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  1. So you are including regulating coaches salaries, AD, and of course capping the money that can be made by the colleges, right. Still nothing to prevent players fresh out of HS for playing for the non NFL leagues. I believe as soon as that happens, NFL will open it up. But that system definitely works for baseball so no reason it won’t work for football.
  2. So your saying Saban has no knowledge of cheating at Bama?
  3. In my mind certain positions must fit correctly for football to progress. President must buy into AD /HC for it to work.
  4. Your either a great salesman (to yourself) or maybe quite naive. Not sure all were involved but was definitely seemed like someone with some stroke.
  5. Handshakes went to McDonald’s bags . Saban went to new level. Even the amount discussed with Dye was miniscule compared to what has come out since Saban got there ( supposed, as I am not a witness).
  6. If this happens, I also see NFL removing the age limitation. Colleges may not get the best out of HS but will get some.
  7. I could see that they can require individual students to divulge all contracts to be eligible to play. It would seem to me they have been requiring that forever.
  8. I don’t think we are exactly clean ( your term), but I also believe Saban got things to a totally different level. Optical proof is his recruiting numbers since arriving at Bama.
  9. Is that what you are telling us or are you just starting rumors. Had enough of them from people with “inside” information that really hurt the program when they aired and didn’t receive near enough air time when they turned out to be untrue.
  10. I don’t disagree with that, but my contention is we still lose the games. We are guessing on DD.
  11. I think you have some of those. They are on practice squad.
  12. Surprising to me that you are actually comparing the lives of “regular” students to those of scholarship players trying to make the case the regular students have it worse. It appears on the outside to be much worse for the athletes. But probably much bigger carrot at the end for a small subgroup that make a living at it.
  13. What is amazing to me is that you predicted 10-2 while most of CFB predicted somewhere between 6-8 wins max. You greatly missed the actual and you blame the coach instead of admitting you over predicted. I think because it feeds well into your negative inclinations against the AU football program since Malzahn left. I believe the actual expectation would have been around 8 wins which I believe we would have hit if not for Nix injury.
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