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  1. Auburn has a bit of an identity crisis. We believe we're a 2nd teir job behind all three 3-4 blue bloods, but we're really a 3rd teir job in the 12-20 range. We try to punch up during coaching hires and fail for a while. It's what is happening now. What's more, TV money has become so great our financial advantages over teams like Ole Miss or really and of the bottom 8-9 SEC teams just isn't material. Ole Miss, he'll even Kentucky, can now easily pay a coach 8mm+. We are a good job. We aren't an amazing job. We aren't a destination job. Add to the fact that our BOT is a constant disaster and here we are
  2. It's going to be bad. There is literally no one left to be excited about unless they go after Deion. Just prepare to be disappointed
  3. Who tho? I don't really see anyone that is exciting out there.
  4. Glad we've boiled it down to the most important little brother thing possible
  5. That investigation was absurdly deep by that time. Freeze's infamous tweet was in 2013. NCAA had finished their investigation in January 2016 and already charged/notified Ole Miss. Cohen started Nov 2016. The timelines don't match up
  6. Cohen was the Baseball coach at the time. I highly doubt he had anything to do with it
  7. Dabo & Lane are back-ups 不不不 不不不 不不不 不不不 Go home coaching search, you're drunk
  8. Maybe I missed what was actually deleted.
  9. It wasn't that mean. We can have fun here
  10. Mod Most Likely to Change a Thread Title GO
  11. One day I'll have real life friends
  12. According to this he did both & played in the spring game https://www.registerguard.com/story/sports/college/football/2021/08/07/double-play-oregon-ducks-center-fielder-robby-ashford-plans-make-push-qb-race/5482877001/
  13. This isn't an argument for Bo, but someone 3 years out of HS with multiple College falls and spring practices under their belt, should be better than he is.
  14. Neither were good, but Robby is a worse passer. Game logs show that. 8/13 games 60% comp or better vs 2 of 8. Robby's passing lows are really low Robby is also a 3rd year player vs a TrFr.
  15. Is this serious? Why would he know about Ashford and his time at Oregon?
  16. Idk who Kirby is, but would be pretty weird for him to be a WR at practice yet listed on the official QB depth chart
  17. Huh? He went to Oregon as a DT QB out of HS. Here he is on the depth chart during yhe 2021 season https://247sports.com/college/oregon/LongFormArticle/Oregon-Ducks-Football-Depth-Chart-Cal-Golden-Bears-Football-Week-Six-Mario-Cristobal-Anthony-Brown-Noah-Sewell-Kayvon-Thibodeaux-Justin-Flowe-172961472/
  18. I'll be interested to see what happens with Ashford. Guy is tough and a legit athlete. He's got a long way to a QB. He's in his 3rd year, but due to covid will just be a RS Soph next year. Can he develop into a good QB? If he can't, can he catch bc he seems like he'd be a good WR
  19. This is his 3rd football season.
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