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  1. What exactly is a pro style offense. If u look around the NFL some teams have a lot of RPO /zone read installed into their offense. Pretty much every team uses the concept in some way or form. The quarterbacks are way more mobile. My point is I don’t under the term gimmick because the pros are using the concepts but being more creative with it based on their personnel.
  2. I can’t argue with that. It seems whatever can go wrong for this team will happen. It’s really head scratching
  3. Either drafted or transferred out. Highly doubt he returns to Auburn either way
  4. I put in the game prediction thread that it was downright disrespectful for LSU to be giving 8 points. Despite Auburns poor play the teams were pretty equal. Also stated that turnovers and scheme would be the difference. Scheme was better just the turnovers and decision making in key moments. Brightside TAMU and ARKy look pretty winnable. Same factors for today will determines those outcomes provided he hasn’t lost the team.
  5. U had a decent tempo then decide to start draining the clock🤦🏿
  6. Same way that allowed LSU to be MOO State. Otherwise they would have lost
  7. These teams are pretty even . Auburn hasn’t been playing like it that’s all whether it’s the scheme or lack of adjustments
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