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  1. That's twice he's played a hurt QB. Having never seen DD play myself, I'm not sure what that means, maybe they don't like him. Also I thought they officially had Grant Loy was the backup.
  2. I wish we had a healthy Bo for this game. That defense, plus not getting sacked every other drive would've made for something special.
  3. I thought the same thing, roll the dice there. We're not gonna last through multiple overtimes.
  4. I thought the same thing, roll the dice there. We're not gonna last through multiple overtimes.
  5. Where was that defense all year? It's almost like someone told Mason you're not calling your game, call it"this"way
  6. Dear God, please don't make me believe that was his conscious decision. So scared he'll feel we need to play it safe the second half to protect our lead 😳
  7. When you have players and you don't believe that they have the talent to consistently go toe to toe with your competition, then a "bend don't break" strategy is a reasonable choice. I don't believe I've been an AU fan long enough (25+ years) that I've ever seen a team that I felt that was true for. That is why I cringe at the thought of playing that way all the time, even though it did seem to get a slightly better for a while towards the end of the season, not counting the last two games of course.
  8. What's the point of this post?
  9. I don't remember a game that made me so angry as this one has...
  10. Well, going for two right there was utter incompetence🥴
  11. I don't blame the refs for this loss, but I'm so sick of this garbage too...
  12. Here Auburn, have another a Holding call on PAT, hope you feel better... 🙄
  13. Why is targeting against us, the corner had the right to go after the ball, but called on us it's always this is what we want out of the game...
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