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  1. It’s not that kind of illegal. It would be a civil court thing… a law suit.
  2. That’s not the full conversation. She has something like 20 messages from Freeze. She can’t release the rest due to a potential upcoming lawsuit. Freeze made an attempt to coerce a person to reverse course in an internal whistleblow. That’s against the law.
  3. I do diversity and inclusion stuff for a living. If you work for a company and there has been a sexual assault question raised, you are forbidden from trying to dissuade or coerce a retraction. What he did is actually very illegal.
  4. I have EVERY reason not to support Freeze. I’m still going to because he now represents Auburn. My devotion is to Auburn, not the coach. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to vomit in my mouth before every game. Doesn’t mean I won’t be the first calling for his head when and if things turn south. I think he’s the lowest of the low… scum… and the worst possible hire to represent Auburn. If anything even remotely sketchy surfaces during his tenure, we’d better part ways with him immediately. Ultimately, I love Auburn too much to disengage. I hope I’m proved wrong. After all the recurring red flags from Freeze, he’s finally “found the light.” But that doesn’t stop me from being skeptical.
  5. When Kiffin starts breaking federal laws by threatening sexual assault whistle blowers let me know.
  6. Welcome to the message board Hugh. You’re a polarizing hire and have a long way to go winning over about 1/2 the Auburn fan base. It’s nice you stopped in to give your opinion on yourself.
  7. For f***’s sake, stop bringing fiction into this debate.
  8. Thanks for only fixating on a Part of it post.
  9. Ok boomer. A lot of people do. Almost every Auburn fan I personally know is pissed. If you aren’t, you obviously don’t give a crap about the creed and aren’t a real auburn fan.
  10. Not far off. I know the stats on adulterers. Most of them are sociopaths, making completely selfish decisions because they think they’ll get away with it. They almost always do it again. Though their victims aren’t directly children, they do destroy people in their way including spouses and children who often get pulled apart psychologically in divorces. It’s only a matter of time before Freeze does something repulsive again. This time it will likely be in an Auburn sweatshirt.
  11. I am grown up. Freeze is a trash human. Auburn should hold itself better than this. Only a monster would cheat on their spouse. Only a monster would threaten a sexual assault victim. Only a monster would think that it was okay to watch a teenager strip. Freeze is a fake Christian and a monster. It’s an immature person that would put the desire to win over morals.
  12. Hugh’s Staff: OC- Bobby Petrino Qb- Brian Harsin DC-Jerry Sandusky LB- Jeremy Pruitt Don’t know about the rest. But these folks will definitely be on the staff.
  13. But does Auburn have enough prostitutes for his taste?
  14. Marshmallow never gets anything right. Heck, for a while, one of his sources was Auburn message boards. Wouldn’t surprise me if the source of this one was his own butthole.
  15. Consider: He doesn’t recruit. He was largely responsible for that Cam Newton mess and subsequent media slander that we are still feeling the effects of 12 years later. He’s a jerk. I think Mullen would get an even worse welcome than Freeze would.
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