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  1. I don’t get the reference to how long you have been on this forum (assume that is what you meant by “I have been in here a long time) as adding anything to the discussion but I just may not understand the inference it represents. As far as AU being more left behind by it, I see it is probably: 1. We can catch up to anyone if we can get comparable players (we haven’t been doing that very well (UAT, Clemson, OSU, UGA). But if it is just the systems we can catch up. 2. (I think this is the real one) they have been ahead due to a system that all ready gets money to their players (not just a few e
  2. I don’t know anyone that was wanting to keep money out of players hands. They are just assuming it will make it even more slanted toward the minimum few (of which AU is not (and they assume will not) one of those few. Of course that is just my opinion.
  3. Who should we be getting our best info from, IYO?
  4. Don’t quite expect to see things “broke up evenly” as you put (not sure my mental model matches yours relative to that reference) it. But obviously it is changing. I certainly hope players are freed up to earn whatever they can relative to what they bring to the table.
  5. I’m hoping Harsin makes us everyone else’s “nemesis “. Hope no one wants to see us on their schedule.
  6. Appreciate that info. Thx for sharing that.
  7. That would be interesting to see that data on how much each team spends totally to put their product on the field.
  8. The they you are speaking of most likely don’t care about ANY demographic (unless they lose enough tv watchers). I also don’t think they care about those that travel to games. Less money in their pocket vs tv contract.
  9. Man, there are some mean dudes (guess their dudes) on here.
  10. I think that is just the paid ones. The free ones generally average a lot.
  11. I agree will replace if they have someone they perceive that will play closer to their expectations. I think we are probably closer to that happening at QB but not confident we are their on OL. I still have much confidence in what we have at existing starters in both those poison groups nd firmly believe the change in system and in coaching up will supply what is needed.
  12. Just so I understand how much you are disrespecting him, what is meant by “a Stan?
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