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  1. Who was that!!!! Unreal hit and props to the dude jumping right back up.
  2. And a clean hit by today’s standards. He’s my 9 year old son’s favorite player. We will miss the hits he’s dealt out while at AU.
  3. I’ll have to research him Mikey. I don’t recall him, but I’m thinking he’s the type player I was talking about. Just found this article on him. Pretty awesome. Bear Bryant helped him lad at the Dolphins. It’s definitely worth a read. Perfect circumstances for what seems like a well deserving Auburn man. https://www.al.com/entertainment/2015/12/former_auburn_great_mike_kolen.html
  4. Remember this bumper sticker? “Honk If you Sacked Brodie”
  5. Yes I do and he definitely led with the crown of his helmet. I thought the dude was dead when I first saw it,I was scared and praying for him, but after he walked off I celebrated a great hit!
  6. A couple from the past that I can think of are Tray Blackmon, Eltoro Feeman, and Junior Rosegreen. That lick Rosegreen laid on the Georgia player would probably have him done fir the season now days. I need to go back and watch it, but I assume it would be considered targeting. Luckily both walked away, but man what a hit! Sammy Coates didn’t necessarily hit the guy, but the way he man handled that A&M defender in their house was epic. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty certain it was A&M. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great offense, but seeing Auburn make guys want to quit is something I miss.
  7. I didn’t even realize they were transfers. I loved Auburn then, but I was younger and less educated on football, but definitely loved watching Kenny play. I can’t remember to much about his brother. Maybe it was David?
  8. I know we’ve had some work out great in the past and some not so great. I also know we’ve lost some that have preformed really well at their next stop. Four that come to mind are Nick Marshall, Cam Newton, Bo Nix, and Malik Willis. What others can y’all think of that made an impact here or at their new spot.
  9. That’s the most fight I’ve seen in an Auburn team in a while. I was really hoping CCW walked away with his first win tonight. Hell of a game!!
  10. He was at MSU, he probably had to be tighter with spending than most alumni would like to admit.
  11. If true, hopefully they can work things out. I would sure hate to see Thompson leave.
  12. If true, I do not believe it’s a bad hire at all. One thing for sure is that he isn’t scared to think outside the box on hires. I really never expected to Leach at MSU. Overall their sports program hasn’t been bad the past few years.
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