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  1. you my bro from another life. Rock it...
  2. My question to you is this, how long have you been saving this? LOL!!!!
  3. Look, its Auburn man. The culture is AU, you don't have to add to much, its AU. And you don’t get hired without great a resume'. Right? Harsin is not a bad person. He just is in over his head and had some bad luck with COVID, the depth chart and making bad coordinator choices.
  4. All the talk about creating culture is funny to me. You know what creates culture, Winning!! WDE
  5. Pre transfer portal. Pretty sure this would not happen today, lol
  6. Okay I must chime in now. I played college football, and I can tell you that you just don't walk into a coaches office and tell him I want to redshirt. I doesn't work like that, its not your choice. The season is still going.
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