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  1. So after all the things said about him needing more experience, if a new coach comes in and doesn't bend over backwards to find a place for Caddy to stay, do we have grounds to fire him for incompetence on day one?
  2. If we were to do something that caused us to lose a few seats, I'd much prefer it be adding permanent seat backs to every seat.
  3. I love seeing Caddy's energy after the arid desert, devoid of all emotion that we've been living through all year
  4. You must have missed the repeated social media posts where he threw his teammates under the bus.
  5. Dear Lord, we are vs ourselves and incompetent officials
  6. To be honest, I've been worried about that since February.
  7. The Auburn Football Review has of late been a joke. I've watched all of them and if that were all you watched and they didn't mention the score, you'd think we've won every game this year....
  8. Don't tell me that, so many other teams being not great this year just makes it hurt worse.
  9. Drop Dish and get literally anything else is what I'd do.
  10. Something is systemically wrong for us to not be able to score in the second half over and over. I don't think it's the players' fault.
  11. He was trying to throw it away, the better question is who thought it was a good idea to have him trying to throw it at all.
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