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  1. Coach J had the flu as well. It's been pretty bad in the area this fall. The men's team is dealing with it too
  2. I believe Cobb will be at the game. Most of these guys are south florida guys (Chaminade-Madonna, Central, one American Heritage and one St. Thomas Aquinas). Roc has been doing major work down in South Florida.
  3. There is a sexual assault story out there at Utah State involving football. Might have given Roberts pause about Hartwell.
  4. I'm a Roberts guy. I think he wanted this to be as closed of a loop as possible. So when everyone starts getting into a frenzy because an insider leaks out interview lists, it complicates the process and people start making assumptions based on limited information. I believe Roberts took this process very seriously and the candidates mentioned were interviewed multiple times in order to cover all of the things necessary. Some crossed off boxes, some did not. If this search firm came up with Cohen, and Roberts listened to his pitch and was impressed, wouldn't you have to consider it too? I know a lot of folks here (and TOS) complain about boosters meddling and when a President does his diligence on this candidate, and all of a sudden it's an issue, it seems contradictory. You either trust a guy to find the right guy, or you don't. And since it seems like no one is ever on the same page, the President has to do what he feels like is best for the university and take emotion out of the process because it isn't a sexy name or a well-known figure.
  5. John Cohen is the guy's name. Was an interim baseball coach at Mississippi State, promoted to AD. Allegedly they are trying to force him out and he reached out to AU. Hartwell may be in town this weekend. TOS reporting that its between Rich, Hartwell and Cohen. As for the portal departures, more will be coming. TOS saying that it's younger players. The issue with Harsin departure timing has to do with the portal. These players are announcing their intention of going into the portal. If Harsin is dumped now, players can enter the portal for the following 30 days and be contacted by schools directly during that time. Our hope is that the AD and subsequently the coach is in place once they are ready to part with Harsin to minimize the portal exposure.
  6. Broome ate inside and CMo had a double double.
  7. also heard we shot like 3-17 from 3
  8. @aubiefiftyOn3 might still be $1 for a year. Think it ends soon though. ESPN article said sources, so even if Harsin is one of them, someone else is snitching.
  9. Lots of positive news today. I cosign the $1 On3 deal. Keith and Cole were putting out updates as if they were in the bushes with binoculars on the complex.
  10. Tea leaves say Fall has large NIL deal with Arkansas. Yates will probably be right up until signing day.
  11. Ja'Keem Jackson committed to Florida tonight.
  12. Bernardi and Ruzic doing work on the big boys...
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