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  1. Texans (NFL). Not Texas Longhorns.
  2. Auburn is near the bottom of the SEC in facilities and that needs to change ASAP. I am glad the FOF is being built, but it's coming far too late as Reece, Adams and Kozan said. Really when you think about it, it is amazing that Gus was able to average top 10 classes. With as far behind AU is with facilities and investment, that is actually impressive. Goes to show you that AU recruits itself, even with the aforementioned disadvantages. If AU could equal off-the-field investment of our rivals, who knows what could be achieved. This FOF will definitely help, so I'm glad it's getting unde
  3. It is my understanding that Craig still owns property in or around Auburn, so it's not unusual for him to be in town.
  4. When you have enough championship rings to slip on all fingers and toes, the recruits will come without doing anything. When you have dozens of first rounders on your past rosters, the recruits will knock your doors down. Whether Saban ever cheated, I can't say. But I can say he doesn't need to cheat now (and I doubt he does). These cheating arguments always amuse me anyway. CFB coaches are f'n competitive. The livelihood of them and their families depend on winning. If one school was out there paying players left and right, I can GUARANTEE they would turn it in and be calling the N
  5. Yes to both. But it's perfectly normal. Dye lost quite a few players when he was hired and I believe had some quitters after spring and fall. He also kicked a few "troublemakers" as he called them off the team. Tubs just flat-out kicked players off his first team and even pulled schollies. I am sure Chiz had some of the same problems. It always happens. I am not worried at all. It will probably affect next season, though, so don't expect miracles.
  6. Yes, Bachmeier's freshman season was last year. His first ever start was against F$U on the road in Tallahassee. Boise got down huge in the 1st quarter. It was like 21-3 and FSU was just running away with the game. But Boise regrouped in the 2nd half and came back and won. You could tell Boise was seriously outmanned at some spots on the field as well, especially at LB and DT. So winning that game was pretty impressive. Yes, FSU was bad last year, but they still have talent everywhere on that squad. That game is a good game to watch if you wanna see Harsin's offense. It's a lot dif
  7. The outside is underwhelming. However, Bama's and UT's are both boring looking brick too. UGA's look kinda cool with a lot of glasswork on the outside (though I'm not sure it is football only -- it might be, not sure). Florida is building theirs right now, they were pretty far behind everyone.
  8. 2018: Boise was ranked 20th in scoring offense with 35 ppg. They were ranked 21st in total offense with 459 yards per game. 2019: They were ranked 19th in scoring offense with 34.7 ppg. They were ranked 48th in total offense with 429 ypg. 2020: Boise was ranked 27th in scoring offense with 33.9 ppg. They were ranked 98th in total offense with 349 ypg. Conclusion: Yes, Boise did decline in total offense, pretty significantly in 2020 during COVID. However, they have not declined much at all in scoring, which is what really matters.
  9. Coach Harsin, You have got to get your players after a loss to get their "edge" back in practice. Get yourself an OC in name only and call your own plays and everything that goes with that. When it doesn't work out, blame the OC and fire him. Always keep the fans guessing who is calling plays. Don't be afraid to try something crazy like putting a TE at QB and have him run in circles in the backfield. I know you're a trick play guy, so you'll figure something out. If you find yourself having a medicore .500 season, just remind yourself that this is a "solid" season. Don't expect to ever bea
  10. Most everyone except AU. Auburn is way behind the curve here. Almost all the big SEC schools have football only facilities. AU's football team has to share their facility with all other sports. Despite this shortcoming, AU has some other nice stuff which is good enough for 24/7 to rank AU 15th nationally. The following is from 24/7 sports and is based on their rankings. Bama has a football only facility and are ranked 6th nationally. On top of that, Bama has declared they will spend $600 million over the next few years across all sports with the intention of being #1 (across all
  11. No way TRob takes a demotion to come back. TRob doesn't strike me as a guy who gets into the alma mater thing, he is a professional and career oriented. I suspect TRob will take a DC position at a G5 school to build his resume out from under Muschamp a bit. Or he might even get a shot at P5 this season. I hear there are 19 DC spots open across FBS. I am happy with Zac. He has been through a lot with that injury that coulda killed him. This tells me he will put emphasis on player safety and proper form tackling.
  12. Bobo wants him. He was at USCe with Bobo and Muschamp. I remember Champ singing his praises a few times. It's going to be hard, I imagine, to uproot him from Oregon and make him move back across the country though.
  13. Auburn has never had a football facility. They have a nice locker room, a newish weight room, and some nice things at JHS. But no football facility. The football team has to share their facility with all other sports. One of the few in the SEC without one. Bama, LSU, UGA, UT all kill us with facilities. This is why Gus gave several million of his own money to the project. He understood the importance and I am sure Harsin does too. Harsin complained to Boise St. in a very public way about their dedication to win. It's one reason he moved on. Kellen Moore (Boise's great QB) turned d
  14. There were 19 FBS schools with the DC position open, including some big names. Mason went to AU. That says a lot.
  15. This is gonna be a long "breakdown" of how I see the situation and what should change. In essence, I agree with OP. To bring up yet another program, I think this is the major problem with UT right now. They've been down so long they have a loser mentality and everything the admin does there is hollered down and jeered at. This stuff is contagious and rubs off onto recruits, potential coaches and the media. It becomes a self-reinforcing cycle of negativity. UT is having a helluva time digging out of their rut. The fans complain, the admin gets depressed, then the admin makes a hasty mis
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