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  1. Nothing wrong with the OP opinion. I don't see it that way, though. Would this be acceptable behavior in the gym of a 5* recruit during a game to cheer his team on? Surely not. But there, at that particular football game, in that specific instance? I just wasn't surprised when I scrolled across it on Twitter. I smiled and thought, "Wow, these kids gotta love playing for him!" In my opinion it was the appropriate time for him to do something like that, but under other circumstances I probably would have thought differently. I also don't see him "trying" to act like the kids at the expense
  2. Wish I could go, but looks like it'll be televised on SEC Network+. Would love to see some pics from anyone who attends! WDE!
  3. IIRC, what I saw was: yes, he had a towel over his head and didn't necessarily look thrilled but it wasn't in the head hung completely hidden by thy towel kind of way that the media has loved to focus on regarding Cam in the NFL. Looked to me the same way my kids drape a cold wet towel over there head on the sidelines when they're hot. I didn't take much from it. So what if he wasn't thrilled; good as far as I'm concerned! Stay hungry!
  4. Yeah, I like to watch the box score on ESPN.com throughout the game and, regardless of the competition, It's been a welcome sight to see how many players show up with stats under "receiving".
  5. Not I, but it is GLORIOUS nonetheless!!!🤩 Don't get me wrong though, we're likely gonna need another receiver to overcome that stat if we want to win on Saturday (looking at you K Hud), but I can appreciate JSS effort and our coaching staffs willingness to involve the TE!
  6. I was 19, first year at Auburn. Honestly didn't care much about the football team at the time. I was too interested in enjoying being out of my parents house and partying every night. I remember the game happening vaguely... for multiple reasons! It would be my second year at AU, when I was able to get student tickets and witness a game from the student section for the first time, that my fandom really cemented itself. Married and have two sons, 10 and almost 8 yr. old, now. Oh the things that have happened over the last 22ish years!
  7. I hope those AU fans attending this year get to experience the same outcome! The 2021 AU Twitter-Verse is doing their part and taking #WeAre to a whole nother level...😤
  8. I mean... It has been truly something to see!!!🤣
  9. Think I finally figured it out...
  10. On a side note, how do you embed the tweet on this forum? I've tried it multiple ways and either get nothing posted or just the long link. I've googled how to do it and it seems easy enough from Twitter's side. Just click the "..." and copy the embed link, but when I go to add it to my comment and/or post it, it doesn't show up like a tweet. I usually feel like a relatively intelligent person, but this is making me feel really ignorant!🤣
  11. Ha! Last night I was certain it was Thursday and told my two young sons we could watch a little of the NFL game before they had to go to bed. I was so excited that today was going to be Friday and only a day away from the AU game! Well, I was sorely disappointed when there were no games listed on ESPN's website and soon realized it was Wednesday...🤬
  12. If you need a good laugh check out the AU twitter take over of the PSU #WeAre. It's worth joining twitter just to follow the many fanatic AU accounts!
  13. I TRULY appreciate the fervor in your delivery! Carry on good sir and War Damn!!
  14. Man, saw this on twitter last night and floored me. This.just.sucks! One of my favorite recent players and one me and my two young boys get excited to watch and talk about during games. Hope everything goes well with recovery and he returns better than ever!
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