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  1. Bruce said that he is on schedule and they are hoping for a mid-December return.
  2. Keith is tweeting about an in-home visit with Austin Ausberry and what looks like Coach Etheridge.
  3. ah. Kind of a curious point though, since Dad isn't working locally anymore. If Bobo is a January enrollee, then it's a throwaway comment. Otherwise, the plot thickens.
  4. Those three names wouldn't surprise me either. Walker as well. Maybe a guy like Tisdol, or one of our reserve DB's that have been buried in the chart. Frasier may go to, as he is just a blocker for us.
  5. O has announced he will not coach. O-Line coach will assume duties.
  6. His line tonight: 6 tackles, 3 solo, 3 sacks, 3.5 tackles for loss. He, along with the rest of the Defensive Line, accounted for 7 sacks total tonight. TD Moultry also lived in the backfield as well. I'm glad those guys stepped up and lived up to the hype from the fanbase this offseason.
  7. Roger was mocked in a few drafts at the end of the first round. Alabama thought they could throw at him, and largely failed. He gave up a few passes, but some of the 50-50 balls are going to be used in film study on how to play the ball. He was a warrior tonight.
  8. most of us expect some improvement. We are playing much worse than we did a month ago.
  9. At this point we haven't improved, and Coach will feel the full brunt of the fanbase. Two inexcusable losses in a row will not help your cause and message of building the program up.
  10. Cambridge was +24 tonight. That's why he plays despite his 3 point shooting. Wendell was invisible tonight. KD continues to be a spark off the bench. If we can get our offense going, this team will do well in March.
  11. The other good thing about the plus is that you get a lot of mid-major basketball and other sports too. Great value
  12. After seeing our Offensive Line this year, knowing that everyone we have available next year weren't good enough to beat out the guys we put out there this year makes me very nervous for guys like TJ and Holden, who are seen as pocket passers.
  13. Chet Holmgren looks like the number 1 pick right now
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