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  1. Literally Aaron Rodgers had an abysmal first game this season and he basically came out and said "yeah the offense played like s***, me being number 1."
  2. Hard disagree. In no way does it make Harsin look out if his depth. Also no one even knows why he was fired. All speculation. He could've very well said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Any could have happened leading to this.
  3. Nix's 2021 Season https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/stats/_/id/4567218/bo-nix Malik's 2021 Season https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/stats/_/id/4242512/malik-willis asfasf
  4. ESPN box score lists 1 sack but does not list the player
  5. I remember the profile picture... it's not one that is easily forgotten lol.
  6. Dyer, Jovon Rob, Duke Williams. Dyer hurts me to think about.
  7. Finally a rational thought out prediction from a PSU fan. So refreshing.
  8. I am going to a sports bar in downtown with my wife to watch the game for the first time since 2019. After that season, I couldn't stomach going out to a bar to watch just to see Gus screw it up. It is nice to be excited enough about a big Auburn game to want to watch it at a sports bar instead sitting on my couch yelling about how stupid Gus is.
  9. I hope we run a similar game plan as TB Bucs do with their base 12 personnel offense, it is a thing of beauty,
  10. bruh... you have the wackest comebacks I think I have ever seen.
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