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  1. Gwill breaks the news on Chris Moore.
  2. Let me get you hooked up with Mikey and you two can get up to speed on what has been going on with the the OL. Anything for a friend.
  3. Good to see Freeze is the better recruiter by the numbers.
  4. Then how was he the head mens baseball coach at MS. State?
  5. Imagine all of us at one Thanksgiving table? Glad to see the positive pre Harsin PTB back.
  6. Go Ducks!🦆 Your team of destiny.
  7. Think there is a miracle in the making. Could a top coaching hire resolve the conflict?
  8. He will get one more year...just happens it is this year. At least 11 months.
  9. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/1980-Doug-Barfields-last-stand-as-Auburn-head-football-coach-145695754/ After 42-0 lost to Tennessee rumblings got louder. A time in Auburn history to compare.
  10. MMW @bigbird @Mikey The numbers war will continue thru the season until an early signing period surprise. MMW In a moment of Christmas spirit Bigbird and Mikey share Christmas cards with each other and agree to end the numbers war. MMW In an AU campus event in the spring in which both Mikey and Bigbird attend they meet by accident standing in line. Bird says they are 6th in line. Mikey responds they are 7th. Ruffles Bird's feathers and immediately offers a feathered middle finger to Mikey. Mikey responds that was wrong because he held up 2 middle fingers. The saga continues again.
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