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  1. Hell yah man, you do you. Like they say gotta get yo mind right!
  2. My first reaction was "who in the hell" but after reading, researching and listening to some pundits, I feel it was a very strong hire. He seems to be a program builder, that can develop players especially QBs and he has a process similar to Saban's and Dabo's. I think it was a sneaky good hire and that will set us up well for when Saban retires in a couple of years. He needs some great Southern recruiters as assistants but it sounds like from his presser he knows that
  3. You missed the point entirely I guess, just to make a snarky comment. Nice.
  4. If you switch the Arky, Kentucky and Ole Miss games where the refs literally blew calls allowing us to win he is inheriting a losing record team in the SEC. Those games literally have asterisks next to the Ws for Auburn. So it is actually is pretty true what @gr82b4au said, @TexasTiger
  5. Not a fan of Muschamp unless he learns to shut up and chill on the sidelines
  6. Man I haven’t been on the forum since just after the AuburnEagle transition. Surprised to see this guy is still around being the biggest negative Nancy I’ve ever seen.
  7. My dad @SumterAubieand I were just talking about that last night. He called a very very good game against Oklahoma that year
  8. Pretty much what I’ve read that his offense is “multiple” in that it utilizes both west coast and pro style passing concepts. Something not seen at Auburn under Gus
  9. From Boise fans: he implements a run first power run game with west coast concepts for the short passing game and pro style concepts for the deep intermediate passing game. Or vice versa. Can’t remember exactly. Nix will need to get used to being under center a fair bit.
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