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  1. Usually reliable posters also said Harsin was finished…..
  2. Reread what I said because you entirely missed it.
  3. They have NIL deals they can point to publicly and stay within the rules. Saban announced his qb signed a million dollar NIL for all to hear. He doesn’t have to go tell recruits something that could get his team on probation. What deal does any AU player have worth pointing to? Milos tea? 😂. If y’all believe Saban is out spouting illegal conversations that anyone could record and severely affect his program you’re living in make believe land. He’s not that stupid. The REC does all of that. Who does it for AU? And if you’re claiming Mason was out doing this then you’re claiming he was out publicly breaking the only currently enforceable rule on NILs. Either that’s not accurate (most likely) or he’s a moron
  4. Because they wrongly believe coaches have anything to do with NILs. They’re not even allowed to tell recruits about NILs 😂. But yeah, that’s Harsin’s fault 🤦‍♂️
  5. Coaches have literally zero to do with NIL. It’s completely irrelevant if they push it or not (other than it being illegal for them to push it so there’s that). Harsin “believing” in NILs has literally zero effect on whether NIL contracts occur. He’s not even legally allowed to tell recruits about them. NIL is not on him. People need to stop pushing that lie
  6. Cool. So are the money guys gonna finally stand up and offer some quality NILs? Hard to recruit this day and age when the money people go into hiding. It’s a simple fact that no one here ever wants to acknowledge for some reason. I guess it doesn’t help pile blame solely on one guy
  7. Lol. Yeah. He’s gonna give up a 4mil a year job to come work under the trustworthy AU board for less than half that 😂
  8. The top Hs qb just went to very small school. If the money folks want to win even if Harsin stays a year or two or however long, they’ve got to pony up. There’s been zero indication they did so this class that I’ve seen. I know there are other circumstances to the qb deal, but money speaks volumes in recruiting currently and if the PTB want good classes they can probably get them regardless of who the coach is IMO. Harsin was actually being praised by many on here at early signing day. It’s not the end of the world guys 😂
  9. Lol. The first thing I posted here about that was how much crap journalism it was 😂. It’s bad when a run of the mill fan sees through the garbage lies
  10. So you don’t have any actual info to back up your claims, just made it up and claimed it as fact based on your own conclusions of why certain things may have happened. Glad that’s cleared up 😂. Harsin got “spooked” 😂😂. Was that straight from the presidents office too 😂. Amazing how many folks on here claim absolutes with no actual facts. This is why I step away from this board at times. It’s just not worth all this made up soap opera
  11. I’m in that boat. I’m not some huge Harsin fan. But I’m done agreeing with what our money folks do to others. There’s no way to justify what keeps happening to every single football coach we have. Maybe they’re not behind all this, but there’s practically no reasonable way to think they aren’t involved somehow with how all the slander stories came out all at once. It was orchestrated. Period. And it wasn’t orchestrated by fans. It was spread by the yes men in the beat writers who couldn’t care less if anything they report is true or not. As long as they get clicks. I’m nearly out the door from supporting AU at all while these type of people call the shots. And either Proud Tiger was lying (which I doubt) or even folks in the President’s office are involved in spreading falsehoods. It needs to be fixed and not some random time down the road. It needs fixing now or people like me are done here.
  12. You don’t send a fired employee to a meeting representing your organization so yes, it’s been proven wrong 😂
  13. Here’s the actual line from the article… ”and a source said he was there when athletics director Terry Mohajir told him he was out.” Really? “A source”? These have to be some of the most pathetic “journalists” to ever exist. But of course this board runs it as fact. Good grief folks 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  14. It seemed obvious he was losing control of the defense as Schmedding was getting more and more involved at game planning and play calling. Is that why he left? Nobody knows. Not even you. And I don’t think Harsin is that great or even great to work for, but I’ll stand up for someone being viscously attacked based on extremely limited info. ✌️
  15. I personally could care less if AU ever wins another game at this point. The extreme level of low class exemplified by a large portion of the Auburn “family”, the best writers and the PTB makes this appropriate for Harsin at the moment. And he may be the worst coach we’ve had in 20 years, but it’s still accurate. It’s time to drain this swamp. Y’all have fun. I’m out for a few days if not much longer 😂
  16. Cool. So the NIL deals were flowing all over then and we didn’t care about rules? Oddly I haven’t heard of any…yet Texas put together a group set up just for NILs and it had zero to do with a coach. What did our guys do? Seems they sold out the coach and didn’t play ball. If that’s not the case I’d love to see any proof they were jumping on the NIL train like other schools boosters were.
  17. So you’re claiming he’s only a jerk to specific people. Interesting. Glad you can prove that “concept” 🙄 Whats become downright freaking hilarious this afternoon is watching all the Harsin haters squirm. Y’all were all so giddy you thought he was fired after one freaking year and now that it seems that might not happen the all out bashing has ramped up all over again. Ironically it can serve literally zero purpose. Flame away. Bless all your hearts 😂
  18. Tell me you don’t have a reasonable response without telling me you don’t have a reasonable response 😂
  19. His top OC candidate was working at a P5 program and was a previous staff member. He just got nixed by our compliance dept. How many coaches does it require to say there might not be an accurate depiction here? That’s at least 3 interested in joining him here alone in one year 🤷‍♂️ Facts don’t line up. And you could literally make the same claim about almost every head coach anywhere. They all have turnover. Gus had a ton of it. So did Tubbs. It’s the nature of the game
  20. He’s literally not allowed to push the NIL, so anyone with a brain can see that those conversations had to occur apart from him. And I’m still waiting on any answer. Who was forking over cash for our players that Harsin could point to?
  21. Weird that he has coaches from his past still working for him at a new place. He must have strong armed them 😂. But hey, one guy has an opinion so it must be accurate 🤷‍♂️We could write the exact opposite article a thousand times from people on this board defending the BOTs. Wouldn’t make any of it true
  22. Because al.com only prints truth and info that helps AU 😂😂😂😂
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