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  1. I think part of the downfall of Gus is that he never really earned his stripes per se in college. He went r om high school to basically OC immediately, then head coach so, he never had the exposure to learn how to run a college program.
  2. Andres Fox, 4* out of Mobile, AL that went to Stanford just hit the portal.
  3. Auburn just offered this OT from FIU. Was the 62nd best graded OT this year. 3 years left. FSU offered yesterday. https://247sports.com/player/miles-frazier-46093882/
  4. How to watch - Step 1) download this https://brave.com/download/ * because you'll get hella pop ups and it has built in ad/pop-up blocker. Step 2) http://cast.freestreams-live1.com/ncaab-4/
  5. Coach Caddy is going to his next game. Edit - that's tonight!
  6. Supposedly he plays in the highest classification in private schools in Texas. Others familiar with Texas private schools are saying it would be like a level 4A out of 6A comparison. Keith said he's going to officially visit.
  7. Dude is 215 lbs+ and having an insane year. Recently offered by Michigan State. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11325529/6161becb04284d0294becdbd
  8. Being second round 1 is better than being 50th for round 2 -tranfer portal speaking that is.
  9. Does anyone know how Joko Willis is coming along? He's tall and long and fast. Needed to add some weight but maybe he could be a guy that gets some snaps next year.
  10. We're getting better end/edge play this year versus the past few years by far. I'd say best since Holland left. Sacks: 22 (T-5th in sec, T-28th nationally) Tackles for loss: 63 (2nd in sec, T-8th nationally )
  11. Going to need it badly with the most likely drop off at LB.
  12. LB is my biggest concern on defense next year. We're losing McClain and Wooten for sure then possibly Pappoe. The drop off from those 3 to the next guys is worrisome. I like Steiner and think once it clicks, he'll be a good player. Not sure on the others unfortunately.
  13. Worried since it's their bye week so they'll be fresh and AU had some injuries in the secondary last night. Hope Puckett and Knighten didn't suffer anything major.
  14. He had some moments last night where he looked completely lost on what to do (like the old, confused Gus looks).
  15. Then wifey made fried hot dog grilled cheese samiches and it's about pregame/nap time!
  16. Had some breakfast beer and an OPMS so we getting ready.
  17. He did practice. Wooden stated they got some good pieces back while grinning. Someone said there was some miscommunication on how much he had to miss - I'm just guessing on this but I think it was 4 weeks and not 4 games, meaning he could practice again after the bye week, and did so.
  18. I am hoping for Z. Walker to be back healthy as well. I'd rank them Pappoe, Walker, then TD in terms of importance.
  19. Hoke just confirmed rumor has playing on On3.
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