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  1. Looking back at Hudson’s TD Saturday, TJ was the first guy down thereto celebrate with him. I would expect to see TJ look for Hudson as his go to guy much like Bo looks for Shed Jackson. Just seems to be a natural friendship between TJ and Kobe.
  2. I would be thrilled with Cooper who goes by Vel to all his friends in the Birmingham area. He is honestly one of the funniest guys and a big jokester off the field but is an absolute road grader on the field. Once the chinstrap buckles he will knock the crap out of anything in front of him. He has dropped about 45-50 pounds of fat and transformed his body based on what coaches were looking for at the next level when he went to camps this summer. Would definitely take a year or two to develop on pass pro but could be a monster in the run game instantly. I think he would probably be a guard but could serve as a tackle if needed.
  3. In honor of Gus we line up Carlson for a field goal try no matter how far on the first drive. As long as Gus had a Carlson on the roster we were “booming” for 3.
  4. If it is Napier, looking back through his stops a name that might be available is Tosh Lupai who worked with him at Alabama. He is currently serving as the DL coach with the Falcons. With a new coach likely there he may be available depending if he wants to re-enter the college ranks after a couple years in the NFL. I know he is considered a great recruiter as well.
  5. I do believe OL coach Rob Sale would come with Napier. Having played at LSU and worked at Georgia and Alabama he would be a good fit.
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