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  1. Was the band at the ARK game yesterday? I never heard or saw them on TV. I thought they usually traveled to all SEC games?
  2. Good point DTR, idc who plays or doesn't... just win!!
  3. Bo will get the start this week, coaches don't want to roll the dice in a must win game to save our season. Both QBs will play however. While Bo makes mistakes, he is solid and gives us a chance to win.
  4. Winning is the main issue. I worked for UT baseball for 3 years (unfortunate for me the Dave Serrano Years). Fans never showed up and was half full at best for SEC games. Insert Tony V, he demanded that UT upgrade the facilities. The gave him a brand new turf field, and upgraded the locker rooms and hitting facility. Now they are winning and they have facilities to show off. They had multiple sell outs even before the regionals and supers. Now on to Auburn, I love the location of PP, the facility while not great compared to Ole Miss, LSU or State... it has a very clean and polished look.
  5. I am in need of two tickets for the game. I don't have a preference for lower or upper deck. Please reach out at any time. All the best. War Eagle!!!
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