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  1. Shariffe was good, but was 0-4 from 3. I think that Allen Flanigan's stock has significantly fallen of late with NBA scouts. Jaylin Williams disappeared again today. Dylan Cardwell had only 2 shots today? He seems like a monster waiting to be developed and given his chance. And even though he is still developing, he is deserving of more than only 2 shots per game. We need a low post presence to even out all those missed 3's.
  2. You and me both. I had to work today, but checked on the game about midway through the 2nd half. And then I went back to work. I kinda sorta think that Bruce has lost this team, for the moment. They are so talented, so young, and so used to winning at every level they've played at before. And now they are being very much challenged by older and wiser players. Honestly, after reading a story about how Bruce challenged this team to finish strong and prove they would have been an NCAA tournament team, I expected them to at least closely contest this game. But I really think th
  3. Great spot for the munchkin Gus. Hope he has many more "great weeks of practice", and many more 4+ loss seasons. He invented the 4+ loss season. I hope he revels in it. Glad he's now the problem of UCF.
  4. 1981 vs. Wake Forrest. We lost. Bo Jackson came the next year. It was magic after that. You young people missed out on how good AU football was when Bo ruled the field. Not "this" Bo. The "Bo" of 1982-85. A three-sport star and Heisman winner. I was lucky to be a student at Auburn while all this occurred.
  5. I loved Garner. He excelled at his job at AU. But I'm glad for a clean slate of new coaches (except Cadillac, who I hoped would be retained). Time to start over and let Harsin roam free with his plan for the future. He's a good coach. I think he will deliver, in time, if given time.
  6. Not sure if Bo has enough time left to learn "proper mechanics, and to operate without total fear from within the pocket". After all, he was coached by Gus for two years. I'm hoping the incoming freshman QB will sit behind Bo and learn for a year, and then become the QB that leads us to an eventual SEC Championship.
  7. Seemed accurate to me sir. To each his own.
  8. Smoked a rack of baby back ribs, to go with potato salad and baked beans, and ate BBQ while hoping to see the Brady get his butt whipped. Oh well, the ribs and sides were good.
  9. Tank and Shivers. A great 1-2 punch. Reminds me a bit of Bo Jackson and Lionell James in the same backfield at the same time, in the mid 1980s. I was lucky to watch them play home games together while I was a student at Auburn.
  10. I sure love cooking pork loins. I spiral-cut them about an inch thick, use a meat mallet to achieve a uniform thickness, cover them in a bacon-based stuffing, roll and tie, and smoke indirect with charcoal briquettes and pecan wood chunks. Cooked that for Thanksgiving this past year.
  11. Yes, I use a Thermoworks Thermapen when cooking everything except ribs. I pull pork tenderloins at 141-142 degrees for a sear and a hopeful finish temp of 145.
  12. Lately, I've been experimenting with not wrapping ribs. I've got a rack of baby backs on my barrel cooker right now (charcoal briquettes and pecan wood chunks), and I don't plan to spritz or even open the lid for the first 3 hours. I've cooked them like this before, and was pleased with the results. This method tends to produce a chewy, semi-crunchy bark (from the caramelized sugar in the rub). They are flavorful and juicy, but not quite as tender and juicy as when I wrap in foil with apple juice. And the finish color is dark, not the mahogany red that most restaurants serve. I go ba
  13. Unnecesessary, but an accurate post. Although I don't like it any more than you do. I hate reality, sometimes.
  14. I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to understanding recruiting ratings. But it doesn't thrill me that most of these late additions have been 3-star players. And that we lost out on a good 4-star linebacker...to Kentucky.
  15. Baby back ribs and briskets have been my best cooks. Pork tenderloin is good too, as are whole chickens.
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