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  1. Ay, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your safe space, my bad guy. You can go back to your regularly scheduled Tucker time
  2. Man I was really hoping @SurfingTiger would come back with an attempted retort. Too bad he seems to have tucked tail and run after his ignorant rant about the 1st amend
  3. No I did, it's in your quote if you didn't notice. /s
  4. Something, something, George Carlin something something average dumb American.
  5. No problem by me, they can have as many of my points as they want as long as I get my license. The Bar exam is BS anyways.
  6. Speaking of Zappa, he predicted the future.
  7. Sure he wasn't writing the song about Fox News when he wrote it, I meant that goes without saying nor did I imply he did. However he can change the meaning of the song to whatever he so pleases especially if he feels the original intent of the song is applicable to Rupert Murdoch. Also, on a non-partisan note, supremely jealous of all the great music you were able to enjoy as it released. I am an old soul when it comes to musak (Zappa anyone?)
  8. Needs to be taken to the political forum for religion stuff. Edited
  9. The man said realistic and you reply Stoops,
  10. People complain about in game coaching decisions. Kiffin lost last year to us because he wouldn't kick a field goal. I'm all for analytics and shiz but that was very bad.
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