as high as 13th in the SEC!
  4. This stat alone should be grounds to fire for cause
  5. Should be fun to come back here Sunday morning
  6. Curious to know who in the world mentioned Mel Tucker. That guy isn't going anywhere...and I'm not convinced I'd want him to anyway, but his contract and buyout are absurd.
  7. Well, that and it removes a strategic element of the game as well. Just remove 20 seconds from each quarter. In football time, that will equal 4 minutes and they get to keep their precious commercials. But also, just cut down on the freaking commercials...
  8. Debatable. If he meant literal slugs, I wouldn't disagree. If he meant a fight, I'm not sure what game he was watching.
  9. In case you were looking for a name for today's "game". Something that struck me today. Today, the 2 cellar dwellers of the SEC played one another. One was coached by Bryan Harsin. The other was coached by a guy who considers Bryan Harsin his mentor. Coincidence?
  10. The only thing worse than this o-line is this commentator. My God.
  11. I disagree. I'm interested to know how it isn't the business of the fans to question what we saw on the field last week. All off season, the coach has said "just watch". Apparently, what he really meant was "Just watch. Please don't ask questions though, bc I get offended easily and don't want to answer." He's talked a good game. We're allowed to question why he isn't backing it up.
  12. Hello Bryan. If you spent less time being offended by accountability and more time recruiting, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  13. I would agree that he certainly has more upside. I think worries most people about Sanders is the unknown. At this point, I'm willing to take a chance. He's not my number one choice, but I'd certainly welcome him.
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