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  1. Plus, potatoes are so versatile; mash em, sauté them, bake em, make em into like 15 different soups, au gratin, with onions and sausage... endless possibilities... BRB going to buy some taters
  2. I don't really want to get into this because I don't want to step on any toes on the donor/admin side of this site. PM me if you want.
  3. This right here is why you are one of my favorite reads on here. How I try to be on here myself, though I fail at it all the time. Another poster asked me the same thing, if I told you this info came from Bird or XYZ insider would you believe it? I said no, it's too outlandish.
  4. Not attempting to throw shade but I just want to objectively point out that the insider being referred to seemed very biased against CBH in the aforementioned post. Please don't crucify me over this. Just my and a couple other's impression.
  5. Really strange to see DAG and McLoofus going at it. Two of the more reasonable posters usually on any subject. Maybe, the Auburn Singularity is really coming about. I blame Golf and BigBird for agreeing with each other that one time. Destruction was sure to be wrought after that occurrence.
  6. Also, I PMed you several days ago about the insider stuff, dunno if you put me on your ignore list but I'd thought I'd just point it out.
  7. so weird... they are on mine as well...
  8. I love discussions, especially when its about something tangible that actually happened, like when Mason and Harsin parted ways. That was some good talk from everyone involved that did have some extreme takes but for the most part was based on discussing something tangible that we know was occurring. Here, we are discussing something extremely intangible, unsubstantiated and based wholly off conjecture. For me, there is much less to discuss regarding something like that as opposed to the Mason stuff. and its okay that you don't understand me, we are on vastly different wavelengths when it comes to our approaches and perspectives. I don't really understand you either, but I at least enjoy your commentary 20-40% of the time unlike HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED.
  9. Also, to build off of this, I really have a hard time believing that the PTB (supposedly powerful and wealthy businessmen) are so fragile within their egos that CBH jokingly calling them the "potato gang" has burnt every bridge and destroyed every relationship. C'mon man, these are grown men, business is business. IF this happened at all, I would bet the PTB laughed it off while throwing a similar joke back at Harsin about mormons or farmers, etc.
  10. About the potato comments from harsin towards the PTB? No, I wouldn't believe them and even if it was said I'd still recognize it as a joke made about one's superiors which most every one has done about their crappy boss. It's not a big deal to me.
  11. Yeah my statement was directly related to people "knowing" that harsin was referring the PTB as "potato gang" or some such, and people here eat it up like gospel. Like cmon man.
  12. Bunch of unsubstantiated conjecture in this thread lmao.
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