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  1. That fact has already been established or it wouldn't have made it to SCOTUS imo
  2. Playing games right now but I'll check back in on this and give this a read
  3. Freedom of Religion does not equal Freedom to Discriminate. It means you can practice your religion how you see fit without it affecting others and free from the government discriminating against you by shutting down your churches/persecuting your leaders, etc.
  4. The Baker situation doesn't really apply since SCOTUS punted on that one. Just fyi.
  5. They are okay with that. They want Pandora's box opened. At least some of them do.
  6. I think I'll just keep drafting this motion for reconsideration at work but I'll get back to you 😂
  7. I am in this boat. Reading this was very interesting. My mind turned off to this stuff so early on for me so hearing them discuss the schism is wild, course I was raised John McArthur churches and then converted to Catholicism for our wedding. I enjoyed everyone's discourse but at the end of the day I just feel like who really knows what's what about any of this:
  8. Honestly, at this point I wish they would just release his tax returns.
  9. Wait are you guys actually acting like Avenatti was a rising politician in the Democratic party? I hope y'all are joking.
  10. Good, he was always a slimy POS that used Trump to thrust himself into the lime light.
  11. https://apnews.com/article/business-new-york-manhattan-donald-trump-government-and-politics-86177401a887c85ab50d8b78eb1ed397?utm_source=apnews&utm_medium=featuredcard&utm_campaign=leadstory
  12. Nice deflection, lmao. I forgot that TIME: The Weekly Magazine encompasses the entirety of the left. Also, that is from 1931, it'd be a little different if it was from 1937.
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