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  1. Question for you Golf: Not trying to be doom and groom but a legitimate question. Especially cause some of my Vols friends are trying to compare what’s happening with CBH to their experience with Butch and CBH’s personality to Pruitt. Is knowing a coach being a disaster a hindsight is 20/20 type of thing? Or are there red flags that pop up that can point this way. FYI: FWIW, I have a 50/50 opinion on CBH, but mostly in the school of letting him do his thing for the next 3-4 years to build his program the way he wants to.
  2. It’s AL.com but…. Cooper’s coach is damning CBH and his staff… https://www.al.com/highschoolsports/2022/01/another-traditional-power-enters-race-for-freakishly-athletic-pleasant-grove-ol-anez-cooper.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=aldotcomPreps_sf&utm_source=reddit.com
  3. From what it sounds like. He’s a good coach for development, piss poor recruiter. From his stops at Syracuse/UK/Maryland/UT
  4. It’s a mixed bag really. I do feel as though Harsin was pushed to hire Bobo & Mason, but then hired position coaches that fit Harsin more than the coordinators. So I think turnover was/should have been expected. However, the timing of Mason and Eason and the people being hired to replace them leaves something to be desired.
  5. Could be better. Could be worse. Felt as though this hire shouldn’t have taken 2+ weeks.
  6. Sorry but Cole is right. This is an idiotic rumor that’s been bubbling on auburn Twitter and Reddit. If Mason does have a “fickle ego” you think he would have waited 2 months before saying I’m out after getting disrespected like that? Hell, why would anyone take 2 months to leave after being told this isn't your job anymore and my buddy from Boise is calling the shots. Sometimes it’s simple to just see the situation as it is.
  7. Any of the insiders know if the rumors about Harsin and Mason not liking each other much true?
  8. Why can’t we all just hold hands and be friends? /s But yeah, he did low blow you and then called foul. And he does definitely browbeat people on the forums but when you call him out in it he does usually apologize. Mikey and a couple of posters are really pessimistic to where it’s just hard to read. But there are merits to it. I don’t think anybody should be thinking next year or the next couples of years will be rainbows and butterflies with CBH, and there’s definitely been some red flags; however, we’re not gonna turn into Vandy. Move on and you do you.
  9. Thus why I said “looks like we’re running it back with our Oline.” Not a “whiff,” per se. Just hard for these senior, one-year transfers to come to a place where majority of the starters from the previous year are coming back. Basically guys like Brooks and Nourzad don’t really want to come in and compete for a spot. They want a spot so that they can showcase their talent to the next-level scouts. Take that as you will.
  10. I’m hearing Asante and Ashford are the next two. With us looking like we’re going to run it back on the OL, I’d love to see one more LB (including Asante) and an experienced wideout. Another OT or two wouldn’t hurt either haha.
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