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  1. Gus is no longer the HC at Auburn. To move forward you have to let go of the past.
  2. If it were based on the performance yesterday the entire staff save Bert Watts would have been fired. However we did miss a FG. My opinion is it has to be more along the lines of allowing something or actively doing something that negatively effects the team. Harsin from what I have seen doesn't get too high or too low. It would be very out of character to fire Coach Williams on a whim. I appreciate Shedrick Jackson for staying with Auburn. Based on wide receiver talent at Auburn how did he become the first option at the wide receiver position? It simply doesn't make sense. Harsin is aware of the optics and fired him anyway. I really don't think that Harsin was mad about the game yesterday and threw Coach Williams under the bus. I'm afraid that it's much worse than that. I am not an insider. This is purely my thoughts from what I have observed.
  3. It was designed to be a pick play. Bo saw the match-up that he wanted pre-snap and apparently locked in on Kobe. The wide receivers messed up the natural pick and Bo didn't adjust when the pick didn't work. What is he supposed to say "We were trying to run a pick play"? To their credit both Bo and Kobe have admitted that they messed up. Go back and watch it.
  4. We were in the game against a really good football team until the very end.
  5. It truly is an honor to play in a White Out Game at Penn State. Some observations from the first two live scrimmages. I did not come up with these but found them interesting. Last season Nix's average release time was 2.9 seconds. In the Akron game he was getting the ball out in an average of 2.5 seconds. This is a significant improvement. Most of the time now when he rolls out he does get his feet set and step into the throw. If Bo goes back to his hero ball ways he will be sitting on the bench. In the Akron game a good portion of the runs were zone reads. In the Alabama State game the run game was more between the tackles. Alabama State and Penn State have one thing in common. That common denominator is a large defensive tackle. I think that the offensive staff took the opportunity to get how the run game looked on tape. In the Akron game we ran more short to medium passing routes and against Alabama State there were more deep balls. I say all that to say that Penn State doesn't have any idea what Auburn is going to do. That offsets the home field advantage. The defenses are both very good. It will come down to turnovers and special teams. Auburn 20 Penn State 17
  6. Oregon's new facility was 68 million. I don't remember that number being mentioned regarding our new facility.
  7. The peanut butter cream pies are top shelf. They are more difficult for me to resist than the rest.
  8. That's true. You don't have to be in a Power 5 program. You follow recruiting so you know that some players don't show their full potential until they are at the very least enrolled and practicing. Despite all of the effort and technology involved recruiting high school athletes to play college football is still a bit of a crap shoot. You shoot for the highest average possible and hope that it pans out. Murphys Law does apply to football. Take our offensive line from last year. I believe that if they were able to play the whole season as a unit they would have been an average SEC offensive line. As we didn't have a lot of depth Murphy wreaked havoc. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I appreciate what you, Zeek and Palladin do to keep us informed on what is happening in recruiting.
  9. I would be very surprised if this staff didn't vet any portal transfers very thoroughly. Coach Harsin has been adamant about getting the right people into the football program. It could be that he wants to compete against elite players on a more consistent basis. At Northwestern you play Ohio State and maybe an opponent in your bowl game. The SEC West plus UGA every year is elite competition.
  10. I was looking at 247. He may very well have signed today.
  11. Balfour hasn't signed either. Not sure if he was supposed to sign today.
  12. A comparison: A new high end one level office building cost up to $250 per square foot in 2020 Auburn's new football facility is 233,400 square feet at an estimated cost of $91.9 million or $394 per square foot. Oregon's new football facility is 145,000 square feet and cost $68 million or $469 per square foot. Auburn's new facility is 1.6 times larger than Oregon's new facility. You could fit four football fields including the end zones into this building. I hope that this helps clarify the size and scope of this project.
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