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  1. We might catch a break Corral going into the game will be less than 100%
  2. In this instance does bend but don’t break be wise. If that’s a yes the defense gonna be on the field a lot unless the offense uses ball control. Need get in and get out
  3. In the last three games Ole Miss has given team opportunities whether it be turnovers or poor coaching. Only Bama made them pay. Auburn just has to make them pay when the opportunity arise
  4. Respectfully scheme changes at Auburn normally end in disaster. 3-4 normally needs either dudes in the middle or dudes at linebacker. Preferably both. We have seen a glimpse of what it looks like without McClain and Owen. In the current recruiting class there aren’t any game changing linebackers or I could be wrong. From what I know about a 3-4 u need some very athletic linebackers who can cause havoc. Just my two cents for the sake of a discussion.
  5. I know it’s a bit premature but next years defense will really be interesting. We probably won’t get Zakoby back and not sure about Owen. We have already gotten a glimpse of playing without Zakoby looks like
  6. I should have rephrased it and stated something like teams that are considered decent are average about 25ppg. We caught some breaks on Saturday as Arky had some drops or bad throws when guys were wide open. Maybe I need a new TV it still seems the plays are a tad late coming in.
  7. The points allowed is kind of skewed because of playing Alabama State and Akron. Throw those two games out and Auburn Is giving up about 25 ppg
  8. From here on out every team is beatable. Ole Miss gonna score but they will give with turnovers or using the analytics which should give Auburn good field position. TAMU is still winnable as Auburn has done well on the road there and there might be a slight overreaction to them beating Bama Bama will be better but their defense isn’t elite by their standards. The bend but don’t break defense will probably get the fans mettle in those 3 days. However, that’s why they play the games. It’s not won on paper it’s won on field and War Eagle.
  9. I am still not sold on Tamu as they just caught Bama being Bama in which they normally lose one game a year. IMO a performance like today beats them as well Which leaves Ole Piss and the turds at home and I like our chances
  10. Somehow Bama always seems to get that one receiver that will give u nightmares
  11. Agreed . Because anyone that watched the game knows this isn’t true
  12. Hopefully the narrative of Auburn not having enough talent will stop. The biggest upgrade needed is the oline which is obvious. They just don’t have the talent to overcome a lot of missed opportunities or mistakes.
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