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  1. Yes, most likely. However, most people expected her to take the Clemson job. I would hate to lose APJ to Bama, she is too important.
  2. -> New update: UT leads according to Shaw
  3. It all depends on JP's current priorities -> $ now = UT or G league vs high-level development and some $ = AU. He could be the next Jabari Smith or the next BHH... UT desperately needs to land JP while we are in a great position, adding Westry, Yohan, and Broome is huge and we could still add another one. Bruce has a plan B for sure.
  4. Many LSU gymnasts are former elites, so I am not surprised here. Butler also has a long history with injuries.. Shilese would be the big prize though.
  5. Same source also reports that JP is leaning towards college and that Auburn currently has a slight lead over UT... but family wants to meet with G league again...
  6. Actually they are extremely stacked with Olympians and World Champions (former World Champion and freshman Morgan Hurd is coming of an injury and expected back next season) and they have Olympic-alternate and 5-star Kayla DiCello coming in (+ they still have this year's freshmen Leanne Wong who is an Olympic alternate and Vice-World Champion and former 5-star elite Riley McCusker). Florida is also going after some top PAC12 and BIG10 transfers. There are two other elite 5-stars who are committed to Florida but did not sign with the Gators (similar to Jafree Scott): Sophia Butler and Shilese Jones who is extremely talented and could even make the Paris 2024 team. Maybe we can flip Sophia and/or Shilese from the Gators (Suni, Olivia Greaves, and Sophia Groth are extremely well-connected and friends with both).
  7. UGA has serious issues, several top senior gymnasts about to transfer to other schools. They are not happy with the coaching situation. The current HC Courtney Kupets basically destroyed their elite recruiting pipelines and is also destroying the legendary UGA brand. The situation is somewhat comparable to UGA Basketball. Reddit post: I know recruiting fell apart (rumors that CKC pissed off Georgia Elite, and doesn't get [m]any recruits from there anymore.) but it is obviously more than that. The athletes don't look prepared. CKC looks bored and over it. Half of the time, she's nowhere near the competing athletes. However they still managed to flip two 5-stars (Ariel Posen from UCLA and JaFree Scott who never signed with Florida). On the other hand, UGA lost the overall #1 2023 prospect Elizabeth Gantner to Utah earlier this year. There is an interesting thread on reddit and also some comments on JaFree’s situation: CKC had good enough athletes, but her coaching was horrible. UGA got Jafree Scott but I saw somewhere else that she has had a lot of injuries and competed only a few times since 2019. I am not convinced that adding 9 plus new athletes is the answer. I guess since she broke half the team w/ injuries or their spirits ( several retired seniors not even thanking her). I surely hope placing higher than 30th and athletes at least leaving program feeling good about their experience.
  8. UPDATE JaFree Scott signs with UGA
  9. No update. I think it’s between UGA and Auburn based on several unofficial online rumors + she started following official UGA and Auburn IG accounts a few weeks ago (incl AU Football, Aubie the Tiger, our coaches, most AU gymnasts and even some of their parents. We probably don’t have many scholarships available now… it’s still a relatively young team + three incoming freshmen - maybe we are trying to work sth out…
  10. AUbasketballGuru can’t appear anymore unless you mention his name three times in the same post…
  11. Not sure about rivals and 247 but I found this On3 article: 5-star guard Chance Westry commits to Auburn https://www.on3.com/teams/auburn-tigers/news/5-star-guard-chance-westry-commits-to-auburn/
  12. Yeah, doesn’t make sense unless Barnes blocked the deal but no updates on volnation. Guru should know that we monitor volnation 24/7 😄
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