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  1. Great post. I personally think he's a better coach than Kiffin, but the baggage is quite a bit. I'm not really one to judge though because I used to wild out myself haha.
  2. We're having trouble landing the big name coaches because while, yes, Auburn is/has all of the things that you mentioned, it also is in the toughest conference in the country with their 3 biggest rivals being 3 of the 10 most prestigious programs...and they don't seem to be trending downwards any time soon...and we play them every year. Add in Texas and Oklahoma joining here shortly, incredibly high and unrealistic expectations, and a rabid fanbase and it's not hard to see why kats would pass on being the HC.
  3. My guess is that we'll screw this up somehow and pick some no name coach with little big league experience.
  4. He needs to be taken into the lab and given a boatload of instruction and reps from a legit QB coach. He's flawed from the ground-up (abysmal footwork, overall poor QB instincts [oftentimes can be caught not even looking downfield at his receivers when pressured].) BUT, he's such a weapon as an option QB that you just have to keep him at that position imo, and hope that he improves as a passer. I THINK that he can become a competent passer if given the time and resources. Unfortunately for him, Auburn, as a program, has very little patience.
  5. Really didn't expect a beatdown of this magnitude. I honestly thought we at least could keep the score close.
  6. No way he leaves Oregon for Auburn. At this point in time, that'd be a downgrade.
  7. Looks like we struck out with 2 of our 5 top candidates. My guess that Auburn is going to screw this up looks more legit by the day...
  8. The prospective next Auburn coach getting waxed by a mediocre Arkansas team is quite an awful look.
  9. I think the struggles of the O-line are [shockingly] a bit too hyperbolic. The line is bad, but there's plenty of opportunity for a decent quarterback to make plays with his arm. Robby is such an inept passer that he literally can't complete the most basic of throws. I've never seen a QB that Inaccurate turn into a serviceable quarterback prior to their senior year, and needless to say, he's not going to get anywhere near that much time. He makes Nick Marshall look like Colt McCoy.
  10. Almost every QB in the top 50 at that position is committed. Start Holden or Calzada...maybe Robbie if he dramatically improves.
  11. Looking like Miss State is going to drop a smooth 49 on us today...
  12. I think Auburn strikes out on both...somehow.
  13. Eh. The higher-ups could've avoided Harsin's Folly by having a more vigorous hiring process. Retrospectively, I think Gus should've gotten another year.
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