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  1. Allsup is starting to have a closer's mentality. Sets us up well for postseason play.
  2. These posts benefit both Auburn and the high schools themselves. Win-win.
  3. For those wondering about safety depth, at one point we had our True freshman early enrollee play 1st, 2nd and 3rd team safety this spring.
  4. Did you see the Five38 article on gymnastics? Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Graba.
  5. He does some tv and there was some type of weird relationship between Frank and AU. I believe it is why it did not get done sooner.
  6. Great win tonight. KSU had a better RPI than us coming into the game. Good midweek resume booster and a bunch of guys got work that haven't gotten much.
  7. From what I've seen, we've reached out to Bates and Phillips is visiting next week.
  8. I feel like almost every time we wonder why we don't throw Sam more, outings like today confirm why. Not a lot of control from her and teams hit her well.
  9. For large portions of this game, we were not competitive at the plate. Our offense is very inconsistent if Sonny isn't mashing.
  10. First of all, there are tutors that help the athletes with their studies throughout the year. Baseball only does series Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday. Softball has series Friday-Sunday and one series Saturday-Monday. Depending on what time the games are at, the athletes are still able to attend class.
  11. I saw on the ESPN bottom line that it was reported that Steen would compete for an OT spot. Not sure what kind of guarantees Auburn made.
  12. The team released a statement that he had a stress reaction in his shin. 10-12 week recovery.
  13. Baseball is at home against Vandy, Softball at Arky
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