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  1. Because he was the 4th best running back on the roster last year, and he was injured the year before.
  2. Did you watch his press conference. He was legitimately excited.
  3. From the info that’s come out since he was let go, I kind of wonder if he was burning out at Auburn. Fan expectations, turnover in university leadership and athletic department leadership, and meddling boosters may have tired him out. He seemed to have an energy in that press conference that I haven’t seen out of Gus in a long time. I still have questions about his QB development and his ability to modernize his offense. But this could actually be a better fit for Gus program wise. I’ll say this though, this puts to bed any of the speculation that he cared more about money th
  4. What a joke of a writer and an utterly stupid piece. Harsin has been here for what? Two months. And this wasn’t the greatest recruiting cycle, but COVID and a coaching change probably accounted for a lot of that. I don’t pretend to know how successful Harsin is going to be. But to laugh him off two months into his tenure is... well... laughable.
  5. If that’s the case, I respect him more for it. If you don’t like the head coach, go somewhere else. Don’t stage a coup within the program. Regardless on feelings toward Gus, what happened with Steele and Garner was unacceptable and unprofessional, and I don’t fault Caddy or T Will for telling Gus about it. And yes, I’m sure it was not a fun place to be on that day. That’s on Steele and his alleged supporters who tried to back door him into the head coach job.
  6. It was more like you buying a notebook and writing a song lyric in it and the notebook company getting sued.
  7. Ehh. Agree to disagree. When he was moved there originally, everyone said something to the effect of “thank god Gus did it now so that he didn’t become the next Trovon Reed.”
  8. When he was moved, we had a ton of depth at RB, and he had gotten passed on the depth chart by younger players. But we had very little at DB.
  9. Five back to back SEC games, two of which are on the road and the last of which is Bama. Usually we’ve finished the season with 2 of the last 4 weeks being an FCS game and an open week. Could be worse, but that final stretch is still difficult. Happy it is at the end of the season.
  10. Glad that the front half of the season looks very manageable. The last few weeks are brutal though, especially the iron bowl after a road game.
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Pelton ...just kidding.
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