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  1. That's not going to happen. PAC already plays 9 games and an OOC game. Most teams have games scheduled into the 30s. We'll play 9 + OOC. Most good games is offset a little with a 12 team playoff
  2. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Bobo commits to us.
  3. I hate it. It's all a dumb money grab
  4. We've got one confirmed fatty that lots of folks have high hopes for.
  5. Looking forward to weights of players.
  6. It's really good news about the staff evolving and adjusting. Hopefully it pays off
  7. So I guess the plan is to only take 2 WRs?
  8. I actually am wrong on his TD per game. That went down. I ended up doing the math after saying it. Assumed the denominator going from 13 to 11 was enough, but it wasn't
  9. Yeah, def. Everything is my opinion vs a stated fact. I've been waiting for a real offense since Gus was hired. Especially since NCAA took away Gus' only advantage then Gus became too stubborn and though his s*** offense could do well w/out a running QB threat and hurry up
  10. Some would say he's an elite athlete. 😀 I really hope we see our back up QBs run the real offense in the 4th quarter when we are up by a million
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