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  1. Problem will be if we waste plays on first down which is the case in any football game. Can we get 3 yards on first down. Unfortunately with this staff I’ve seen it too many times. Saw Gus do it all the time too. Putting yourself in 2nd and 11 by running into a stacked box or trying some “trickeration” is the last thing we need. Hope they come up with a solid gameplan to make it look like we have a shot.
  2. If he doesn’t transfer then I’m ok with this. Save the eligibility for when we get a real staff in here. I wasn’t as upset about D. Davis and some of the others as some people were. Landon King is a weapon and I would hate to see him go.
  3. This is some real Illuminati type stuff. I’m here for it. Makes me feel better than just admitting we hired a coach in over his head.
  4. More figured out than Gus or Harsin have. Agreed injuries can really hinder you and that can’t be blamed on the coaches. However, we got better with our injuries which means you had your better players on the bench. By halftime against SJSU someone should have stood up and said “hey the two QB system isn’t working, our o-line is a turnstile, Scott isn’t cutting it in punt return, and we need to get some of these big bodied receivers on the field.” You really can’t excuse it past the first half of Penn State. Waiting until LSU almost halfway through the season to make adjustments is poor decision making. Calling a trick play with Koy Moore in the red zone when Hunter has been gashing them on the ground and Robby has been consistent enough to win is bad decision making. Not trying your Freshman kicker with a canon for a leg on 4th-10 since Ander’s is clearly not 100% or just punting is bad decision making. Couple that with guys who haven’t seen a lot of playing time and well, you saw the results.
  5. Problem is it does come back to coaching. We looked so much better on O-line last night. Partially because of scheme, partially because of changes along the O-line, partially because of the QB. Why weren’t these things thought out in the spring? Why didn’t Robby get reps at QB1 sooner? Why is Scott still returning punts when he has had issues all year? Why are some of the young guys just seeing the field now 5 games in when they clearly have a ton of talent. The turnovers, jitters, bad habits could’ve been worked out a while ago. You put your best players out there and get the hiccups out against Mercer and San Jose State. That doesn’t absolve the players but you have to put a good amount of the blame on the staff for not realizing what they had and working within that. It’s one of the same problems I had with Gus.
  6. Hunter was on fire ripping off 10 yard runs. Better try a trick play. Just what a joke. Scott Obviously isn’t it in the return game. Better keep him back there. Tank obviously can’t catch. Better keep throwing it to him. Some things can’t be helped. That DB made a great play on Koy. That is what it is. All of the other crap around that was 100% on Harsin and his “staff”.
  7. Second half struggle continues. Run it down their throat with Hunter. Get cute. Turnover. Ball back. Get cute. 3/out. The talent is there. Play calling is horrid.
  8. At the very least Harsin changed something. I mean that’s refreshing after 8 years of Gus ball. Harsin ain’t off my hook yet but I wasn’t expecting this.
  9. Council looking good at Center. Robby making things happen. Getting playmakers the ball. I’m liking it.
  10. Just watching this year they look miles better and that’s with two true freshman on the line. Didn’t watch the game but I assume the two turnovers had more to do with their loss. I do know in the Alabama game they basically deleted Alabama’s D-line in the passing game. 31 was nowhere to be found most of the game. They need work in the run game but I would take their line over ours in a heartbeat.
  11. Yeap. Worked out well for Texas. Took one class to get their O-line fixed.
  12. So I’m sure I’ve said different in another thread but after thinking through what the program NEEDS desperately I have my number #1. #1 - Coach Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. Why? Number one. Deion has been around football for at least 40 years dating back to Highschool. He has been a player or coach at every level. He has a network that he can tapped into of players and coaches that would make Nick Saban blush. Not to mention his media connections. Does this automatically make him a great coach? Nope. Has he proven it at an SEC level? Nope. However, the mans network is so vast and he is definitely willing to use it as shown by his staff at JSU. I have no doubt that his FLOOR for OC/DC would be McGee/Muschamp. Second, we have a branding problem. Im the media and with players. We aren’t seen as a destination for O-line, QB’s, or WR that want to be in the league. On top of that our brand isn’t drawing NIL dollars like it should be. Deion can play the media game. Twelve year olds know about JSU and Coach Prime. Think about that. JSU is getting as much media attention as P5 programs. Third, recruiting. This goes back to branding in a sense. More NIL dollars? Check. Bigger brand in media. Check. A guy who has been to the league and will hire staff that can get you to the league. Check. A guy that can help you as a player build your brand. Check. Also anyone who says “these young guys don’t care about or know who Deion Sanders is” is kidding themselves. Everyone who has ever played a down football knows who Prime Time is. If that legend walks into your living room and says “Come play for my team” you are at least considering it. “He recruited one 5 star” at JSU. That doesn’t happen in the modern era. TLDR; He won’t be a detriment to X’s and O’s. He will assemble a killer staff. He will build a brand for AU and it’s players. We will immediately start winning recruiting battles against Alabama and UGA.
  13. I’ve seen Monken thrown around a few times. Guy has been around football forever and has done some amazing things. If we could get McGee and Muschamp or someone of similar caliber under him I wouldn’t hate it.
  14. I hope this is this case. I hope as far as the PTB some of them have realized that winning period is more important than having their vision be the way we win. Whether that be with a certain coach, in a certain uniform, with a certain play style. Whatever it is. Hopefully if it’s someone like Coach Prime they can say “Ok, he is a little flashy for my taste, he is going to want Orange jerseys at some point, but I’m ok with being a little less traditional because he runs a tight program and will bring in a great staff and a bunch of 5 star athletes.” Not saying Prime is my #1 choice just using him as an example. I really hope these guys can pull together and get over some of the superficial things to hire a great coach.
  15. I think it has to be scheme. I don’t know enough about O-line to have an educated answer but it just seems like they always miss someone like it’s a blown assignment. Maybe that has to do with losing Brahms as an anchor. Somehow the returning guys look even worse than last year.
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