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  1. Thomson HS HC Mark Freeman. Because he's a proven winner. The guy has won at every level he has coached, from private school to 7A football. I know "he is a HS coach" but who cares. Who needs another money grabbing carousel coach? Besides Freeman could flip some very good recruits in the state of Alabama. Hey, I'm convinced.
  2. Harsin needs to hire Scott Fountain back as a recruiting coordinator. Fountain was a key recruiter and (special teams coach at Auburn in 2013) before being hired away by Georgia, and then by Arkansas. Scot Fountain brought quality players to Auburn but I can't blame him for bolting for more money at Ga and then Ark. Google the guy. He would be a good under-the radar recruiting hire.
  3. AU wins 38-34 Here's how it happens. Auburn called for targeting third play of the game (I had to get that in there), Alabama moves the ball at will and leads 24-0 at halftime. Saban feels the ghost of JHS in the second half and begins to self-destruct as usual. Bama's QB gets rattled after a couple of sacks and throws a pick six. The change of momentum inspires Auburn's offense. Finley starts completing passes and Tank starts running like a man possessed. Auburn brings the game to within a field goal late in the 4th quarter. Bama looks to run out the clock but inexplicably throws an out route that results in another pick six and an Auburn victory. Saban says "JHS is the devil" and walks out of his post game press conference. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it. 🙂
  4. I don't see much discipline on this defense. Coaches should be held accountable for mindless penalties, confusion, and lack of confidence. Also, there has to be at least one guy out there on defense that knows what's going on. The coach on the field player. The go-to guy that players can rally around. I don't think it has as much to do with size, depth, or technique as people think. If a D1 player doesn't already know how to play, he shouldn't be out there to begin with. Coaching is about motivating players more than teaching them how to play. It really is that simple.
  5. Nick Marshall was never a DB. He barely hit the field at Georgia. He honed his QB skills at Garden City CC in Kansas. Marshall fell into Gus's lap. He wasn't highly recruited out of GCCC. He agreed to play DB at the next level because no one thought he could make it as a QB. Dumb move all around to try and make Marshall a DB. Marshall came to Auburn and Rhett Lashley made him worse! Marshall kick started Auburn from a 3-9 dumpster fire into a National Championship game which should have been won except for a terrible defense that year. Our offense won by outscoring their opponents. Funny thing is during Marshall's tenure there were still some AU fans wanting him replaced with Jeremey Johnson! Some things never change with some AU fans.
  6. Auburn needs leadership and confidence. Maybe that will come with time. Harsin needs to step it up and stop trying to analyze everything. He also needs to replace some of his staff with coaches who know how to win, or at least know how to finish strong.. I sure hope Harsin doesn't turn out to be Auburn's version of Mike Shula. Time will tell.
  7. Bo puts touch on the ball! Passing game finally in sync. 👉
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