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  1. Like I said, it's pretty much gotta be one of the 2 reasons. I don't personally believe there's any strategic advantage to not announce otherwise. either we have our guy or we're still looking.
  2. At this rate, either the hires have already been made and we're just waiting to announce since the hires may have current obligations, or CHF is getting turned down by multiple coaches for other jobs. i don't really see what the holdup is unless it's one of those 2 reasons and if it's the second reason, then that's not a good look at all.
  3. Agreed. we should have one thread with everyone on the first page and then discussion afterwards.
  4. If the guys refuses to come out of retirement, there's not much you can do. can't force him to come back.
  5. I was on the verge of stepping away if he was hired, but after sleeping on it and talking to several family members who are all die hard Auburn fans as well, I'm going to take a wait and see approach.
  6. Honestly man, I'm heavily leaning this way but instead of my absolute no being Mullen, it's Freeze for me. I just don't feel comfortable supporting the guy. the reasons have been discussed ad nauseam on here and that's just how i feel. if the admin at Auburn are so inept that they can't get someone better than him than it's time for me to a) find another school with competent admin/coaches to pull for (and no it won't be bama, will never pull for them). or b) just walk away from college sports period and find something better to spend my time on. i'm just to the point that i'm tired of pulling for an organization that continually sets itself up for failure. I do enjoy CBB and Pearl has done a fantastic job, but it's also not my primary preferred sport, football is and Auburn just can't seem to learn from it's past mistakes. I'll be sticking around long enough to see who's named coach and then make the decision on what i want to do.
  7. Since Kiffin is out, count me in for Prime Time.
  8. That's true, i was just asking. like i said, my main concern was that he'll get negative recruited like crazy his entire time he's here and we'll be back in this same situation again in 3-4 years due to bad recruiting. not saying that actually will happen, just that i'm concerned that it would happen that way.
  9. Yeah, but is that because they didn't have many options on where they could go or were they legitimately ok with Freeze?
  10. I don't necessarily have a problem with Freeze himself, I'm just concerned about how effective he can be at recruiting due to the negative publicity that will surely come with the hire. if i could be assured that the he'll still be able to recruit lights out regardless, i'd be a little more on board with the hire. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Yeah, signed in and trying to edit my post, but the only option in that drop down for me is "Share". I'm on PC using the latest Firefox. i'll mess around and see if i can figure it out. if not i'll check out that thread you linked.
  12. I looked there, but when i click that, the only option i get is "Share".
  13. Somewhat along these same lines, how do you edit a post? on most forums i usually see a pretty clear "edit" button, but unless i'm just overlooking it, i haven't found a way to edit my posts yet.
  14. I'd be shocked if they fired Jimbo, but stranger things have happened i guess.
  15. That actually would line up more with what Barkley said the other day about a coach being fired and that he thought that Sanders would be in the SEC within a couple months. I think most thought it might be at ATM but I'm not sure anybody thinks they'll actually fire Jimbo. I'm not sure what grounds they would really have to fire Leach though, they're having an ok year, i mean it's State.
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