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  1. I suspect his offense at Texas will not be near as proficient as it was at Alabama due to the huge difference in the players. I also suspect his numbers at Washington/USC were much lower also for the same reason.
  2. I think NIL is more about the college athletes getting a piece of the pie the Colleges are already getting rather than trying to compare against what other chosen professions are making.
  3. Some would think that it was Bo’s fault he dropped it.
  4. Can’t see that one unless you subscribe.
  5. I think he was pegged go 5-6 round.
  6. That only happens after he proves his catching abilities rather than just his speed capability.
  7. Thx for the comparisons. My gut feeling was that Dye got worse players but helped them to better ready for NFL. I thought Tubbs was about equal to Malzahn overall in players to NFl( more success against UGA and UoA though). These were gut feelings though backed up by statistics.
  8. Compare year 7 with the Brown and crew with the same as you compared with in eight. Interested to see how it works.
  9. IMO, you took my comment completely out of context. I meant to imply that practicing on a concrete slab was a stupid idea if true ( I didn’t call Jordan stupid). I have no knowledge of whether Jordan had water available or not but know many HS/college coaches did do 2 aday sessions with no water available under the supposition it helped them to be stronger in 4 th quarter. I just compared the two ideas as equally stupid (IMO which really doesn’t matter one way or the other, my opinion that is).
  10. If true that was as stupid as making players practice during 2 a days without water breaks in order to “make them tough” which used to be a common practice.
  11. I believe this was a tragic situation, but if you don’t treat 16 year olds ( according to reports his age at the time of the crash) as youthful defenders in a car crash, I don’t see much use in the term as a legal term.
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