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  1. K State coach would be a good coach but no sec experience.
  2. I was at the 3-2 game so I vote for it.
  3. Certainly not better for the 2022 team.
  4. Aranda doesn’t strike me as a guy that would want to move when he has a good thing just to coach in SEC. He has moved every 3 years for a long time in postion/coordinator roles. He is parked for awhile, especially if his family likes where they are.
  5. I went and looked as you suggested and definitely found a great deal of experience (in NFL and CFB) in Sanders JSU coaching staff.
  6. I think it is just as simple as the 12 team playoff. Why choose a job with generally speaking the toughest schedule, vs say Baylor schedule.
  7. I’m betting it won’t be that simple. I do think we see an overall change in game plan due it mainly being designed for RA.
  8. Watch it , if update turnes bad, you WILL be fired. Just sayin
  9. If I answer I will get ridiculed for my positivity, so I won’t. lol
  10. I think we should have expected after first game results Harsin would sit TJ if an interception was thrown.
  11. I think he will not even answer questions about it until after the season. Nebraska seems to be loading up for him. It would not surprise me to see him stay right where he is as he can get into the playoff and recruiting is good.
  12. I agree with what you say about Sanders. The only thing I question is experience in the Coaching role.
  13. I think best choice is the Asst. HC or DC. They have a great deal more experience. The STC also is very experienced.
  14. He has the same ties as all the rest of the players (part if the team). Same as all the 2022 recruits (including Geriner). Players should not bail out on their teams .
  15. Don’t disagree with QB changeout looking disjointed. He just assumes TJ would look better with more connected reps. He said they were close to 50% or equally divided. These stats are only correct if you use only PSU game. In every game TJ had most if reps until TJ screwed up (interceptions/fumbles). I don’t think they would have went that way if he hadn’t of gave the ball away.
  16. Sounds like Nebraska is pulling out everything to get Aranda.
  17. What was interesting was his dad was cherry-picking stats to support his son’s poor play.
  18. Gotta make the best medical decisions for your own health, I completely agree with. Waste a year comment should not be involved in that decision. It is a team sport and should be played as one whether you like the coach or not.
  19. I would start using Smart as the model rather than Saban. Smart seems to be the better at this point(NIL ).
  20. I agree as long as the coach with all the control is the right coach. It is still all about the right one. Same recipe works only if ingredients are matching.
  21. Agree that he shouldn’t do that, especially in that circumstance. Talking about football to people that you are pretty sure want to hear from you is what responsible leaders would do. I would go with Grimes instead if possible to get him.
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