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  1. We will find out tomorrow at 3pm.
  2. Geeeeeeeeeez man crazy how brainwashed some of trump's supporters are.
  3. I wouldn't go so far to say that but it may take him 5-6 weeks to get comfortable enough for the coaches to start giving him game reps. I'd hope he will get reps against the cupcakes. Nothing like live action to help things click for you and slow down.
  4. Yeah, its not Biden's fault that an O&G Co. gave his son a BoDs position in hopes of currying favor with a US VP/P. Wha is he to do? Tell his son to turn down every lucrative employment opportunity he ever receives? Much different than the blatant nepotism that Trump exuded.
  5. My DL coach would be proud I can remember all of it. Course it helped I dabbled a bit in coaching before I went to law school, not a lot but enough to know my way around DL, Edge, LBs and a general understanding of defensive scheme/playcalling. I know nothing about secondary play or offensive skill positions.
  6. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/sec-coaches-talk-anonymously-about-conference-foes-for-2022
  7. Just needs to work on his technique, can't be playing high when you are that big. Have to get your pad level lower than the OL with a good first step/read on the OL's block. Really difficult for some guys, others pick it up really quick. Took me forever to read the OL's blocks. DL have to watch the L of the neck/shoulder to determine what block is coming and where the ball is going. Down/angle block, reach block, trap block, double team, slide block, zone block, drive block all require a different response from the DL and you have to do it within milliseconds of the snap or you get pancaked/run yourself out of the play.
  8. I bet they have been switching the QBs getting first team reps during the media period
  9. See Republican Congressmen and women's spouses/issue/relatives. You will see the same nepotism but likely even worse. All of Trump's kids were given positions within the executive branch they were not qualified for. As much as I hate the moderate democrats like Pelosi, their indiscretions while mind numbingly unethical/immoral, the same stuff is happening on the republican side but even worse. Hell, Biden isn't directly linked to Hunter's positions on the BODs, while still obvious that those energy companies are trying carry favor with Biden, Trump's is direct. I am not saying either side is excused from the BS but don't act like the democrats are the only ones doing it.
  10. Auburn "Does anyone remember that if the running back doesn't go out of bounds that they beat Alabama? Does anyone remember that they led most of the game? Nobody turns down SEC coaching jobs, but that place is absolutely schizophrenic." "As far as the football, they need a quarterback, they need a much better offensive line, they need to replace a ton of guys in the secondary and receiving corps, and they've bled a lot of Gus Malzahn's guys in the portal because of all the off-field stuff. Is it a lost cause? Maybe not. They're creative on offense." "[Derek] Mason leaving let Bryan Harsin promote another one of his guys up to DC. Not sure if that helps or hurts, but it probably gives him more peace of mind." "They won't settle on a starting quarterback until the very end. That's how he runs it. They'll have a wide-open race all through the summer and keep everyone involved as much as possible; then they'll lock in and try not to swap them once the season starts, unless someone's injured." "You could argue a lot of the wounds they're nursing are self-inflicted by both the head coach and the people around the program. It certainly drove coaches and players out of the program, and it absolutely made it easier to recruit against them." "The upside is that you can't say Hars doesn't understand the league anymore. If he survives this, it will be the greatest trial by fire ever."
  11. You see. When I play madden it’s go for 2 every time 😎. 12 personnel pass to the tightend every time. I'm something of a play caller myself…
  12. Well I wasn’t speaking specifically to you trying to bait me but I shouldn’t have said it was bait. I know you are never trolling and speaking what you believe. So that was wrong of me. the only real dissenting opinions I consistently call bait are Mikey’s and Viper. And I mean maybe I shouldn’t but can you blame me on those two?
  13. Sure, but I’ve agreed with him multiple times in this thread. Plus, I normally only call Mikey out for bait. It’s not like I’m calling bait left and right on any poster I disagree with.
  14. I think he’s just bored and throwing bait. edit: this was terrible timing on my part
  15. Guys stop falling for the obvious bait.
  16. It’s not a moral victory, @bigbird makes a good point.
  17. I think he was hired to asses whether a full rebuild was need as per culture and he made it clear when he got here that a culture rebuild was needed. Everything else I agree with regarding needing to win. I don’t necessarily think he seat should be on fire just based on the fact that we need coaching stability. Barring a 3-9 disaster coupled with the 2023 recruiting class being outside the top 25 he shouldn’t be fired this year. It would do irreparable damage to the program’s ability to hire coaches.
  18. The rumor that Finley is in the lead is based off what the media saw in a limited window. I take it with a grain of salt.
  19. The more Tubs speaks as a politician the less I wish he was associated with AU. He’s a laughingstock for many in the CFB realm these days.
  20. I don’t think anyone supports insider trading by congress members. Citizens United was an abomination of a case
  21. Meyers-Briggs is normally only touted by people who are strongly under the effect of Dunning-Kruger.
  22. No my record player is just fine it’s a nice audiotechna, your record is just scratched, so it keeps repeating the same things. but props for sticking with your guns. also I legit LOLed at the sow’s ear. Haven’t heard that since my grandpa passed in like 09.
  23. Depends on the betting site. I have seen sites with Auburn at -1 and penn state and -1.5. Not really a big enough disparity to say either team is an underdog. The line will change more as we get closer.
  24. I prefer the post game thread so I can be like:
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