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  1. Sure there are different levels, but pretending we didn't pay players since Dye is ridiculous. Hell, I knew guys who talked about their handshakes after the game and these weren't even good players.
  2. This might be the most naive post in the histriy of all message boards on yhe internet. We've never paid players, yeah sure pal. Every school does and always has. We are no different
  3. Unfortunately this just shows how far behind we are from the top contenders in CFB
  4. 6'5 and you can grow into that. He's also a legt 6'5" verified at the combine. I'd suspect Gordon isn't really 6'3". They are always exaggerated. Look at the picture above, he looks like a big DB. I think he can grow into LB size, but I'm not sure he can grow into an Edge rusher
  5. He's apparently 5'10 if his 247 profile is right? Would be interesting to see how he could handle it.
  6. This hasn't been a thing for 30 years if anyone was honest with themselves. And especially over the last 20 with the proliforation of money conferences and schools got through TV deals and blocked any and all access to sharing it with the players.
  7. He's tiny. I don't see him as an edge contributor until he gains 30+ pounds, which I'm not sure is possible. Probably more of an LB after adding 15-20 during his Redshirt and RSFr season. Needs to grow and hope to contribute down the road.
  8. I'll be interesting to see how it shakes out. We needed a body, I'm not sure he's much more than depth/down the roster rotational player. SDE Wooden / M'Ba or Morris Joseph or Okoli DT Harris/Walker NT Jones/Burks Edge Hall/Leota/Hall I'm sure we'll have combinations with guys on the field at the same time. He might be able to slide inside to DT to rush the passer? Believe he has two years so if he turns out capable, he could be inline for more playing time in '23 with Wooden gone.
  9. On3 is the PR department at the moment
  10. Agree. With the change in rules this makes my post pointless. Load up and get to the 85 with whatever bodies we have and then force em out if needed. This isn't a time to ***** foot around and not be ruthless.
  11. This is a big enough topic for this board since it's such a major change.
  12. I honestly don't understand how there are JUCO kids available right now. Last week or so didn't we offer a JUCO OL? I think UF offered him too, not sure where it stands, but I can't imagine any of these JUCO guys are truly any good. As long as we use our 7 extra spots (I think we have 1 or 2 left?)....but at this point no reason to waste scholarships.
  13. Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel here
  14. Ppl will complain for this like they have done a dozen other QB back ups and it's just never going to happen
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