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  1. And he has a girlfriend at North Carolina
  2. All I’m saying is, if we land CW I have a feeling the WR and OL rooms will fall into place.
  3. I sure hope Tank is really committed to the program. Body language says otherwise.
  4. Did you watch any of the games? Bo was not liked by a lot of his teammates and proceeded to pout like a baby on multiple occasions. Now he has run away from Auburn and sharing his family’s posts whining about how Auburn treated him. Do good and you will be loved. Do bad and you may need to toughen up and lock in.
  5. Awww poor Bo. Good riddance of an immature kid.
  6. Did not stop us from pulling a top 15 class at this point. Do not think Covid changed any outcome last year as they didn’t have much time to recruit because of the timing of the hire.
  7. B moving to an A with 2-3 more o line in February
  8. Grab your seat and see what we can pull out tomorrow.
  9. Where are you seeing this officially?
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