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  1. I am wondering with the transfer portal, NIL, etc. if players are willing to stay around long enough to be developed...even the lower stars. Of course, the advantage would be getting those 4 to 5 star players who are willing to give you an amazing season before moving on. "1 and done". Maybe coaches can warp-speed-develop less talented players to perform during the season but expecting to have 3 to 4 seasons to develop most players is unrealistic. My guess is a less talented but developed team can pull the occasional miracle win but expecting to win against professional grade teams, each week, is daunting and questionable. Especially, with the notion of moving towards more conference games and higher quality opponents to entice viewership. On the surface, there appears to be less tincture of time with players vs. past. Plus, having the pressure to win and win now, in a mega talented conference, makes it challenging to support a roster full of players that need to be developed. Time is not a friend in college sports.
  2. I definitely prefer Nike Hats vs. UA hats. Auburn's UA hats leave much to be desired.
  3. I always appreciate the opportunity to play talented teams at the beginning of the season. It's a great measuring stick and often these games will glaringly expose areas of improvement that can be addressed in the near future.
  4. Question, does the AD provide the HC with a certain budget to hire staff to include buyouts? Or is it on a case by case basis? The reason I am asking, I am sure $$ was provided to cover some of the turnover (terminations) and with the current environment, i.e., lack of trust, the AD might not allocate enough funds to really attract a talented assistant who wants $$ assurances with the instability. If I was an AD with uncertainty at HC, I would not agree to sign contracts with large assistant and staff buyouts. As a result, I am worsening the situation as an AD but in a business world, it makes sense.
  5. The Righteous Gemstones are applicable to so many of life's scenarios.
  6. There are probably a lot of Saban-wannabes out there. I can't blame them, he is successful. However, the recipe can turn out a lot of bad actors though.
  7. It seems like some programs have been testing the water "For Cause contract termination", i.e., Kansas and Tennessee...maybe others, and seeing if it sticks.
  8. This is a great start for AU's new president. Welcome!
  9. This is like Real Housewives of.... stuff.
  10. With all the coaches quitting and players transferring, if Harsin gets fired, hope he turns off the lights.
  11. Trying to be empathetic but sometimes a big change like a new job, a move, etc. can exacerbate or inflame other stressors that have been simmering under the surface from an ill relative, a romantic interest that doesn't want to move, background/drug check, issues with mental health, etc. etc. The list can be endless and people can be complex. It's most likely not as simple as he was fine in Seattle. Something he and maybe Harsin know and I respect his privacy, even though his privacy has been spread all over the internet and the court of public opinion. The situation is odd and I think most interviewers try to discern these nuances during the interview process; however, interviews are not perfect and people sometimes do not equate to their polished introduction. Plus, there are some things a person can't legally ask during an "official" interview. Because of the type of business, it's still a questionable look for Davis, Harsin, and AU.
  12. I am not saying it occurred at AU and I didn't realize this was even a "thing" until recently but "highly suggested support hires" appear to be a nuance with certain HC vacancies. I am unsure if that is the result of typical micromanagement and control from AD leadership/donors/politicians, i.e., a program's culture, or if circumstances justify instilling a framework for a new coach as a way to get a program up and running quickly and allow for breathing room for the coach to instill future adjustments. Could be both. I feel pretty confident all of this coaching transition is fuel for rivals to fan the flames of instability with recruits. I would probably do the same thing if I worked in such a cut-throat biz. Maybe recruits are more willing to try AU during these times vs. a player years ago. Heck, if they don't like it they can portal-bolt. "Try before you buy."
  13. Don't forget the Bucees! I have only been to one and it's an adventure in itself. I do admit the brisket sammy is pretty darn good.
  14. Each time I have stepped on campus there is change; however, I am grateful for the transformation as AU continues to become a world class destination. Can you imagine some of the on-campus and off-campus death traps still being around? The education experience has advanced tremendously in the past decade-two with a focus on student experience. Back in the day, I remember one of my professors had to use a flashlight to read his notes in Parker Hall because it was such a dungeon. Also, one of my friends was burned because he backed up against a steam pipe while waiting for a class in the Coliseum. How times have changed! I do admit so much has changed I had to utilize navigation on campus last year. Who would have ever thought!? Sightlines definitely have changed.
  15. From my own experience, Dr. Roberts has done an outstanding job expanding the College of Engineering in reputation, funding, and resources. He is a good politician, smart, respected, student friendly, and loves Auburn. To me, he mirrors Dr. Gogue in some ways. All qualities that is needed in a good President. I wish him the best in leading our beloved institution.
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