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  1. He looked bad msot of the time but showed some good throw. Like a Tr Fr that shouldn't be starting. Doesn't mean he isn't going to be good. I want him and think he could be if we develop him.
  2. Some talk Brennan might transfer too bc he wasn't named starting QB. Max Johnson was probably their best QB
  3. Arkansas and USC aren't good defenses. I'm not sure we were a good defense
  4. Yes, I understand everyone thinks Bo is awful and will never be good. Just bc Bo is 100% going to be bad in everyone's opinion , it doesn't mean Finely is also very raw, young and would benefit from a year being a back up and learning. It's not like we are taking an established QB who has actually been good
  5. I don't think we disagree. Finely wasn't ready. Brennan is OK. He's probably similar to the Bo. I want Finely. We need QB depth and I think he'll be good in the long run with more development. I'm just not confident he's going to replace Bo.
  6. Bo over threw everything last year then under threw almost everything in the spring game. Hopefully it's a work in progress but that is definitely a weakness in Bo's passing game
  7. Right he was behind a Heisman QB, not a bunch of scrubs. He's not ready to start. Also I love how everyone points to Burrow but many of those same people think Bo can't improve anymore. Burrow went from 57% to like 80% in a year. Elite coaching and especially schema can change a lot.
  8. Seems like he's got his HC here and some of his position coaches in Texas. Hope we're correct in being confident. This kid is good and multi year player
  9. We must be looking at different stats. He threw for less than 200 yards 3 of his 5 starts. Maybe that's being misinterpreted, bc it's not what I said. He can come in and compete but he needs to develop he's he isn't ready to start. He wasn't good last year and wasn't good during LSUs open competition. LSU doesn't have any good QBs, the Burrow comparison is kinda bad bc he was behind a Heisman trophy winner. Not a bunch of bums
  10. Sure everyone has the opportunity. DD has the opportunity. Doesn't mean either of them are going to or should start. Finley is a big kid and seems to have some talent and is the type of QB Harsin has had.
  11. It's not like you coach football or anything 😶
  12. Kid doesn't need to be any talk of competing. He came in 3rd or 4th in LSUs open competition. He's really raw. I agree from depth and he needs to be a guy to sit and develop and then compete in 23 after Bo leaves
  13. The top 10 yes, but we've always done so well with kids between 10-30. State typically has 30ish 4* players. We didn't even get a single player in the top 50. That's a problem.
  14. Where are we on the 85? I thought we might be around 78 or so, maybe higher after the recent commits. Finley I'm interested in. Don't care about Ingram. Brown doesn't really excite me, IDK. Like Harris & really want Kaufman. So Take QB/DE/S. Then get some money to some decent OT out there so he enters to the Portal and hopefully the S. Alabama WR really enters the portal. That puts us close to 85 and 21 commits for the '22 class. I expect a smaller HS class and leave 2-3 spots open for transfer kids
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