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  1. Just guessing, but even if he "is" seeing anything, he probably won't share with us. wde
  2. In the passing game, if we continue to have issues in pass protection this year, one option often mentioned is to design plays to get the ball out of the QB's hand quicker. If that is the case with AU, I just don't see TJ as our starter. After watching his play with LSU & AU, I just don't think he is capable of a quick release (designed or otherwise). JMO wde
  3. AU lost 20 disgruntled players to the portal for various gripes such as PT, coaching methods, etc... I guess we could possibly loose a few more following spring practice. My question is: Will our portal attrition rate return to normal (not sure what normal currently is 6,8,10?) in future years and will it basically be attributed to PT concerns and less about all the other disgruntledness that existed this year. We also had some coaching changes due to non-standard exit issues. Will this also sort itself out and normalize? I know this is all predicated on CBH continuing to lead the program beyond this year. Maybe someone (Mikey?) can help with the actual numbers. wde
  4. If we were to sign only 2 portal guys the rest of the way, would we then have 30 slots available for HS/Juco recruits in the 2023 class? TIA wde
  5. Pat Nix? Maybe he could recruit the Phenix City area. He couldn't be any worse than who we currently have (could he?). lol wde
  6. Let me cheer everyone up a little. We could have had a coach who has on his NFL resume the coaching titles of RB x 2, TE, WR, OC x 3. He also carries the FBS coaching titles of OC & HC x 2. He would have taken the HC job at a fairly low guarantee as long as it included a hefty buyout clause. Charlie Weis. wde
  7. Zeek - This wouldn't happen, but why does my gut tell me that if Saban retired and UA called Harsin to be their HC, he would not even hesitate in his acceptance? Other perceived high-profile schools might apply here also. But I just don't get the impression that AU is his dream job. If it is, I stand corrected. JMO wde
  8. This has potential. I'll just sit back and watch. wde
  9. I'm not sure CBH thinks he needs any help. He said he was going to run the offense. So he will probably stand pat and not even look for a good recruiter type coach to help on that end. wde
  10. Thank you very much. Much appreciated. wde
  11. What the buyout after year 2? year 3? wde
  12. To anyone who knows these types of things: Sometimes when there is a coaching change some new recruits are granted release from the NLI that they just signed. Is there any chance some of our high school recruits would request a release from their AU commitment due to CBH being retained (assuming the retention reports are correct)? TIA wde
  13. If true, AU probably gave CBH an extension and increased the buyout. lol wde
  14. To the PTB: We are way past the optics. Do whatever it is you are going to do. Your procrastination is doing no one any favors. You are only damaging AU's reputation and standing within the academic and athletic community. wde
  15. I too, along with most AU supporters would love to see this, but right now, trying to meet the criteria you stated as a prerequisite.....? Sorry, but I just don't see this happening. JMO wde
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