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  1. Faking injuries was discussed pre-season and theoretical ways to address it. I am unsure if it's still being debated by the higher-ups or if it was put on the back burner for further discussion either at the conference or national level. As we all know, college football is notorious for this tactic but I believe one of the examples being used as part of the debate was in 2020 when Kiffin, on national TV, very blatantly pointed to a player and then to the ground and the player drops with a proposed injury. Kiffin is gifted-smart in a cut-throat industry, sometimes through his intelligence
  2. I am still confused with all the NIL requirements and exceptions. I respect AU's compliance office having to navigate these new waters. Maybe it's more common sense than I am giving it credit.
  3. For a first year coaching change, this team is impressive. Admittingly, AU football is like watching the news, at times, the experience can be painful and exhausting but I am proud of this team and they have surpassed my early-on expectations. I agree, Ole Miss will be a good measuring stick. After the UT/Ole Miss debacle, golf ball counts will be strictly monitored. 🏌️‍♂️
  4. I have found that Greg McElroy has matured well in his role. I remember he was a guest on a podcast and chatted about his first season announcing for SEC Network/ESPN and he admitted that he got himself into some verbal confrontations with co-hosts and had to "grow up" quickly. I can't remember which game but he was reprimanded by ESPN for how he talked to a cohost on-air who disagreed with him. LOL. I respect that he is self and situation aware and knew he had to change moving forward. Not everyone is like that. To me, it has to be challenging switching into a more neutral role as a spo
  5. I apologize if this question is common sense. I am unsure of NCAA transfer rules. Can a team pick up players mid-season from the transfer portal? Or, is the portal only to be utilized between seasons for full season play? Therefore, would there be potential for Auburn to pick up experienced players mid-season?
  6. I have seen this guy on TV, 99's neck is bigger than most player's waistline. To be our quarterback and see these guys coming. Not for the faint of heart.
  7. I like your thinking. I think a lot will be told 1st quarter. In many of their games, UGA has come out with a ridiculous amount of 1st quarter points, which allows them to sit on the ball the rest of the game. In some of our games, we are still adjusting in the 1st quarter. As a positive, I am unsure if UGA has been made to play 4 quarters of hard nose ball this season, therefore, their complete game wear-down factor is unknown. However, with the intensity of their 1st quarter/half scoring, there is no time for AU to adjust and play catch up with UGA's D. We have to start differently in this u
  8. UGA's D is a monster and their offense appears to have enough of a mix that allows them to score regularly. In some ways, AU will be going up against a professional-level team. Quarterbacks, at times, are still questionable but they have so much talent they often can overcome their weaknesses and look good doing it. I have been surprised by Auburn/Georgia games in the past but this is a different GA. I hope for a win but would be impressed if we can make them sweat. They get after quarterbacks and this spells trouble. I usually reserve this comment before UA games but it might be justifi
  9. I was in the student section, during the LSU game, when the old barn caught on fire. That was probably the closest I have been to a building fire. It was bad juju for the game.
  10. I can appreciate that recruiting is planting the seeds for future success. It's a tough mix, usually talent does not stay around for multiple years anymore and putting all your faith in the transfer portal can be a gamble. It's constantly feeding that revolving door matrix. Back in the day, a new head coach guaranteed a couple/few years of rebuild and scraping by on wins. Now the need for almost immediate satisfaction by fans amplified the shortening of the learning curve and infrastructure for new coaches. In the past, I would imagine head coaching interviews involved a 5 year plan to g
  11. I agree with the overall "gut feeling" on who starts QB. Seems like the old concept of throwing a noodle against a wall and seeing what sticks.
  12. I find it sad when you see some celebrities, coaches, politicians, etc. go this same route. They muck up their career and at some point they realize their star has faded so they lash out at others due to a warped sense of of "attention" seeking and a desire to punish individuals/groups in the hope that others will experience the same pain as they did. However, in an industry built on networking and relationships all it has done is fade their star faster. It's a sad circle of events to witness. Says a lot about the individual.
  13. I noticed this in another forum. Looks like there are improvements scheduled for Plainsman Park.
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