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  1. Ok, DL is the most crucial in my opinion, not saying the others aren’t important. Who is our number one wish at DL coach?
  2. What coaching spots are left to fill on CBH staff? Seems like WR coach is still available and Mclendon has been mentioned and a great get imho.
  3. Why or when did all the negativity start with AU fans? I’m my biggest critic by far, but I try not to be negative about the other things in life including college football. I hate to bring other schools up, especially the one across the state from us, but I truly believe that their positive support is contagious to recruits and undecided fans. It seems to me that the majority of fans are going to bash most anything that AU does when it comes to the football program. I truly believe that AD Greene hired a winner with a killer mentality. CBH doesn’t seem like the type of guy to let his foot off the gas if he has a lead. He’s surrounding himself with the best possible weapons that will work for him and we need to get behind him and the rest of his staff 100% regardless of what we think or other fan bases say. Just my .02¢ WDE!!
  4. I agree, but depending on his thoughts of CGM getting fired could’ve possibly made him consider leaving.
  5. I believe that was A. Greene’s thought’s as well.
  6. All the freshman and 2nd string that played tonight deserve credit. They all played with a purpose regardless of what the scoreboard displayed.
  7. Jabo


    He stood out and I hate that this is the first true PT we’re seeing of him. I’m guessing he’ll be one of the top wideouts in the next two years. He has talent and doesn’t let the pressure get to him.
  8. Now I feel like a cheapskate. I appreciate the ones that really stepped up and I’ll do better next time.
  9. Extremely excited we have an AD that’ll stand up to the boosters and do his job. Thank you Allen Greene.
  10. Grimes or Longo would be my first picks on O. D. Mason would be a great grab for the D. side. No matter who CBH chooses, I’m happy to hear it'll be completely up to him.
  11. Sent. Thank y’all for keeping this site great.
  12. One of my very few post was on your thread. my new name is ThreadKiller. I apologize Maverick.
  13. Exactly, but I’m in his corner as I’m sure most here are.
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