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  1. The energy and life Caddy has brought to this program is special. Don’t take it for granted
  2. Lane has also really moved his recruiting tactics to attacking the transfer portal the past year, finishing 2nd to USC amongst transfers. He finished 15th last year with only 17 signees so he also goes for quality over quantity. The transfer tactic is the same one he employed at FAU as well. However, He has always been known as a closer in the recruiting world as well, so his classes always ends well, rather than starting fast. Of the prominent recruiters we’ve brought up outside of Deion: Kiffin, Freeze, Aranda, Fleck, etc. I’d probably put him at the top.
  3. Great analysis. I love how you were able to breakdown the trends and even put in a note about doing the old Baylor Spread to lighten up the box. I saw something yesterday about how Mike McDaniel came out with a 21 personnel in their own end-zone vs the Baltimore Ravens, but ran an empty set, basically confused the Ravens into being in a heavy run blocking personnel instead of a nickel or a dime package. Ended up having Waddle against a safety and the Ravens got burned. — your analysis made me think that Harsin & Kiseau can definitely be more creative to give our speedsters a better chance at getting open.
  4. This. Even the great Nick Saban couldn’t coach up mid-tier talent to win the SEC. 75% of college is recruiting the talent. Which is why I originally thought the same about Deion as some posters here. But he definitely has the swagger and mentality to indeed go in and scare the Jimbos, Kirby’s, and Saban’s of the world. This. People seem to turn a blind eye to the “pull” and connections Deion has. I do HOPE he will assemble a good coaching staff at Auburn as he did at JSU for a SWAC school. Final point: Winners like to win, so they find a way to win.
  5. I don’t disagree. But I think having the talent allows you to get to 8-9 wins a lot more easily than without. Having a guy that can recruit a line like Cristobal did at Oregon gives you more room for mistakes. Verdicts out on Sark, because I see him more like a Muschamp type of coach; great coordinator, not a great head coach. — my takes here — Huepel has done well. He’s doubled down on his system and recruited a lot of speed for it the past recruiting class/transfer class and I think his offense is even more potent. I love Stoops, used to be a member at the same golf course he was in Lexington and he’s a great guy/coach. But I feel like people are overhyping him as well. He’s really turned it around adopting Sean McVay’s west coast offense a couple years ago, and it’s done him wonders. But he’s still 0-10 against SEC west opponents on the road and his teams still like to struggle against lesser opponents for whatever reason, especially in the first half. He also lost offensive line coach John Schlarman to cancer two years ago and it’s starting to show, as Kentucky statistically has the 2nd worst OLine in the SEC.
  6. The biggest difference between those names except for Tony Elliot at UVA, and Harsin, is that all are recruiting exceptionally.
  7. If they love auburn they’ll come here no matter what. Duh
  8. I didn’t think this was the main point, but this is what I got from it as well. There’s some dysfunction in there.
  9. If they look into the coaching staff is assembled at lowly JSU they might have second thoughts?
  10. Yes, absolutely. Which I guess I’m trying to point out regarding to Deion Sanders may being under-experienced in regards to having his own schemes and stuff. He can delegate this to his coordinators and staff. I think more Malzahn than Chiz regarding micromanaging. I think Chiz wanted to evolve but it backfired on him. He also had a bad culture within the program itself which led to his quick dismissal.
  11. Again, Deion isn’t my first choice. But I think for most people his appeal comes from 1. he’s a good recruiter/and he probably will stay that way 2. He’s a winner. Is he unproven for an FBS, P5 HC role? Absolutely, but it does seem as though can bring NIL funds/knows how to use them, and use his recognition to build a recruiting class. Nor would I say he’s a slouch. In terms of scheming and X’s and O’s I haven’t really paid particularly close attention to it, but the hope is he would hire competent coordinators and staff to make it work. I think Mark Stoops has been thrown out there as a viable candidate. And I’ll use him as a loose comparison. He’s a defensive coach with a defensive coaching background and was similar to the rest of the Stoops Football Clan in running a base 4-3 defense for the most part in Arizona and Florida State with a “bend but don’t break” concept. He did the same his first two years at Kentucky, and the transitioned to a 3-4 in the proceeding years with a new coordinator in Matt House. Same with offense, Mark Stoops offense went from an Air Raid, Multiple, and to now a McVay inspired West Coast Offense. I guess what I’m trying to use Stoops for, is that scheming isn’t necessarily just done by the HC, if the HC takes on the CEO role, it’s the coordinators who will determine a lot of those things. You just hope the HC understands/is competent enough to hire the right people to help the programs succeed.
  12. I’d hope being with Kirby’s program the last two years has given him the insight of being a better Head Coach. But who knows. I would be a fan of a Muschamp hiring.
  13. I’d argue Harsin has turned the team even worse to watch. And somehow managed to make the program in worse shape in terms of roster and depth numbers than Gus left us with. And that in itself is impressive.
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