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  1. With the basketball and baseball programs doing so well, I imagine Harsin is feeling even more pressure than we think. I like Harsin, and believe he is a good coach under the right circumstances (i.e. outside the SEC). Inside the SEC, he is in over his head. Green took a chance on hiring an unknown outsider. It hasn't worked. And let's face it, it isn't going to work, at least not in the 3-year window of expectations. I'm already dreading the nail-biting month or two awaiting all of us after this year or next when the AD is trying to find Harsin's replacement. They had better make a home run hire next time. If not, we could be in trouble for years to come.
  2. Sure hope he regains his pre-injury form. Seems like a great young man, works hard, good teammate, and loves Auburn. An Auburn family man for life. He deserves a good outcome. Sure hope it happens for him. Oh, and by the way, welcome back Alan and WDE.
  3. I have the same thoughts. Our poor guard play bounced us out of the NCAA tournament after one game. Then we lost the best front court in the country. Bruce has done a nice job of replacing the front court, but we have the same guards as last season. Unless Zep can develop some offense, and Wendell can learn to play under control and distribute well, I'm not expecting much of a serious run in March next season. As someone mentioned previously in this thread, March and April are all about elite guard play.
  4. IMHO, unless we get a significant upgrade over T.J. Finley at QB (and we might in Ashford), this team will go only as far as the defense can carry it. Anywhere from 7-5 to 5-7.
  5. Great news. I've been really hoping we would get this guy. I hope this won't compel one of our good players to consider transferring...
  6. He seemed like a good, hard-nosed player. I wondered why he was not getting more PT this year. Maybe this explains why.
  7. Agree. However, I think Geriner's ceiling is higher. But as a true freshman, he's not yet ready to lead an SEC team. I think QB1 this year will be Ashford, then Geriner will take over next year and be great before his time at AU is over. But Ashford may prove tough for Geriner to beat out next year. I have no confidence in either Finley or Calzada. I wish most of their reps could go to Ashford and Geriner in the fall.
  8. I really like Harsin. He impressed me with the way he handled the whole "program review" thing after the season. I thought that whole thing was unfair. I hope Harsin can weather this season and recruit well next year. If so, I think he might do well at Auburn for a long time.
  9. I think so too. He was supposedly actively interviewing for other AD positions not so long ago. I also remember reading that Pearl and Harsin were frustrated with him over budget to their programs. But I like Greene. I think he's a character guy, and wish he would stay and thrive.
  10. I'm rooting for Calzada. I hope he proves to be better than Finley. Because we need better than Finley.
  11. I can't and won't try to speak for anyone else on who they should root for, but I get really nauseous thinking about another year with Jeremy Johnson T.J. Finley at QB1. I'm rooting for Calzada.
  12. The pigs have cut the deficit to five. Go pigs.
  13. Arky down by 12, looking lost. 49-37 Duke, about 15:00 left.
  14. Duke taking control of late. Up by eight.
  15. Arky giving up easy baskets down low.
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