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  1. Obviously there is a huge difference in beating LSU in BR and also The other team we beat last year (Arkansas) wasn’t ranked and was at home. Huge difference if you are trying to see a difference.
  2. Guess we need to throw a flagrant flag on ourselves!!
  3. Thought you had a great post about a great game. But no it was not.
  4. How do you know he coaches them to do it? Just wondering. I am a lately Kiffin fan ( not earlier). I like his sense of humor (many CFB coaches don’t show them) and bc I think his offensive coaching is top notch if not the best.
  5. I like our radio crew. Think they do a good job. I would listen to them all the time if I could get it timed with the TV.
  6. I thought it was a catch also. Thought they should have reviewed the play actually. I thought they did fine and were pretty even handed. I don’t think the commentators control which cameras are being shown, that’s probably maybe the directors.
  7. Team growth will not come in stairstep fashion either. Will ebb and flow is my guess, with some partial steps back as each new opposing team sets their offensive/defensive plans to attack us.
  8. LSU this year should tell you that success in past is not a predictor of the future. Must win or lose each game each year with the players you have against the players they have.
  9. I like McElroy and Cubelic both. Didn’t mind Murray.
  10. It was the 11:00 game so probably is rated the lowest. He has to call some game.
  11. UAT will be extremely hard to beat by the time we play them, IMO.
  12. They will always take away our run game to make Bo beat them (opponents).
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