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  1. Knoxville was a step up you feel sure.So So ransomware has been good for you?
  2. Most people I know take their spots to the vets.
  3. Further proof Texas dad's are soft.
  4. If Harsin is at the meeting Thurs he stays. Why let a dead man walking go to this meeting?
  5. Harsin told ESPN earlier this week that any suggestion he had poor relationships with his players or mistreated his players was drummed up by those on the outside trying to hurt the program. "The people spreading that kind of thing aren't at Auburn and are trying to use it against us," Harsin said. "There are always different reasons when players leave. Some players needed to leave because they were complete distractions."
  6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33223662/what-know-future-auburn-football-bryan-harsin Good article with some perspective.
  7. What is the crime? What is the charge? What is the allegation? "Fleshed out player accounts" are what? Comments of players who are no longer on the team? They didn't like Harsin and left? Mob rule is also not new to the internet age.
  8. Agree. Those are the PTB that are at the heart. Gossip acted upon as fact, half truth and then becomes the quoted source. Appreciate the more rounded tone of your comments.
  9. Agree. The PTB here in action is gossip acted upon as fact. Then quoted as fact. There are sound minds in leadership at Auburn and are undersold. Social is a PTB that is misused.
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