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  1. Welp the mystic of crazy things can happen at Jordan Hare lives on. Dude just flat out dropped the ball without anyone hitting him and the kicker missed a chippy that was straight on .
  2. Did u see how far his launch point was going to be. I don’t think Bo Jackson could have made it from that far
  3. How can u blame tank there . Play had no shot
  4. Auburn needs to win this game in regulation.
  5. Prime example Robby under center with the telegraphed run play
  6. I know Robby hasn’t done the greatest but it doesn’t seem that the offense was tweaked much to fit his skill set. It seems this is the same offense TJ would run. Not much zone read to make the defense react to anything. Tank and Hunter are getting direct handoffs running into brick walls
  7. First team that scores any points is probably going to win
  8. Why not run the zone read or attack the edges because it’s obvious anything up the middle is going to be a difficult task
  9. We know the oline is bad but it seems most of the play alls are to their weakness. There has to be some plays or scheme to help them
  10. Very little zone read just straight hand offs . Why is that.
  11. I am speechless. It seems after the initial scripted plays the offense disappeared . The defense is the biggest mystery. The notion of the defense having to earn the right to blitz is mind boggling so u let the offense strategically move down the field.
  12. I have never heard a DC say the team has to earn the right to blitz. What about what’s best for the team
  13. When it rains it pours . He should still be running
  14. What is going on guy’s appeared to be rushing onto the field late and not knowing what the alignments are.
  15. Defense is on their heels and looking confused
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