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  1. It's a season ranking, not 3 games. I still think LSU was old Bo, it just worked for the 1st time ever. With UGA we never threw it deep even when it was there. There were some drops, but a good bit of poorly thrown balls that without pressure should have been an easier catch. I agree, Bo throws 3-4 batter balls (especially to Schenker) vs the exterior of a catch radius and Shivers catches on off his face & two other blatant drops and it's a lot closer. Kinda of. He's always protected the ball well. He is, but not until last game has he relaxed in the pocket
  2. I mean, who on our team would start for them? Maybe McCreary. As much as I love Zakoby, their entire front 7 is probably better than anyone we have. That have multiple guys that will go in the first 3 or 4 rounds and we have 1. I don't think we have a player of the caliber of Nolan Smith, Jordan Davis, Anderson, Travon Walker across our front 4. Nakobe Dean is a legit NFL LB.
  3. I enjoy them. They are just guys being dudes and not try hards like some guys like J-Boy.
  4. Feel like Bo's grade should be a C. He's been bad and he's been really good and he's been just OK. Averages out to the middle. We can see that he's put in a lot of work and is improving in a lot of areas & getting real coaching for the 1st time in his career. I think we'll start having more good games than bad as we see his practicing start coming through on the field. I go up and down on Bo. Was pretty high on him going into the season, then pretty defeated until the Arkansas game. I can see progress at times. It looked really good last game. He should be able to build
  5. Nice pocket awareness by Bo there, moved up and found a check down for 6 or 7 yards. It's really nit picky here, but there is a WR that is breaking open towards the sideline for a longer gain and 1st down. Tougher throw over a DB, but probably there.
  6. Guarantee we do too or will do it. Virtually every coach and team fakes an injury a time or two. Always find it funny when fans think their school is above stuff like this that is common place. Gus wasn't a good coach, but from all accounts he was a really good person & we've seen him do it. It's not just the Lane's of the world.
  7. I get the last part. But I don't believe we were even able to make a run at anyone outside a Gus holdover. We weren't even 2nd for anyone
  8. Yeah, we just need some good grown adult bodies and compete. I think we'll have 11 on scholly at the end of this year before additions? So if Coffey comes back as the long covid senior, that's 12. We could take 10 and then be OK on numbers. I doubt we can get 10 OL in one class, but we really just need to take as many as possible. I think all the current Srs are pretty much maxed out. I'm not sure I see a great benefit in most coming back and from various boards that seems to be the sentiment save Coffey.
  9. Yeah, so what I stated was fact & also said I think that changes. Your post is essentially a longer version of exactly what I said
  10. "Interest" seems very subjective. If there were others, the door was shut on us really quick. There wasn't a single OL interested in us then. Hopefully that changes this year, baring a disaster I think it will.
  11. They seem to have size, but both young and burried on the DC behind guys who really aren't that good. Next year starting seems early.
  12. Yeah, that's the only one we made a real run at. We were never really connected to any other OL in the transfer portal. And he was a hold over from Gus
  13. It's pretty clear we could have taken a G or C. And from a class distribution stand point, we didn't need grad transfers. Michael Harris types or Leota's were definitely needed and I think we'll see some like that taken this upcoming year. We've got to fill out pretty much everything from Soph to Srs b/c of someone we will not name. Tackles are the hardest to get, but it seems most schools have done pretty well taking some inside guys from G5 of FCS schools. Hopefully we can get on or two. Something like Zierer/Transfer/Transfer/Jones/Coffey. Then another transfer or two that are Jrs
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