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  1. In hind sight think of all the useless threads and banter this would of changed. Auburn is not as bad as many of the posters make it out to be. War Eagle
  2. That is the way al.com is reporting it.
  3. Glad you are in/on board now because they are P5 coaches now.
  4. If his last name is Dugger he could from his own children.
  5. Even a blind squirrel finds nuts every once in a while.... 500 × 468
  6. Think E is really too busy and has someone with sarcastic awareness/humor script answers for him. Like a Twitter handler.
  7. “It was just the best thing for me,” Brooks told AL.com in a text message. Recruits can file a release request after signing an NLI. The request would then likely need to be granted by Tennessee for him to be eligible for the 2021 season at another school. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound Brooks is the No. 2 senior prospect in the state, according to the 247 composite rankings. He was No. 4 on AL.com’s updated A-list of top senior recruits.
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