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  1. Drop Dish and get literally anything else is what I'd do.
  2. Something is systemically wrong for us to not be able to score in the second half over and over. I don't think it's the players' fault.
  3. He was trying to throw it away, the better question is who thought it was a good idea to have him trying to throw it at all.
  4. If Harsin blames anyone other than himself in the press conference, we should fire him right there on the spot, for cause.
  5. Also the guy already through and holding onto him at the launch point.
  6. It just came back up about 10 minutes ago, I was able to buy tickets
  7. I agree 100%. I watch because it's my school that I love. If it were a semi-pro team sponsored by the school I love, then I'm not sure I even care anymore.
  8. Well this post didn't age well.....
  9. I'm sad to say but you couldn't be more wrong. It is not just Kessler. Everyone is apathetic and letting A&M dictate what we get on offense. It's probably the worst I've seen them play all season and I've watched 95% of all the games.
  10. Time for a serious talk in the locker room... Who is taking their favorite shot? How many times have taken it and why?
  11. Bathwater, my goodness your kids must have dry skin issues...
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