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  1. Ohhh yeah the idea is always if we can get a great game we want to do so, the problem is when you start factoring in Housing, Bar Bills, Food, Flights, and then throw a $300.00 ticket on top of that, it gets much harder to tell a group of wives why you keep disappearing for 4 days every year to spend large chunks of money! The other thing is we try to book these as far in advance as possible and the last time we tried to get a premier conference match up we went to WVU vs. TCU a few years ago, pre-season they were both picked to be top 15, well TCU didn't hold up it's end of the bargain
  2. What is the scene like at the Sky Bar? Love an open air rooftop bar!
  3. Great to know! Most of us do have kids but these trips have become somewhat of a replacement for Bachelor Parties that are now a thing of the past. But also because of that we try to target games in Mid to Late Sept before most of us have other obligations, so it doesn't leave us much choice for conference games.
  4. Not at all! Best Atmosphere so far was LSU, especially considering we were wearing the opposing teams gear and still were welcomed in to multiple tailgates for bourbon, UGA had good potential but that was the first time we did a big group and had not gotten into our groove yet, but the campus was great! WVU was a scene, lots of moonshine and the stadium singing Country Roads at the end of the game was great! But the weather definitely impacted WVU (freezing) and the surrounding area is not the best. As for places in the north we all visited in college, ND is amazing, pure colleg
  5. haha that was a major draw, we had a house on a lake booked last year, but . . . So far we have done UGA, WVU (in an RV in late OCT, generator froze), LSU, now Auburn. The majority of us are from the North originally so we have seen most of what the Big 10 has to offer. Once you get 4-6 dedicated travelers it gets pretty easy, and cost effective.
  6. Thanks! We secured a house about a 10 min walk from the stadium so we figure we will be walking everywhere, have had success bouncing around other years, so was curious how it works in Auburn. The good news is we bring luck, last two visits those teams have gone to the CFB championship, and we chose Auburn this year over a Clemson trip.
  7. Thanks! How about for tailgate, should we plan to have a spot or is it pretty easy to have a cooler and move around? Thanks!
  8. Greeting! Myself and a group of friends have a yearly tradition of traveling to see a different college town / football game every year. This year we will be coming in to visit Auburn and are very excited about it! I was hoping I could get a lay of the land as it were, so as not to miss out on anything for the weekend: traditions, tailgating!, bars, food, and anything else there is to offer. We will be coming in for the Sept. 25th Georgia State game, 6 or 7 of us, mid 30s, still like to have a good time just don't recover nearly as fast! Cheers!
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