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  1. He only has one season to play. Maybe a rotation guy. Guess we will find out soon enough
  2. I concede the oline wasn’t the greatest and still isn’t to date. They were in all those games minus the GA and Tamu. Even GA was close for a quarter and a half. Had Auburn been able to get across the goal line early in the game . Who knows. Great convo. Much respect
  3. Penn State repeatedly throwing fades to a small receiver and getting cute with trick play in your own territory Mississippi State terrible play calling South Carolina trick play on 4th that had no chance when u up Bama overtime instead of playing to win tied the game Houston play calling None of that was due to development. Better play calling and decision making wins all of those games are at least 3 of the 5 and this entire off season is totally different.
  4. So the previous coach was responsible for the play calling and the in game decision that lead to those losses at least 5 of 7. Lastly, the top guys that are anchoring this teams is from the previous staff. The year 2023 is when it’s really gets interesting.
  5. The Tua one was the worst. Moved the entire family from Hawaii.
  6. Um did u forget Gus was a part of that staff and recruited most of those players. He was only gone one year. What hurt Gus is when Nick went crying to the NCAA and the rules were changed. He never adapted after losing his greatest advantage .
  7. No argument here. I am thinking they were safe choices with Auburn history vs high risk/ high reward. Did it in b-ball so Idk
  8. No needed more time under their belt IMO. U could tell Kirby was ready.
  9. I agree with u, but it seems to be some divide based on extra curricular activities. Would have loved to see him get a second chance. Just put parameters in his contract and let it ride.
  10. I think Chiz and Gus were hires of comfort or familiarity with the program. The programs that they were at probably had little to do with it. Respectfully
  11. Cmon the worst coach in Auburn history when he didn’t have a losing season. Yes u can argue he wasn’t the greatest but definitely wasn’t the worst. Especially in todays climate. He lost his biggest advantage because of the rule changes but the defenses was always top tier once Steele took over. Also outside of beating Bama there were wins against Oregon and Washington to name a few. Beating Bama is very significant because they have been the standard in the conference for a while. So far Bama has been the last hurdle standing in Auburns way of them doing anything significant. Actually Bama has been in everyone’s way so yes beating them matters. Yes he blew games that he should have won on the road. However, Out of all of that only Georgia was the major thorn in Auburns side. Yes it was time for change to see if Auburn can get to new heights but the worst coach I think not.
  12. IMO Hugh Freeze was there for the taken. There wouldn’t have been a learning curve and would be a better fit. Took a chance on CBP and so far it has paid dividends
  13. Boise State was the big dog in the conference and has been for a long time. Boise St had better players than most of the teams in the MW which is the same thing u need to win the SEC. Like Kirby said he is only good as the players that he has.
  14. Respectfully by the time Nix went down the 10 Win mark was already shot. U could argue coaching cost Auburn 4 games and maybe a 5th in which the trick play turned the PSU game. These are interesting times. Gus wasn’t the greatest coach but having good players masked those deficiencies and kept them competitive. Some mentioned CBH seems to play the guys that know the entire playbook and would just rather coach them up vs play ur better players and see how they respond in live action. It will be a very interesting season to say the least
  15. I would say players coach and so was Orgeron
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