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  1. Do we have 2 spots left with fair committing? I have seen so many different things in regards to transfer players. RB,WR, OL, DL, LB , DB. What do we think the last two spots will be and the pecking order by position? To me it’s RB and OT then everything else.
  2. I think it had a lot to do with playing too many snaps. Truesdell and Fair would be great for each other.
  3. Would be a huge get. True NT size. Looks a lot like Jeremiah Wright with more D-1 experience. As mentioned above a true NT would free up some much for other guys up front, think of Colby Wooden and Derick Hall being single blocked.
  4. DL keeps taking hits. May have already been ask, but can we take more people from portal with the recent transfers out?
  5. I hope your right. Sick of seeing talented guys transfer.
  6. Other postered said it could be academic or behavior. My point was we have to stop losing players we sign. Period. I don’t care what the reason is.
  7. With transfer today, I would like to see wooten get more reps at edge. He can slide back inside if needed.
  8. If we want a defense that is comparable to bama and uga in scheme and to beat them on the field we have to start having bigger, more physical edge guys. 215 pounds OLBs dont match up well with TEs and 330 pounds OTs.
  9. Academic, behavior, or culture change we have to stop losing talent we are able to sign. Handy is a very talented kid. In limited reps, in my opinion, he was one of our better edge players. Stand up edge player or DE, its a big loss. Height and Moultry do not have the upside.
  10. Love the move. Not possible to get all the TEs we have on the field. He can be a everydown DL guy. His athletism will be used in passing situations. Other guys his size would be coming of the field in 3rd and long situations.
  11. Receiving yards and catches - Malcolm Johnson or Kobe Hudson TDs - Elijah Canion
  12. This guy is obviously a very talented player, but do we not have bigger need areas? I think RB, OT, and DT are a bigger need right now, am I wrong?
  13. Very frustrating for a kid coming along and moving up the depth chart. Truesdell returning is an even bigger win now. I still wish their was room for a grad transfer nose tackle (320 + guy), but I see the spots going to RB and Ot.
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