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  1. CMD doesn't deserve another year. Losing to Kennesaw State twice this year and Chattanooga are just examples why he should be gone.
  2. Again I ask, can they leave CMD in Tallahassee?
  3. If I were all the pitchers, I’d look into leaving with CMD’s nonexistent offense why would they want to pitch with no support.
  4. Guess CMD didn’t go back and look at the earlier games versus SC that we played. 4 struggled back then as well and we were lucky to win 1 against them back in February. He is such a clown and should be canned immediately.
  5. Don’t let CMD on the bus back from Tuscaloosa. Make him walk.
  6. Fire CMD now. Get him out of the dugout
  7. Maybe they will leave CMD in Oxford. He’s clueless and doesn’t deserve to be on the bus.
  8. Hard to be consistent when pitching a total of 17.1 innings and having such a short leash. Maybe CMD should have use all of “his best staff” early in the year so they all could get consistent. Penta hasn’t been too consistent during SEC play. Lowe, agree, is pitching well.
  9. Handley looked pretty good in her short outing on Wednesday. Hard to get consistent when CMD has a short leash and she hasn’t pitched many innings. She pitched well early this year against South Carolina and then hasn’t seen the field much. Only one really rough outing and that was because she was put into the game without any warm ups due to CMDs lack of communication. He had another pitcher warming up but then called in Handley. He’s a joke.
  10. CMD that's why so many have left and will continue to leave.
  11. You hit the nail on the head with your post. CMD makes so many terrible in game adjustments. He needs to go and go quickly. I can see many transfers after this season.
  12. Down 5-1 and CMD has baserunner try and steal second. Another inning he has ended for the Tigers. He is so clueless.
  13. Hard to find a grove when the pitchers don't get innings. SEC is a different dog. CMD has said this is his deepest pitching staff he has ever coached but he appears to be riding or dying with just 2.
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