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  1. I see. I think you give him at least to the end of the 2023 season and no further than end of 2024 if they are clearly not headed in a positive direction/there has not been significant improvement. It will take a little time. I'm not a fan of letting him go after the 2022 season unless he loses the locker room like Chizik did in 2012. I believe he's going to make the changes necessary in recruiting to right the ship but we'll see.
  2. There are a lot of things that matter more than football and integrity is at the top of the list.
  3. Probably because he’s got a set of hangers and refuses to be pushed around by some broke back boosters (or anybody else for that matter) when he knows who he is and knows what he has and hasn’t done.
  4. I’m trying but it’s difficult for me to believe that anything would change after decades of the same crap. Old people who are set in their ways rarely change. The ones who also crave power even less so. I’ve not seen many of those people change their ways. I’ll admit that my post was dumb as hell, though. The way I framed my point at least.
  5. I’m assuming that you meant to say “Who had that mentality that we play besides Alabama and Georgia?” If that is correct then you’ve proved my point exactly.
  6. Auburn should add these to the creed: “I believe in dragging a man and his family through the mud with lies if it means we can satisfy the cries of the armchair QBs of our fanbase.” AND ”I believe in ass kissing” Never mind that ass kissing is weak, fraudulent behavior. That’s who we want as our head football coach! Go get ‘em coach!
  7. We did need a culture change. Gus did not have or instill a cut throat, “go rip somebody’s f*****g head off” mentality. Which is needed when you’re going up against the competition that Auburn is. There was absolutely no killer instinct.
  8. Is Auburn really about to get rid of Harsin without cause? This has the potential to be the equivalent of the “death penalty” for this program. For those saying it isn’t PTB this time…please give us any reason why we should believe you because there is NOTHING out there that would point to them not being the reason. The same guys who have pulled the strings for decades and ran a failed coup just a year ago are no longer? The guys who were angry that they had no say in the hiring of Harsin are suddenly fine after a losing season? The same guys who crave power more than anything because they’ve got so much money it doesn’t bring them anymore happiness…don’t crave power anymore? This is insanity. Somebody please make some sense. I don’t want likes, dislikes, trophies. Somebody please just make some damn sense of it.
  9. So, you're choosing to listen to 3 voices and ignore the 20+ that have said the opposite? Seems like you're just believing what you WANT to believe if that's the case.
  10. Hope everybody is good and happy that wanted him gone. Auburn can now go right out there and bring in a true winner of a coach that will be fine with being micromanaged by a group of filthy rich idiots with more money than brains. Said coach will be a recruiting wizard and have Auburn competing for a National Championship in 2 years. This is all sarcasm of course. I'm really beginning to loathe a portion of our fanbase.
  11. If it's in print or even just posted people will believe it. It's incredible in the worst way possible. The same people who will trash a journalist for going against the narrative they subscribe to are the same folks who will take a rumor from the least credible source as the gospel as long as it reinforces what they WANT to believe. Regardless if it's right or not. It's happening at unprecedented levels. Pretty scary, honestly. Some of y'all really need to check yourselves.
  12. Oh, really? So disregard what most players are saying for what 3 players are saying? Harsin is human. I'm sure there is room for him to grow in regards to relating better to players. 3x the players are saying that Harsin is a good guy and a great coach. Have you read Chandler Wootens defense of Harsin? I recommend checking it out. No coach is going to come within a 100 miles of Auburn if we allow him to be ousted by boosters who's craving for power cannot be satiated. And they never should. This is a joke.
  13. I definitely do not. Ha! Let’s hope there is something to what you heard.
  14. Citizen delaying until February as was speculated or we talking looking good for today?
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