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  1. https://www.volnation.com/forum/threads/consider-the-fact-that-auburn-had-to-hire-brian-harsin.325603/
  2. I understand this is an Awburn board but the way Nick Saban lives in your collective heads - rent-free - is astounding. Truly astounding.
  3. There’s really nothing like it in all of college sports. No other program has Tennessee’s combination of media scrutiny and fan toxicity that fuels a crash-and-burn cycle of overwrought optimism and intense disappointment.
  4. https://twitter.com/VolsPix/status/1350938884839006220 "Rodney Garner, former Auburn defensive line coach, is the front-runner for the same title at UT. Per a source, Garner is already locked in with a MOU. He'd be a tremendous addition to an already impressive defensive staff."
  5. Rodney Garner - Next? https://www.volnation.com/forum/threads/rodney-garner-may-be-next.324730/
  6. Wrong. Winning the transfer game is crucial.
  7. https://www.volnation.com/forum/threads/auburn-transfer-players.324701/ https://www.volnation.com/forum/threads/big-kat-bryant-commits.324691/
  8. Who cares, This thread is about Bo blah blah blah...capische'?
  9. Trump visits The Alamo. He's trying to align himself with "patriots". Idiot history dunce doesn't even know how The Alamo came out. LOL
  10. Unknown but it wasn't Bobo, he was hardly mentioned at all. All that means is the communication link down the family line was probably incomplete.
  11. WTF is wrong with these 'people' and I use that term VERY loosely. https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/533651-federal-officials-investigating-after-video-shows-trump-scraped-into-manatees
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