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  1. I thought CDM did a good job of playing the “bend but not break” philosophy. Basically kept the ball in front of the defense and didn’t allow any explosive plays. it also helped our offense could score this weekend though to play that game plan
  2. There’s more to that than just the numbers. GSU out-schemed us, and beat us in the trenches. When Bo missed the passes to take defenders out of the box, it made it that much easier for GSU to the load the boxes. No matter how much we want to run the ball in a “smash mouth” in your face type of way, we absolutely cannot achieve this if there’s no respect for our passing game.
  3. To be fair to tOSU, Burrows broke his right hand during his rSO year and never had the chance to overtake Haskins. I think everybody knew that Burrows was a gunslinger, nobody thought he would improve the way he did under Brady (Burrows originally wanted to go to Nebraska and Frost turned him down). TJ seemingly has the tools to be successful imo. Big arm, big build, understands movements in the pocket. I’d like to give him a fair shot next weekend, I’d also like to believe we would have won with him at Happy Valley. The big thing in the media that’s really grabbed my atten
  4. If TJ makes our receivers better then maybe we should play the QB that makes our receivers useful instead of bunch of route runners
  5. I’m sorry. I’m a Bo Nix guy just as much as the next guy… But is a ice cold take. Bo can win us games even though he has the same issues as TJ??? if anything I can argue that Bo will NOT win is games and show evidence of him hurting us more than helping us. TJ earned a start with his performance today when Bo couldn’t do anything but get happy feet. If TJ falters, well, it wouldn’t be much different than what Bo would have done anyways.
  6. Bad bad play calling at crucial times on offense. Only thing on defense that really bugged me was a lack of pressure on the QB and letting him get into a rhythm. But the positive note is that it didn’t look like the moment was too big for our team, the OL looked competent, and the team never looked like they gave up. Take it for what you will
  7. I could discuss the other portions of your statement but I feel as though there's really no discussion at this point. You believe what you believe. I see what I believe... and I mean this respectfully. With that being said, if you mean widespread as coaches and departments got reckless and acted like Oprah giving out cars and gifts at her shows, sure, yeah you'll get caught. But if you mean widespread as in it doesn't happen all across athletic departments across America... well i'll have to disagree. I think the issue here is the idea that NCAA Compliance has
  8. McDonalds bags I think are just a hyperbole. And even bar meetings. But let’s just say it’s not uncommon to wake up with a package waiting for you at your apartment or dorm room after a trip or a game. it’s hard to trace cash (bills).
  9. I’m just gonna say this just because I don’t want this coming back to me one day professionally. And I’m sure I’ll get some heat. if you know you know. Don’t be so naive about the state of college athletics, especially when there’s $$$ at stake for not just the programs, but the school itself. And I’m not singling out Bama. It’s not a Bama, UTK, UGA thing. It’s an association wide issue. Is it rampant as some would like to make it? No. But don’t be naive. I don’t know if it was someone in the board who told me or an email conversation, but if UTK didn’t go the extra mile to hir
  10. So do you always just say stupid things or is this sarcasm I’m not getting through the screen...?
  11. Regarding Rocker hating recruiting... Im blessed to be in collegiate Athletics. It’s a dream job and a blessing to be around student athletes. As an administrator I don’t go on the recruiting trail heavy unless it’s a city or town I’ve been wanting to go and basically have a mini-vacation on the department’s dime. But I’ll break the news to you guys. Plenty of coaches do not enjoy the recruiting aspect in the college ranks. And it seems like the longer a coach has been a coach in the college ranks, the less excitement they get about hitting the recruiting trails. Especia
  12. Why are you still here posting this same crap over and over again?
  13. Good recruiter ✅ SEC Experience as OC ✅ Developed QBs ✅ Balanced Offensive Scheme ✅ So what’s the problem?
  14. If you can’t beat them. Be them right?
  15. I’m more excited about Friend then Bobo... but I’m pretty sure 95% of the people on this board wanted coordinators and assistant coaches with extensive background in the SEC and good recruiting ties. Well boys and girls. We got them
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