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  1. I honestly can't remember anyone that transferred that was a quality player ready to contribute. (((goes and looks it up))) Jaren Handy & Jay Hardy were two that I was really disappointed about losing. Big talents (out of HS). One is at Liberty the other is at Charlotte. Chris Thompson Jr (S) went to USC and was probably a decent loss. Most thought he would be a starter at S...seems to have become an LB Newkirk & Truesdale both average backups I don't see any losses that are NFL talents 2022 Transfers JJ Pegues would have been nice to grow and probably would have been a decent DT in his 2nd year for us. Not sure if Lee Hunter ever contributed, but he's a big body who probably had potential. IDK about contributing last year Romello Height would be a starter for us in '23. IDK about NFL Not defense but I've always been a huge fan of Kobe Hudson on the field and thought he was a big loss. Tashwan Manning should have started for us in 22 In terms of pure potential production loss...seems like Bo Nix, Tashawn Manning, Kobe Hudson were our biggest losses. Maybe Height in there too, although he'd still have been a back up last year.
  2. Lotta words to say "I wish we had Bo Nix at QB" 🤔😁 😁 😁
  3. Yes, agree. I think better coaching/scheme/etc can lead to better production with similar players. Players also develop...even though they are same. Offense, outside of RB we upgraded every position. OL (hopefully) will enable similar players to have much more production. DL/EDGE probably the only real position we took a step back even though we do have a lot more depth on the DL...conversely have no depth/SEC players at edge
  4. {{{{{{From another Thread}}}}}} Offense we lost tank & added a good bit, probably aren't down yet. I'd say over all up. Easily the OL as you mentioned, so that's 3 or 4 of the 5 spots on the OL. I think we're probably more talented at TE and might have a more dynamic TE we haven't had in a while. WR is probably a push, added a guy but he's never really done much. QB is obviously a push, hope this changes during the May window unless magic happens during the spring. RB I think we've downgraded. I like Hunter, but ppl over value him & drastically under value Tank Defense we lost 4 guys that'll get drafted and 3 especially will be difficult to replace (Hall, Leota, Wooden). Probably say we're down slightly more here than we were up on offense DL - I think we'll have more depth this year than last with another nose and the DT from Maryland (if healthy) is a really good player. Added numbers, but losing Wooden hurts Edge - Biggest miss and probably the biggest drop off of any position group. Hall & Leota are big losses and we didn't add any SEC contributors. 10 arrows down here LB - I think we got better with Tolan/Keys addition vs losing only OP. DB - Push. CBs will be really solid if they aren't covering for an eternity b/c our pass rush is non existent. I don't think we made the talent leap a lot of people think, especially when you go position by position. Hugh did a great job in the portal, but we also lost some key talented players. Really need a QB and an edge rusher in may. The later is probably more of a pipe dream solely b/c teams can get creative and play more than one edge at a time.
  5. I have a position by position post somewhere else, believe you liked it. I do think we have greater talent in some areas vs others might have gotten worse. You start off a bit hostile and throwing the first punch, just an fwiw
  6. We'd be in a stagnant space of 8-4 with little to no hope. He's been a HC before and was HORRIBLE.
  7. Yes, it was the multiple OL and skill players that were signed in the portal
  8. Pretty selfish. He's gonna need to talk to some defensive player too. /s
  9. I know the feeling, just mine's the entire state of Texas.
  10. I hope @DAGcan put aside his hatred for small private schools in Arkansas and support this guy
  11. #RideWithBird Texas Soft, but accurate. Screw J Lee
  12. Who was complaining about Dabo's recruiting not falling off? There is a lot of Hugh in this, but let's not discount us dropping some NIL bags on him doorstep. Huge win for the Barn
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