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  1. Are we imagining or are we being cautious. These are not on the same end of the spectrum. I’m sticking with Imagining!!!!
  2. I believe the gist of the thread is will an improved OL and returning/new RBs be better than poor OL with last years RBs. I think if we move the needle enough on OL we should be improved with new/better systems.
  3. I think he is an extremely athletic, strong competitor. Don’t really see natural leader.
  4. Maybe but we did not know how talented Hunter was until probably mid-season. We won’t know where we are truthfully unti about the same time this year.
  5. We sure look like we have less talent at QB!!!
  6. We must of had plenty of LBs and OL in 2010 if everyone was united!!!lol
  7. I think we own that downturn, rather than Clemson.
  8. If we agree to this does it mean we are agreeing you are an idiot? Not wanting to be derogatory.
  9. Seems like we get this claim after each coaching change. We will have to see some fruition on the field, to see if change helps on field or not.
  10. Good thing we have a general rule of “no personal attacks”. If we did we wouldn’t have anything to view.
  11. I don’t think LSU steps back. If anything they move up from what they were in 22. #1in transfer now i believe.
  12. Yes, two of the better players on the team.
  13. If TJ is transferring, why is he working out with team? That seems counterintuitive.
  14. It’s still all about the money for higher rated recruits. We need to keep building here abd I imagine Colorado has farther to go.
  15. Which means anyone still in portal now can be had, just for us will be after spring.
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