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  1. I believe in your conclusion you agreed that mid-ranked players that are offered by Bama get the Bama bump.
  2. Certainly don’t want to be “illogical “ so no comment!!
  3. We been getting that bump lately and I am liking it!!
  4. I was speaking about what he said in the video attached to the thread.
  5. I can’t speak to what NFL meant but I am confident Coach Harsin wasn’t making a durogatory statement. What he verbalized attests to that IMO.
  6. I know I am probably in the minority on this thread but I do believe this was a good hire. He has been hired by many good strong coaches ( other than Malzahn) and institutions ( Tulsa (hired away), Vanderbilt/Pen St- Franklin( hired away), Texas ( was not retained by new coaching regime)). Probably more I am not aware of and was usually Asst. HC or OC/OL coach.
  7. But I don’t believe the last time he hired Hand it wasn’t this late in normal coaching changes cycle and was at UCF which I assume has less available money in the table as AU would have ( my original point), so not at all the same circumstances.
  8. I thought the thread was about this choice not past choices. I am not trying to support those at all.
  9. May be the best option he could find with the timing and budget restrictions.
  10. But just as “ in the pit” as they were?
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