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  1. Thank you for sharing. I have little respect for "mob" mentality as people can get stirred into a craze and at the end of the day, these same people have no clue why they are burning down the neighborhood. However, online mobs are a reality in the world we live in. We base a lot of our judgement on street corner gossip and social media fuels this. I have always been told to be wise to Firestarters. Every team has fair weather supporters, BAMA swims in a sea of them. Thanks for providing some clarity.
  2. I am unsure if anyone will touch Pruitt until UT's NCAA case has dust on it. Matrix might indeed break.
  3. Went to the Ark and A&M game and the atmosphere and overall vibe was completely different. Regardless of A&M's final score, I felt like everyone, i.e., fans, players, etc., could breathe again and were having fun. I am not saying AU doesn't have their pain points, but the game wasn't painful to watch. The sense of pride that fans seem to have for Carnell at the game and on campus is tangible and heartfelt and I would be hard pressed to find a 2022 interim coaching scenario that is as meaningful to the team, fans, and interim HC than what is going on at AU right now.
  4. I would imagine having this opportunity to lead AU the last part of the season is a huge growth opportunity for Caddy. Listening to his interviews over the years I appreciate that he is a reflective person and is always hungry to learn new things. Not many assistant coaches get the opportunity to take over on an interim basis. I think we also assume that every Assistant or Staff wants to be or is meant to be a HC. HC's often come with their entourage and blueprint; however, if the new HC is smart, he will keep Caddy and further refine and develop his passion. A coach will not find a better Auburn Man that represents the vibe of AU, loyal, marketable, holds the locker room, recruits, fan favorite, and is part of the Auburn DNA. All of those are areas a new HC will have to embrace but takes time and energy, therefore, having someone on my staff that already encompasses this... that is a win!
  5. Even though the end score was not what we all wanted, I was extremely proud of Caddy and the team. I joked with one of my coworkers, who was in attendance, that AU might need to go into the stands for players or coaches, so be prepared. I am impressed they did as much with so much less than MSU. Does he need some CEO polish, yeah and he is still learning. Leadership takes awhile to learn with most of that curve coming from mistakes, exposure, and time-in the role. Sometimes we all have to reflect on what it was like when we first started to manage and lead teams in our professional roles. Most coaches end up at Saban's mentorship program... Caddy probably has been thrown more into the fire than having the opportunity to experience mentorship by leading AU role models.
  6. I think A&M is more of an anomaly and perplexing than AU. A&M: Ridiculous money and facilities to match Passionate fanbase Recruiting hotbed Last national championship: 1939 SEC Championships: 0 SEC West Championships: 0
  7. Heck yeah I would wear this outfit to an AU game. Might get locker room passes with this look.
  8. I wonder if it's similar to the deal Wisconsin's ex-coach Chryst accepted. Here is a lump sum now, for less, and make sure you say nice things.
  9. Thank you for the updates on Fall Ball. I cringe that I missed both UA and LA Tech but I am excited for the upcoming season.
  10. Strings attached is definitely a thing. T. Boone Pickens and Gundy had their disagreements over meddling and it often spilled into the public. Is there nationwide interest in OSU drama? Maybe not to the pleasure of their PR department. You can easily google their back and forth. One of my Okie State friends used to joke that the only time Gundy would compliment Boone was when he wrote the check and at his funeral. Obviously, these are successful business people who made their (b)millions because of their acumen, smarts, desires, and passion, which often is attached to their ego and a sense that $$$ equates to control. I appreciate that donors provide support to AU but I am also realistic that strings are probably attached to some gifts. AU booster meddling has historical precedence but it's not unusual in today's environment, as the pandemic showed that athletic programs are not financially sustainable without large infusions of $$$.
  11. Immediate feedback is not just an Auburn nuance but also SEC and maybe generational. Does anyone think that post-Saban UA will give a new coach 5 years to work things out? SEC is big money and big expectations. The fanbase is ridiculous, I type that with both endearment and that I couldn't work in the environment. Expectations for patience during onboarding is understandable but in IRL CEOs, in high producing organizations, are not provided much time to right the ship. I applaud UM and Harbaugh, the media and maybe the fans wanted him gone prior to this year. Maybe Harbaugh is doing something right during his tenure that is tangible; however, UM was not as holistic and forgiving towards Rodriquez. We can feel for those organizations/ADs that appear today to be humanistic until security escorts you out the door, when terminated. Osbourne used to say that NU was all about the family and supporting the neighbor...sounds happy and warm until you look at how Nebraska "hired wild and fired wild". Patience was probably not helping NU.
  12. I agree with AU's due diligence as a public university but also as an entity with a core mission of being the steward of student's safety, regardless of attaching the "athlete" to the term. I am not experienced in the field to know if the investigation was messy or not. The same media that stated Harsin should be fired ASAP over and over again are also the same ones that state that Auburn is ridiculous, within hours of firing. Sometimes you can't win in the eyes of the media and AU has not done themselves any favors, over the years, in regards to perception. If you are a writer and want "clicks", keep AU on your radar. Sport forums can be passioned debates and at times behavioral; however, it's not unique to Auburn, go to any passioned fanbase forums, i.e., UA, UGA, UT, etc. and the dynamics are similar. Sometimes it's the curse of social media...take that how you want it. If you desire sterile and dry, go to CU (Colorado) or another team where fans are rather "meh" about their programs.
  13. For some reason I haven't considered this until now, but after watching several games yesterday, the amount and length of gameplay review almost sabotages the game and flow. Maybe I was channel surfing during high times of review but it was noticeable to even the commentators who made reference to the time it was taking to conduct the review and for a play that makes absolutely no difference in the game. I agreed.
  14. I am curious on how accurate the college mobs are in regards to actual candidate placement vs. assumptions/desires. I agree, there are some good candidates out there who often fly under the radar of the myopic media and fanbases. I remember chatting with some of my UT friends when Heupel was hired and the fanbase was about to burn the place down because he wasn't flashy, but he seems to be working out there.
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