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  1. @aubiefiftyOn3 might still be $1 for a year. Think it ends soon though. ESPN article said sources, so even if Harsin is one of them, someone else is snitching.
  2. He was Scott's teammate in JUCO
  3. Lots of positive news today. I cosign the $1 On3 deal. Keith and Cole were putting out updates as if they were in the bushes with binoculars on the complex.
  4. Tea leaves say Fall has large NIL deal with Arkansas. Yates will probably be right up until signing day.
  5. Ja'Keem Jackson committed to Florida tonight.
  6. Bernardi and Ruzic doing work on the big boys...
  7. Keith said he is heading to Ft. Pierce to cover Denaud's announcement.
  8. Jabari had 19 and 9 tonight against the Spurs. 3-5 from 3, 6-12 overall. Also played great on defense. Played a lot like what we saw this past year.
  9. I would say Bri or Packer. Fun, dynamic players that you need to have a great offense.
  10. Actually yes. A couple of emerging targets will attend Big Cat (both 3*). Both have P5 offers. Newest one has some Big 12 offers, including Baylor. They are both listed as tackles as well.
  11. This is a running list due to the On3 (source of todd's post) staff still reaching out to the known targets. There is a small window between end of dead period and the beginning of fall practices for these recruits so the date is what it is.
  12. So apparently we finished 3rd for Faulk 😬
  13. I'm listening to it now. I think the confidence that we were a lock was a little cart before horse type deal. JLee did say that the field is 55-45 over AU but there's multiple schools. So instead of like 80% AU it's more like 45-25-25-5 kind of deal.
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