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  1. I could discuss the other portions of your statement but I feel as though there's really no discussion at this point. You believe what you believe. I see what I believe... and I mean this respectfully. With that being said, if you mean widespread as coaches and departments got reckless and acted like Oprah giving out cars and gifts at her shows, sure, yeah you'll get caught. But if you mean widespread as in it doesn't happen all across athletic departments across America... well i'll have to disagree. I think the issue here is the idea that NCAA Compliance has
  2. McDonalds bags I think are just a hyperbole. And even bar meetings. But let’s just say it’s not uncommon to wake up with a package waiting for you at your apartment or dorm room after a trip or a game. it’s hard to trace cash (bills).
  3. I’m just gonna say this just because I don’t want this coming back to me one day professionally. And I’m sure I’ll get some heat. if you know you know. Don’t be so naive about the state of college athletics, especially when there’s $$$ at stake for not just the programs, but the school itself. And I’m not singling out Bama. It’s not a Bama, UTK, UGA thing. It’s an association wide issue. Is it rampant as some would like to make it? No. But don’t be naive. I don’t know if it was someone in the board who told me or an email conversation, but if UTK didn’t go the extra mile to hir
  4. So do you always just say stupid things or is this sarcasm I’m not getting through the screen...?
  5. Regarding Rocker hating recruiting... Im blessed to be in collegiate Athletics. It’s a dream job and a blessing to be around student athletes. As an administrator I don’t go on the recruiting trail heavy unless it’s a city or town I’ve been wanting to go and basically have a mini-vacation on the department’s dime. But I’ll break the news to you guys. Plenty of coaches do not enjoy the recruiting aspect in the college ranks. And it seems like the longer a coach has been a coach in the college ranks, the less excitement they get about hitting the recruiting trails. Especia
  6. Why are you still here posting this same crap over and over again?
  7. Good recruiter ✅ SEC Experience as OC ✅ Developed QBs ✅ Balanced Offensive Scheme ✅ So what’s the problem?
  8. If you can’t beat them. Be them right?
  9. I’m more excited about Friend then Bobo... but I’m pretty sure 95% of the people on this board wanted coordinators and assistant coaches with extensive background in the SEC and good recruiting ties. Well boys and girls. We got them
  10. I 100% agree with the comment you deleted. He would be much more useful as a DC. Not for us though.
  11. I will say this. A little bit of research and social media stalkings do show the daughters marrying/dating LDS members (Mormons). Bryan’s wife’s side of the family does seem to be practicing LDS members as well. Take it for what it’s worth. But some of the claims this HarsinVOL has made is almost fortune-teller like. He’s just saying some broad stuff about “not being here for longer than 4 years” or the filth he’s been spewing. It doesn’t take an insider to go through their socials to come up with what you did. Especially when CBH and AD Greene said in his presser that Kes
  12. You know Harsin doesn’t run a true pro style correct? It’s a MULTIPLE scheme. He incorporates pro-style for runs and play actions, but he runs plays out of the spread, pistol, etc. This is a very cold take to say that Bo is not a drop back passer because of the system you’ve watched him play in as well as him being athletic and more mobile. Do some research and you can see that Bo tossed for over 10,000 yards and 127 TDs. And added 2000 more yards on the ground and 33 TDs. This isn’t some scrub we picked up because his last name was Nix. He legitimately showed his talent
  13. I think it’s important to know that talent wise they were very over matched compared to FSU’s defense. But I would suggest to look at the OL on run plays. They hit their blocking assignments with almost near perfect execution. Those power runs open up holes in the gaps where it needed to be. And it’s shown also in the stat book with over 200 yards rushing. There was definitely some problems with pass protection but again, i think it’s just the levels. What I really loved about the highlight video was the multiple schemes and the route trees of the WRs. Watching Bachmeier pr
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