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  1. I'd be able to talk myself into 4/5 of the top choices. Deion, Huge, Grimes, Lane...all have downside, but I can buy u to each other these upsides. They are all different
  2. It's not only the boosters fault, it is the fans and media. -- @maryland tiger
  3. Or just run right into the EZ holding two arms around the football. Lmao no one was going to tackle him.
  4. Dude lucked into a win. RB just runs into the end zone and it's over.
  5. There is 0 reason he should keep his job. We should have lost twice
  6. Never seen a coach so inept he can't even lose in purpose
  7. Defense just getting manhandled on our way to letting them win in 2 plays and we're going to somehow win. Harsin shouldn't keep his job
  8. That should be counted as a loss by the admin. Fire this joke staff
  9. Hope we win for our players and the game was so bad that Harsin will get fired
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