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  1. I'm a relatively healthy male, 58 years old, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. And on top of that, I'm an Auburn grad (class of 1985). I got COVID back in January; a relatively "mild" case, and recovered fine. And I have also since taken the vaccine. I can tell you this: the vaccine is much easier than the disease. Getting the vaccine affects you for 1-2 days. Having COVID affects you for weeks, if not months. In some ways, I'm still recovering. I wish the vaccine had been available before I contracted COVID. My advice is to get vaccinated. But in the end, it's a personal de
  2. Today, I'm smoking a 15-lb prime grade whole packer brisket from Wild Fork. This brisket is better than any I've ever bought from Costco. It has very uniform fat marbling throughout. Dry brined with kosher salt for 36 hours, coated with a simple rub (black pepper, granulated garlic), and is now on the smoker over charcoal and oak wood chunks. Oak goes well with beef. Should be about a 15 hour cook. I tried to upload pictures, but it's not as easy here as
  3. Not under any and all circumstances. But refusal of service for refusal to take an experimental vaccine, when vaccinated people supposedly have nothing to worry about? Businesses had better get ready to deal with a public that will not put up with that. When the FDA formally approves the vaccine, I'd be more likely to agree with you. Until then, I will respect the right of people to be skeptical. In the end, I'm glad I took the vaccine.
  4. OK, I'll give you this example, and I think I've cited it before here, but with recent late night wine indulgences, I can't be sure. I know a young couple who recently had a child. The father has a doctorate in Agriculture from Mississippi State, and the mother was director of business operations in the Agriculture Department there. Just trying to establish that they are not stupid people... So back in January, the mother contracted COVID. Her overall symptoms were less than a mild head cold. And her husband never got it. And their infant son never got it, even though he was bre
  5. Betty? Well, I see that you can call names as well as I can. I just hope you can take it as well as you can dish it out. We'll see, but I have my doubts. Prove me wrong. I agree that with the obvious (short term) success of the vaccine, it seems a no-brainer to take it. But until the FDA formally approves it, I can't fault anyone for being skeptical.
  6. When you throw down a blanket statement of "I don't give a ---- what they think", you are equating yourself to a Neanderthal who considers only their opinion as valid. Before you ban me for calling you a Neanderthal, consider that you basically called me an idiot first. Neanderthal. The virus is experimental. It is a personal choice whether to take it or not. It is none of anybody's business who takes it or not. And vaccine passports are stupid, and thankfully I will not have to show one when I enter Jordan Hare Stadium this fall.
  7. Some people are autoimmune, I get it. But should the entire population continue to wear masks and accept social distancing indefinitely because a very small percentage of the population is autoimmune? Hell no. I can now walk freely into any store I normally peruse in Alabama without a mask or vaccine card. And that freedom will continue, because thinking people have required it of their employees (i.e. the government officials who work for the people).
  8. Republican governors in many states disagree with you, and thankfully so. I'm glad that my governor has guaranteed that no business in Alabama can require me to show proof of an experimental vaccine that has not been approved by the FDA. Even though I took the vaccine, and personally believe in it. As you said, it is not just about me. I agree. It is about the millions of people in this country who agree with me, and disagree with you. Again, the CDC has stated that vaccinated people pose no threat to the unvaccinated. And the unvaccinated have had plenty of time to get vaccinat
  9. There is now serious consideration of whether or not this virus that has killed millions and trashed the global economy was developed intentionally by Chinese scientists. Note: I do not believe that the Chinese released this virus intentionally, but I do believe that there is a serious possibility that it was created intentionally, but released unintentionally. Dr. Fauchi, President Biden, and many other "nationally respected" people have agreed that an investigation is warranted. And if this is confirmed, then the Chinese government (not race) should be held reasonably accountable
  10. How many of those required vaccines were "experimental"? Do tell.
  11. BS. If any store requires proof of vaccination, I will not shop there. Neither will many of the people in this country who actually think. Especially after the CDC has stated that vaccinated people pose no threat to the unvaccinated. In my home state (Sweet Home Alabama), the governor has guaranteed that I will never have to show a vaccine passport for any reason. As such, even though I have taken the vaccine, I threw my vaccine card in the trash. Where it belongs.
  12. Well, no. It most certainly IS persecution, if you are disallowed access to normal public places for refusing to take an experimental vaccine. Because, according to the CDC, vaccinated people pose no threat to unvaccinated people. Anti-vaxxers have made their decision, just as vaccinated people have. By now, all adults have had opportunity to take the vaccine, if they so choose. So let the chips fall where they may. This requires no proof of vaccination. "Show me your papers" vs. "Show me your vaccine card". Sounds like damn near the same thing to me.
  13. I agree with "No shirt, no shoes", but I can't agree with "no vaccine", although I took the vaccine. And I'm glad that no restaurant in the two states I peruse (I live in TN but work in AL) will be allowed to require me to show proof of vaccine.
  14. Love this development for AU football. In my opinion, Bo Nix is not the QB we need. He loves Auburn, and has been good at times and serviceable overall, but this new guy seems so promising. I hope he dominates the competition and wins the starting job. Just my thoughts and opinion.
  15. No way. I'll frequent restaurants and other businesses that respect the right of the people to keep their medical records private. My wife and I recently went to a somewhat new, local restaurant named "Tailgater's", in Alabama. The food was excellent, and exactly as described: tailgating food. Chicken wings, burgers, sausage combinations, fries... We enjoyed it immensely. But get this: inside a very crowded restaurant, no one was wearing a mask. Not one. Not any employees, and not a single patron. Very refreshing. People were allowed to make their own decision of mas
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