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  1. We got to get more size 6’2 isn’t big enough we need 6’6 6’7 girls that are going else where to come play for us we got a winning coach now we got a transfer from Mississippi State Iona and a community college all G/F we got two freshman we got three spots left we need to go after more size and shooting
  2. She probably didn’t play much good pick up tho but I want a Transfer pitcher to come in after what I saw last year from Sam I don’t trust her and KK is better out of the bull pen I want one of those Alabama or Oklahoma pitchers someone amazing
  3. After this year I don’t see much improvement except on the pitching side of things it’s time to get rid of Coach Mickey Dean.
  4. We need to fire the hole Coaching Staff clean house I want that Florida State head coach or Oklahoma State head coach!!!
  5. That’s awesome!! So Proud for her!!! We need to schedule home and home game series vs Charleston Southern let’s go!!!!!
  6. Well now they have a quicker shot on winning the National Championship then we do that’s the problem but we do have a better overall staff depends on who she hires
  7. No we wouldn’t have I would have offered her the job
  8. We want to win National Championship and more than one we want to be like South Carolina or Better one day
  9. We didn’t offer so maybe that’s why she didn’t show interest
  10. I agree why did we not go after the Baylor women’s basketball coach it’s kinda stupid now the SEC women’s basketball is going to be so hard It’s not fair I’m tired of sec women’s basketball it’s to hard to win now with South Carolina Tennessee and LSU and Georgia now ugh why
  11. What happened to lenti what he did at DePaul was incredible but I guess you just get old and it’s time to retire
  12. If we are not top 5 or top 10 all next year in the rankings next season I’m going to be frustrated we want to compete for National World Series Championships.
  13. Well.... Samantha has had a terrible year which I didn’t expect I expected her to be the starter and dominate we should go after another pitcher in the transfer portal because Lexi is leaving and + Samantha probably will transfer since she isn’t playing anymore so we will need two transfers.
  14. Time to go into the transfer portal and start recruiting for the rest of this class and please don’t go into junco to get players
  15. The promise is here is that we are going to win more than the others on the list
  16. In less your getting the UConn , Baylor or South Carolina coach your kinda haft to get what you get
  17. I was just making a point she is a top assistant and she is working for UConn why can’t we get Purcell
  18. I think we need to go recruit out west I want at few ladies I love to see in Auburn Uniform and they are both 6’7
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