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  1. I didnt turn the UT/OM game on until late in the 3rd but I think I counted double digits stops due to injury between the two teams. It was so bad my wife even noticed it.
  2. I like that idea the best so far, each pod is pretty balance with two stronger teams and two "weaker" teams. Plus if that meant that Auburn could keep UGA, LSU, and maybe ARk wile adding UT that would be pretty cool. I thought the "ALLIANCE" was supposed to be against playoff expansion. Did they change their minds?
  3. Got to keep some rivals. I don't see them going into a pod system where we don't play BAMA and UGA and Bama won't give up Tenn either.
  4. heck yeah,I think that every Auburn fan will be happy if that is how it plays out
  5. Until last week I would say no way as next year UGA & Bama are away. But after last week and PSU I feel we will be more competetive on the road in the future. Great thing is, if Bo wants it he has 2 years left with the free covid year. A 5th year SR starting his 60ish game with two toughest teams at home might lead to a great season.
  6. I would love to have Bo be a dark horse heisman candiate, that would mean we did great and he had big games against UGA and Bama. Dont see it happening but would be great if he was.
  7. He is a Senior, I wonder if he will use his Covid year and come back next year as a super senior
  8. Not sure on that one, I think CEK would have been the WR coach if he followed Harsin to start with. He stayed at BSU trying for the HC job.
  9. I think another happened a few plays later, also I think I remember once with Bo but not sure when. In all honesty, dont think any coach on the team is cutting it right now, and he had a WR coach that he trusts sitting as an analyst so that is why he made the change. While it might have been crazy in the past to fire a coach after 4 games, Ohio St demoted there DC after 2
  10. Go back and watch Finley's TD drive, twice he had to motion to the sidelines (maybe on back to back plays) to get another WR on the field. I know one time Newton ran on late (dont think he was meant to be in on the play)
  11. There werea few plays where TJF had to motion to the sideline just to get all the wrs on the field
  12. Might be true and we haven't really hit on anyone for recruiting so that could be why CBH put in a guy he trusts
  13. Haha maybe he show was a lot better before going to Volume
  14. Wonder if it was more than just coaching. I saw Jboy deleted his tweet bashing the move and he was friends with Corn.
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