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  1. Grimes has family just up the road from Baylor apparently.
  2. RA just didn’t see him on the fumble play. He didn’t outrun RA. Not sure if the other play.
  3. I think the players mostly undid their work.
  4. QB room post Harsin is much improved over pre-Harsin. The 2QB’s he brought in are both hurt. Thats not his fault. RA was brought in as a down the line project. Remember who we had as Bo’s back-up? I agree on OL, but he’s not going to change that side in a year even if he had good recruiting in that group. Team definitely looked better yesterday (Especially on QB/OL). Mistakes are what costed us yesterday. But again, don’t think it matters for future as I think he will be gone, just a matter if when.
  5. I don’t believe thats what the players think. I think they know if they executed better yesterday we win. Not sure any wins will make a difference in Harsin outcome. I think ominous silence from AU leadership (those words don’t really go together), screams volumes to anyone trying to listen.
  6. Agree with Zach, not Caddy due to actual coaching experience. Also agree (if they decide to fire snd hire will try to have one in place just before ENSD, more than 3 weejs after last game for AU (unless we go to bowl game). You named a couple that have been successful (interims). There are typically 15-25 coaches fired every year with most of them having some type of transition coach involved. Highest percentage are not effective for that season ( Steel actually became a professional transition coach).
  7. Success then, congrats!!
  8. You can certainly get an interim (certainly not caddy, more probable the Asst. HC and recruiting coordinator). That gives no hope (to team), maybe the fans would be glad to see Harsin go, but most of the time the team just dog paddles through the rest of the season and in this new world most transfer (no hope there). I don’t see us getting a replacement b4 iron bowl. Actual coaches that are coaching wont publicly talk about it or meet. Your only option is Meyer( which would make some on here happy). The only way anything like that happens is if someone (individual) is given full authority to hire and agree to terms. When has that happened at AU. We do committee’s.
  9. Yea, OC should have called a different fumble play.
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