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  1. Obviously there are those that the degree means something. There is also no reason that they can’t get an education once pay for play is over. There are also those that ( just like in non athletics) that would never go to college if not fir college athletics.
  2. If he wins 9 games in 2023, he ain’t going anywhere IMO.
  3. This assumes recruiting remains the same all the time which is a ridiculous assumptions I believe.
  4. I assumed the Headline meant an SEC only playoff. No SEC winner to ncaa playoff.
  5. Tome the point is CFB makes an insane amount of money every year(regardless of where it is going) a meniscal amount makes it to benefit the actual players.
  6. True if the others follow. I was actually replying thinking about the SEC only playoff OP.
  7. I think they are floating that just to prod. Not enough viewership IMO to be a reality.
  8. Appreciate you letting us know how things work.
  9. Ass-ume all you want but still an assumption IMO.
  10. Thats a heckofa conclusion you have jumped to also (poor like them). I think the higher likelihood is that they just want college football to go backwards a few years and that ain’t working. Once the water breaks the dam, level has to normalize to see where we land.
  11. Nor are they allowed if they had time.
  12. I think the problem with what you are proposing is it is basically against the law in Alabama. No university (or any other entity I suppose) can set a value on anyones NIL. We each own our own. If they decide to sign a contract with someone it’s their business and not anyone elses.
  13. But you must be OK with coaches/Universities making “imaginary amounts of money”. I’m just glad my yearly salary wasn’t determined by a bunch of people that generally have nothing to do with it except as a pass-time. It seems if they can get it, they deserve it. Market sets the price. Your only direct impact is to stop watching/suporting with your personal income. I know mine wouldn’t inmpact it in the least.
  14. I disagree. I think as long as there is parity, it works .
  15. So you are including regulating coaches salaries, AD, and of course capping the money that can be made by the colleges, right. Still nothing to prevent players fresh out of HS for playing for the non NFL leagues. I believe as soon as that happens, NFL will open it up. But that system definitely works for baseball so no reason it won’t work for football.
  16. So your saying Saban has no knowledge of cheating at Bama?
  17. In my mind certain positions must fit correctly for football to progress. President must buy into AD /HC for it to work.
  18. Your either a great salesman (to yourself) or maybe quite naive. Not sure all were involved but was definitely seemed like someone with some stroke.
  19. Handshakes went to McDonald’s bags . Saban went to new level. Even the amount discussed with Dye was miniscule compared to what has come out since Saban got there ( supposed, as I am not a witness).
  20. If this happens, I also see NFL removing the age limitation. Colleges may not get the best out of HS but will get some.
  21. I could see that they can require individual students to divulge all contracts to be eligible to play. It would seem to me they have been requiring that forever.
  22. I don’t think we are exactly clean ( your term), but I also believe Saban got things to a totally different level. Optical proof is his recruiting numbers since arriving at Bama.
  23. Is that what you are telling us or are you just starting rumors. Had enough of them from people with “inside” information that really hurt the program when they aired and didn’t receive near enough air time when they turned out to be untrue.
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