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  1. Yep. Cambridge played only eight minutes. Lior Berman played none.
  2. IIRC, Zep was a +17 against Kentucky. With only two points scored, one sports writer called him the "ultimate glue guy".
  3. I'm very underwhelmed. But I'm willing to let Harsin do it his way. He deserves the right to completely screw up, or succeed, doing it his way. I'm watching and hoping for the latter. He's got two more years to prove himself. Not a lot of time.
  4. Pearl is a special coach. A player's coach who also gets on their asses in practice and games, yet they respect that. I hate to quote LSU head coach Will Wade, but I will because it's appropriate: "You can coach them hard if you love them hard". Bruce does both.
  5. KD is a special player. We're lucky to have him. Great mix of athleticism, talent, determination, and swagger. It's a special year for AU basketball.
  6. Yeah, maybe I'm over reacting. Kessler seems to be playing their center well. Jabari is hitting shots. Jaylin Williams has shown up. The two most glaring deficiencies to me are (1) Too many turnovers, not enough steals. (2) Wendell Green is playing out of control. BP will fix those at halftime, I hope. I was just hoping we would control this game from end to end. That hasn't happened.
  7. Not many steals for us this game. But 2 shot clock violations by UK.
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