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  1. I have been curious myself about Cadillac being retained. I would love for Cadillac to stay at Auburn, but it looks kind of awkward to me at this point. He isn't ready for a coordinator position let alone a head coach position right now in my opinion. Again, I am very grateful for him stepping up and it is clear he loves Auburn and has the team fired up. I am open to being wrong about this. He may make a huge difference in these last 3 weeks. The biggest problem for him staying is if the new coach wants to keep him. He is awesome and I love what he has done at Auburn, but to me it looks like he would go back to being a RB coach again. I would imagine it would be kind of hard to step back to a position coach after being interim head coach. Another option I see is him being an assistant OC or something along those lines. The problem I see with that is it is an awkward position to put your OC in if he is looking to stay since he would know there is a replacement for him breathing down his neck that he would also be teaching how to do his job. All that being said, I'm definitely now the smartest guy around and I could have completely misread the situation. In my perfect dream world, I would love it if we got a strong OC who may want to look for a HC position in the next 2-3 years and who is willing to show Cadillac the ropes and help him build a strong foundation.
  2. He's good at driving ticket prices down. I just saw that tickets for this weekend's game are starting at $13.
  3. I completely agree. I just wanted to say my super greedy wish lol.
  4. I think what I want is for us to stay in the top 15 in recruiting and ranking on a regular basis. I am not saying every year has to be up there, but we should at least be a team that gets top 15 recruiting classes and 8 win seasons are the floor of our expectations most years with legitimate chances at making SEC championship appearances every few years.
  5. That is a fair point. It could still be possible, but I don't really see it. If I could have my way though, I would like to be greedy and get Aranda and Grimes as OC.
  6. I can't say I have been great about reading every thread about who we all want for the next head coach, but I have a few thoughts. I am going to start with my top two choices I don't think will happen. Aranda and Stoops. Aranda. The first thing is that I think the 12 team playoff we are moving to is actually going to hurt us when it comes to getting another coach right now. I am not sure if this has been said, but any coach that is currently successful at a decent program knows that they can stay where they are and have a pretty good shot at making the playoffs pretty regularly. This is what crosses my mind for coaches like Aranda at Baylor. Why would he be interested in coming to fix Auburn when he can stay at Baylor and pretty much rule what is left of the Big 12 after Texas and Oklahoma are gone? Stoops. The other side I think of is money. I know Auburn has a lot of money to throw around on coaches, but we are still paying Gus I am fairly certain. We will also be on the line for a fairly decent sized buyout for Harsin as well if we fire him soon. Stoops is a name I like, but he is going to make $6.75 million this year and $8 million in his last year of 2027. What kind of offer would we have to make to get him to Auburn? Its not going to be cheap and I don't know if Auburn will want to pay that much to get him. In my mind, that leaves us with trying to pick a coach from smaller conference again and hoping they are a diamond in the rough, look for a good coordinator and give them a shot at their first HC job, or go to the NFL. I don't love any of those options necessarily, but I from my perspective that seems to be where we are. I am not a fan of going for another HC from a smaller conference again (I could be wrong to feel that way) and I don't know the NFL coaches very well so that leaves me with coordinators who may be ready to make the leap to HC. So all of that to say that I think Grimes is my realistic #1 choice at this moment. Grimes seems like a strong choice on that front even if he is not a super flashy or appealing choice. He could hopefully help with recruiting and especially with our OL.
  7. To be honest, I would like to see the pod schedule be put together. Its not to get away from Georgia though. I would like to see Alabama in our pod and then I think there should be a cross pod rival in each of the 3 pods that are guaranteed every year and Georgia should be one of them. We have been playing Georgia for so long I would hate to see that get thrown away out of "fairness" or pod scheduling.
  8. I understand there isn't much else to expect at this point. I even said later I get that he is going to get his chance first. I also understand he could have improved and he may end up beating everyone else for the starting position. I am just saying as of right now I don't feel good about Finley. I am open to being wrong.
  9. I can definitely see what you are saying. I understand that Finley is going to get his chance since he was already in this system and even started in it. I just worry that he is going to really perform in practice enough to get on the field and then choke. I know it is a bit irrational, but I just want to see someone else get a shot. I wish the best for Finley and maybe he can turn into a great QB at Auburn, but I just don't currently have a lot of faith in him and I worry he will push his way to a starting position past spring.
  10. Reading this does not make me feel good. I didn't see anything already discussing who is going to be starting on A day and wanted to post this here to see how others felt about this. I understand it is too soon to really say anybody has earned the starting position, but sticking with Finley leaves a bad taste in my mouth. https://flywareagle.com/2022/03/02/auburn-football-qb-first-team/
  11. I can't speak for most Tennessee fans or their forums, but my coworker is happy with Heupel. It took them a few games to replace Milton with Hooker at QB and they came alive after that. It wasn't so much the number of wins this season for them. It was more that they had a team that actually played football after losing a lot of their more talented players in a first year system. Those TN boys played their hearts out this season and it seems well received.
  12. Team morale I think will be the biggest indicator at this point in my opinion. If the team is buying in, some great stuff can happen. Look at TN this year. They did not have a lot to work with this year, but they came alive under Heupel. If Harsin can get that out of this year's team, I will be pretty excited. I hope he can pull it off.
  13. When it comes to cause, I think we are getting it confused. It seems like we are thinking of cause as the reason for firing him. When they are saying fire with cause, they are talking about not having to pay a buyout which is guaranteed by contract unless there is a situation that voids it (also should be stated within contract what those situations are). It is similar to severance pay. A company can fire you if they feel you aren't performing, but if you have severance pay negotiated you will get it unless they can find a way out.
  14. I kind of hate to defend the PTB, but this doesn't really feel right from them. With CGM we went from people speculating his future in early December to him being fired a week later. Auburn made a pretty quick decision as soon as the season was over. If it is the PTB that was behind all of this, why would they wait until February to start it? It seems to me they knew what to do last year and just cut it off as soon as possible to give the best chance to keep things under control. Waiting two months to start trying to get rid of your HC doesn't really make sense to me. The more I think about it, this is starting to feel like there is somebody close or was close to Auburn who is either mad at Harsin and wants to damage him. It could as be that someone heard a rumor or caught something inappropriate happening and let it slip to the wrong person before the validity/proof could be solidified.
  15. I have been looking through this for a while now and this has been a wild ride. I think we all need to calm down on taking one side or the other here. The players seem to be falling into two camps. The first camp seems to be good with Harsin and respect what he is trying to accomplish. The second camp is upset with how they have been treated. I believe (not that it means much) that Harsin is just trying to push hard work and accountability. However, this does not invalidate those who are upset. My father always told me that "perception is reality." If there are players who feel neglected or mistreated, Harsin's intentions aren't as important. That may be hard to accept, but it's true. It is Harsin's job to work with these players and it is pretty much impossible to guarantee that you will get a team full of people who resonate with Harsin's "tough love." Harsin has to figure out how to connect with all types of players who will come through his program. I don't think he has been malicious in the way he has treated players (I could definitely be wrong on that), but all of this coming out is a sure sign he has some work to do in connecting with his players. On the statement I made above about intention not being important, your intentions behind your actions do not get to dictate how other people perceive and react to your actions. You may get the opportunity to explain yourself to iron things out, but you don't get to tell other people that they are wrong to see things a certain way. You also don't get to force forgiveness after the fact. If these players feel slighted, that is their perception of the events and Harsin doesn't necessarily get a chance for forgiveness. That doesn't make Harsin the devil and it doesn't make the players soft or lazy. All of those things may be true, but these events don't really show that to me.
  16. Well isn't Oregon's OC Dillingham who was Bo's first OC? I thought that was part of the reason he went to Oregon. Maybe I am wrong, but I was under the impression he was back under an OC he had before.
  17. I understand the frustration with the reliance on passing in the game, but how are we supposed to run the ball all the time. I understand that Tank is our best and most reliable offensive asset. That is the thing though. Houston knew this as well. He had a good yard per carry stat during the game I won't argue that. I think if we stuck with running the ball with Tank that stat would have fallen drastically and we would have seen even more stops at or behind the line of scrimmage. We can't fully utilize Tank until we get more threats on offense. It would have been bad play calling to just keep giving Tank the ball. Houston was waiting on us to give the ball to Tank and that is why the passing plays were good calls. Yes I agree that we don't have a reliable quarterback, but he has made pass plays and if he can make the pass we are going to be in a great position. We just couldn't pull it off. That doesn't mean it was not the right thing to try at the time.
  18. I can see that. My main point was that if he was willing to leave Oregon he would be willing to leave Auburn. Having family down there makes a bunch of sense though.
  19. Lanning is a maybe. I didn't pay too much attention to him. To be honest, I don't really think Sark or Freeze were going be instant winners and generate relationships with high school coaches and have excitement about their identity any quicker than Harsin. Sark had his shot at head coach and didn't really light the world on fire. I'm not saying he is a bad choice. I just don't see how he would be considered a clear upgrade from Harsin. Freeze is hard to get behind with his recruiting violations. From what I understand, we took too long to get committed and didn't want to put the money together to get Cristobal. Even if we did get him we could have been in an awkward spot of losing him to his alma mater. I don't really see how going from Oregon to Miami is a step up. I'm not saying its a step down necessarily, but I don't see why he would leave Oregon otherwise. If he is willing to leave Oregon for Miami, what is there to say that he wouldn't do the same to Auburn? I'm not trying to be a jerk. I just don't think that we were going to find this mysterious miracle hire that was going to put us on the ground running without a need for rebuilding.
  20. I think people are giving Gus too much credit. He may have picked up a win or two in the last 5 games, but he for sure would have lost us at least 2 before that. I don't know why we are making the assumption that obviously Gus would win all the games that Harsin won. It doesn't work like that. If you think that Gus would have a different effect on the games we lost, you have to acknowledge he would have had an effect on the games we won. Gus was not an all positive coach. He was inconsistent. I do not think our season would have looked any better under him this year. I can't wait for a few years to pass so we won't be able to talk about Gus's recruiting hurting us. I agree with the thought, but I am tired of hearing about this man. He still holds some responsibility for the position we are in due to some bad recruiting and I get that. Can we not just move on from him? I am so tired of seeing him put on some sort of pedestal. I am not saying Harsin has done a stellar job this year and I am not saying that he has proven that he is better than Gus yet. We will have to wait and see how he turns out. I will say that I don't think the sky is falling as hard as some people seem to think it is. We are in year 1. It is unlikely we were going to have a great season this year. I understand the frustration. We were 6-2 at one point and it felt like we might pull off something great, but it didn't work out. In the end, our season looks a lot like a typical year 1 season and that is ok.
  21. I must have already forgotten that because it's not ringing a bell. That's a good point. I'm not denying the need for the long pass. It just felt like a forgone conclusion with Finley throwing to me. I think theybwere the right call. I just don't know if Finley was the right QB today.
  22. You're right. I think Harsin saw we needed a big play to turn things around and long passes are one of the best ways to accomplish that. So I agree with you. I definitely feel execution was the worse side of our offense today.
  23. I can definitely see that. It is kind of hard to stomach when it just feels like a wasted play though. I just don't have the faith that Finley can make those plays in the first place. That being said, I don't really have the best feel for it. So if Harsin felt it could work, I can admit he is much better informed than me.
  24. I am curious about all the hate on play calling. I am by no means very good at picking up on stuff, but outside of a few plays I don't remember any play feeling ridiculous. My issues lie in having Finley throw long. He has shown no real proof outside of some flukes that he can throw long. Other than that I felt the plays were not bad. To me it looked like our players (specifically our OL) just could not make things happen.
  25. I know this isn't our only problem, but we desperately need an OL that can block. That goes for running and passing. I know that pass blocking has been better than run blocking (not that it means much), but I think we would see a different side of this offense if we could just block.
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