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  1. I think the problem is Auburn fans haven’t seen a QB develop in two decades (maybe ever). I get the hesitation but it doesn’t have to be a one and done Cam Newton type. Robby has talent. Can he improve this year with a new system and more time at QB1? Possibly. Just because Holden didn’t start as a True Freshman doesn’t mean he is trash. Who knows what he can do. Hank Brown’s stats and tape are impressive I could not care less about the stars when we need a body. A bridge QB would be nice but we are rebuilding. Players develop over time. I agree with you. Just because we don’t get a “savior” from the portal doesn’t mean we are stuck with trash QBs.
  2. They give them new ratings. Fairweather was a 3 star in HS he is a 4 star as a transfer.
  3. My thought was Composite is your HS class and overall is HS+Transfers. I do not know for a fact though. Can’t find a description myself.
  4. Thanks for clarifying. I saw 247 had 3 rankings. Overall, Composite, Transfer. I thought that one of the three combined the two. Appreciate the info!
  5. Yes. I don’t know the formula but my understanding is that they do.
  6. Fair enough. Any that you personally have a feeling are “in the bag”.
  7. If we manage all of these guys I’ll be stoked. Especially McCall and the OTs. LB would still need major help. How confident are you on most of these guys?
  8. If they told him that it’s just to keep him away from Auburn. Dabo will get (and take) the shot before anyone else. No doubt in my mind Dabo is waiting for that call.
  9. My question is if he was going to anyway why drag this out and put his team in this position? Who knows. Maybe it’s true but it sounds more like wishful thinking than reporting.
  10. First 10 win regular season. I didn’t post the original but that’s what I assume the original poster meant.
  11. It was so refreshing to see guys get rotated all night. Mba is a monster and it’s sick that this was his first PT. How do you not rotate these guys in against inferior competition at the beginning of the year so they are useful later in the year? Just mind boggling. Rhym is super talented just mistakes from lack of PT. O-line same story. We have had contributors sitting on the bench all year who needed PT against Mercer, San Jose, Etc. Just wild.
  12. I was going to post something similar. Caddy - So proud of this man and everything he accomplished with four days to plan. The in game adjustments and just the will to win. It didn’t turn out in our favor but, you could tell he truly cared and wanted the players to have fun and believe in themselves. The Team - The guys played so hard. I mean they looked like they wanted to be there and played their hearts out. They looked like they had fun. The Captains - God I can not express this one enough. Obviously the guys like Shenker were backing Harsin as much as they could and held the team together through the tough times. After seeing tonight? I don’t think a single guy on the team liked Harsin. Major props to the seniors for holding the team together through the year as best they could. Despite the loss it was the best we looked all year. Took a few quarters to get going but man I am just glad the players had fun and we didn’t look 100% lost or apathetic. So proud of the whole team and coaching staff.
  13. I think this is what people are missing on. Let’s just move to a different field of work for a minute. Say you’re an IT guy. You currently work for some middle of the road company in the Midwest. Zuckerberg, Musk, or Gates walk into your living room and say “hey come work for me”. That is the impact Deion has. We will instantly be competing for 4 and 5 star talent. He is a legend. He walks into your living room and says “We are going to get a Natty and I’ll get you to the league” you are listening.
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