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  1. I don't know how to make a gif yellow, but the shirt is. So maybe some of the hard headed folk will catch on
  2. I mean, that's a bit ridiculous isn't it? All writers are posting that stuff on their respective boards
  3. I guess I need to put yellow font for @toddc too
  4. I thought it was just tour facilities....let the players run the camps. Problem solved
  5. Does NCAA dictate camps? Dead period means they just can't tour facilities, right? Could schools still hold camps?
  6. Went to that game too. In college. We parked our car and just walked around campus all day. Got real drunk. Had some good LSU fans, but some woman assaults me, steals my shaker and proceeds to rip it apart and mocks me...I can't fight a woman. We get destroyed, then we can't find our way back to our car. Had to call Foy Student Union to help us find our car. They helped. We then drove to Biloxi, gambled, won money and headed to some parents house in Fairhope
  7. I bought season tickets for the 2006 season + Away IB Tickets from the wife of a disassociated booster...he's apparently not allowed to have his name in the system b/c god forbid he gave some money to recruits. 🤣🤣🤣 My goal was to break even on the season. I gave away the Buffalo, Tulane, Ark State games to some Bunker posters with kids that wanted an easy game. Hoped that maybe gave me some good luck. I had Florida, UGA, LSU, & @Bama, Arkansas. I had to sell 2 of the 5. Tuscaloosa was out of the question so that one was gone $500. Next was really tough, I love the UF rivalr
  8. This isn't a vandy recruit, this is a Vandy Transfer. Transfers are different, dummy 😘
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