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  1. I'm not disagreeing that this definitely feels too high, but I know from my end of the construction industry a lot of our supplies have doubled in price and we aren't the only ones. The ones that have not doubled in price are also on the rise right now and look like they might catch up and end up doubled. The jobs we do material can sometimes take the majority of the job cost. I can't speak for everyone in construction, but that is what I have seen in my field. When everybody's material costs are doubled, it will account for more than 10% of the job. This can become even more inflated dependin
  2. As to UCF's record. When I looked at the 10-3 season of 2019. They lost two of those games by 3 points and one of those games by 1 point. A loss is a loss, but the losses weren't blow outs by any stretch of the imagination. I think as for the 2020 season a lot of coaches floundered. Still not an excuse, but I do think the 2020 season as a whole should have an asterisk by it.
  3. I find it interesting how upset people are about this situation. I completely understand the disappointment of losing a coach not even two weeks after hiring them. However, no one seemed terribly upset by this concept when we hired Friend. The situation feels incredibly similar. I don't know if Friend had a "2-3 year commitment" talk with SC, but I am pretty sure they intended to keep him more than 2 weeks. We don't really have much of a leg to stand on and say that Rocker should stay when we are responsible for an almost identical situation less than a month ago. I don't love that Rocker
  4. I agree I think he is a good hire. I didn't really want to nitpick the situation. I am just kind of new to the college football scene and I wasn't sure if this was standard or if we would have heard something by now. This thread has helped clear that up.
  5. Now I have only begun following Auburn very closely recently. With that being said, I have been trying to figure out what is going on with Harsin as far as his contract is concerned. I don't know if it is problematic to ask, but what kind of contract was extended to Harsin? A buddy sent me a link to a TN thread that also popped up in our rivals forum where they are stating it is 5 year, 25 million dollar contract. Is this true? I am not upset by the idea of it. I just apparently don't know how to search for this myself. Every time I google something to do with Harsin's contract I just find hi
  6. It is kind of nice to see we aren't the only forum to descend into chaos haha.
  7. I think it is hard to say that Napier passed on Auburn because he would not have the control he wanted. It seems like Harsin is getting to hire who he wants. I could definitely be wrong about that, but the hires made by Auburn look like a HC making the calls that he wants to me. Napier may be willing to pass up a job since it isn't what he wants, but I do feel referencing Auburn this way is disingenuous. I can't speak for the other programs though. Also, “He doesn’t want to take a job that already has immediate disadvantage built in before you play a game,” Out of curiosity, what program
  8. I can definitely see that. I can't imagine that Pruitt didn't see this happening when Steele was hired. I mean Steele was in the running against him when he got hired. Steele is someone who has potential to soothe the defense that actually like Pruitt and ease the transition. I think everyone was thinking that Steele was about to get the interim HC when he showed up. It is a shady way to show up for sure. Steele has managed to be involved with some weird stuff the past month or two.
  9. This is a good read. Thanks for posting it. It is hard to read this and not get really excited. That being said, I am tempering myself for a building year. I hope he can implement his process and get Auburn where we all want them to be. I hope he is ready to play in the toughest conference available.
  10. I would hesitate to say that Steele conspired against Pruitt. It is one thing for him to have done it here (which I still don't really believe) having years to pull it off, but it is a completely different story to say that he would be able to pull that off in a week at Tennessee. I have heard that Pruitt and Steele are actually friends as well, but that could just be hearsay. To me, this situation looks more like Steele is trying to help out his alma mater where he played and got his start as a coach. He probably got the opportunity from Phil since they coached together in the past and Phil w
  11. I work with a Vols fan and after talking to him it is hard to judge anything that comes out of Tennessee. It is pretty unclear what is going on with their program as far as who is in control. There are rumors that even their athletic director is too involved in the program. They are too divided to be successful or allow any of their staff to actually be successful. The only thing you can really judge on anyone from Tennessee is their recruiting. The problem there is the investigation going on about their recruiting. I am just really hoping Auburn did their research and made sure Friend ha
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