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  1. ZP actually in position just not making good plays on the ball. He should’ve undercut traylon on that td pass
  2. Lol I can’t agree. Mccreary actually always look good in zone coverage. He’s really a very good all around corner. The few times steele ran zone Mccreary played well
  3. Mccreary breaking passes up. Most of his picks came in zone coverage almost had one against Arkansas. Simpson is a better man corner to me
  4. Not better than Mccreary. Simpson a good tackler
  5. Running backs have to read the holes and burst thru contact
  6. I’m optimistic but long way to go for that to happen
  7. I was late in the convo but thanks for posting again
  8. And he can run the read option bc he don’t make good reads consistent enough
  9. Yeah the Bo in the context in Auburn QB history really is not relevant point to make. Auburn has never been a proflic passing school ofc nix numbers would high since he been starting uncontested since a freshman. what about bo in the context of current college QB landscape. Where does he rank with his peers in his QB class?
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