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  1. Yeah, we watch a good bit of NBA games and I hear the announcers talk a lot about the "3 & D" players but not so much about any other limited skill combination players. I'm sure they are scattered throughout the league but just much less the norm; and they don't have a catchy phrase like "3 & D" that rolls off the tongue for the commentators!😆 For sure about Jimmy Butler, me and my sons watched him go off last night. Didn't see the whole game but he was dominating when we were watching.
  2. Seems like a crapshoot trying to determine if you'd be drafted. Good problem to have though...
  3. I know NBA teams will draft on potential for players whose physical attributes can't be ignored, but are they willing to draft the same way for less imposing players? I don't follow closely enough to know, but is it common for a less polished shooter to get drafted if they excel in other aspects of the game?
  4. Yeesh, that first half was hard to watch. I just don't know what to expect anymore with how games are going to be called. I feel like both teams were getting away with everything early. I'm all for letting them play, but then when you see a ticky-tack hand check/reach in foul, I just scratch my head. I mean there were multiple four person pile ups/collisions under each basket in the previous 2 minutes and... nothing. I'm not sure if the second half was much better but it did feel better; maybe because we were scoring, but I'll take it...
  5. Lifting he and his family in prayer!🙏
  6. I was at that 2014 Iron Bowl, barely got out of that stadium alive... Oh the memories😅
  7. Great stuff, thanks! I'll definitely be repeating this to my guys! We've definitely talked about being consistent with our shooting motion but tieing it together with free throws could really help as it is astounding how bad 8 year olds can be at the line sometimes, some get it and others it's just absurb how off they can be. I would never share that with them, always just encourage, but sometimes I sit back and question exactly what it is I'm teaching them🤣. They are starting to learn though that free throws matter as we've had a couple games decided from the line.
  8. I'm certainly not one of the experts but will share my opinion nonetheless. This doesn't necessarily apply to recruiting only but more to the overall landscape of current college football. What is "fair" will begin to take shape when, and if, an organized collection of the players decides to use their weight as a group to push for what THEY want; not what us fans want. When all parties are at the table and no one gets everything they desire, something resembling "fair" will likely take shape. And the "cheating" won't stop with that either; still too much to gain with pushing the envelope. Alth
  9. Interesting. I followed this site for many years and really seek info out that you share, especially about basketball. I've coached, or helped coach, most of my sons youth sports, but basketball is the one I'm probably least experienced with. As an engineer, and probably like yourself and many others on here, I'm a meticulous researcher and obsessive seeker of knowledge. I've spent many hours on breakthroughbasketball.com and other youtube channels trying to make sure I can impart some decent lessons for my teams. Just sharing a bit as I'm new to posting here. Your comment got me thinking
  10. Well, embedding didn't work, maybe someone more post savvy can help with that...
  11. Just saw on twitter about the AUTLIVE campaign starting. I'm a new poster but have followed for years, I know many lives have been effected on this board by cancer and just thought I'd drop this here to encourage those that may want to support this. My first attempt at this, so please forgive if I don't embed it correctly or if this is against the rules.
  12. To the OP, I go in every year expecting to win every game... only to be disappointed; my expectations nonetheless...
  13. There's a lot more to it for sure, but in my piece of the construction industry not uncommon to see 2 fold price increases from our Engineer's Estimate of Probable Cost that were scoped even 2 to 3 years ago. Now $91M is a lot of dough though, you'd think there'd be some more savings realized at that scale...
  14. Seems simple to me; hard not to like this hire...
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