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  1. That was discouraging and downright awful play. Now you know why Tennessee fired Pearl, he's completely unreliable.
  2. It's not even close to that. It's about Harsin playing hardball and maxing out his buyout. There is a strange - entirely possible - that Coach Harsin stays. For a while.
  3. Shamefully? By being judged without all sides being heard. By the gross numbers who have used this nothingburger to kicked Northerner Harsin to the nearest Northerner curb.
  4. Here is a reasonable voice among reasonable men.
  5. Believe what you will. Face-egg is cheap.
  6. No one is clamoring...lol...you speak of the nothing you don't know about.
  7. He's not the least bit interested, are you having comprehension issues?
  8. Auburn hires a law firm where one of our BOT members is a partner. That law firm is, realistically, hired to find a way to fire Harsin with cause. The BOT then enacts a new policy relating to Auburn employees that will give them cause to fire Harsin without a buyout. Corruption at its finest, stupidity in less-than-rare display.
  9. That's exact;y what I am telling you. Whether he chooses to take one of the (OC/DC) is yet to be determined.
  10. Dale from Boise calls Finebaum, that's Dad for you!
  11. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2022/02/auburn-starts-new-cooperation-policy-during-harsin-probe.html
  12. He'll be happy to take the $17M and blow town. There are already other offers of value if Auburn goes away.
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