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  1. Amen to this! IMHO AU would be well served to take as much advantage of the portal in its present form as we can. I just think there are going to be future adjustments to the system that are going to alter the dynamics that will restrict the player movement that currently exists. The importance of high school recruitment cannot be understated going forward. WDE
  2. Anyone with any knowledge on DeMario Tolan (LB from LSU). Freshman that played in 12 games last year. 4* out of high school. Army All-American. Offers out of high school from LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Miami, Tennessee, Florida State. Apparently entered the portal. WDE
  3. @bigbird How is the recruiting affected between a 4-3-4 straightup vs a 4-2-5 hybrid? Also, do we currently have personnel that fit one better than the other? WDE
  4. @RunInRed- Did you get my membership? Payment went through on my end. Just checking on status. Thanks. WDE
  5. To finish my thought before my fingers got in the way: To establish basic ground rules for all to live by and satisfy the courts, my guess is some form of a Players Union with a CBA. JMO WDE
  6. Some things never change. WDE Happy New Year.
  7. Any word on the linebacker twins (Andrew & Michael Harris)? Once committed to UCF until T Williams left (DC for Arkansas?), but have not heard if they followed T Will or not. Not even sure of AU interest level, if any. WDE
  8. Just shut the hell up! Please! WDE & Happy Holidays to everyone else.
  9. Now that we have the X's and O's, it's time for the Jimmy's and Joe's. WDE Happy Holidays!
  10. It's going to be very interesting to see how this developes, but as Jerry Clower used to say "Just shoot up here amongst us. One of us has got to have some relief". WDE Happy Holidays
  11. Absolutely not. I also think that there is going to be a short window of opportunity to turn our program around using the portal. In the not too distant future the powers that be are going to attempt to rein in some of the insanity (for lack of a better word) that currently exists. JMO WDE
  12. Must be frustrating not having a name to attach to your tirade. WDE
  13. Not trying to stir any kind of pot: With regards to early signing and enrollment, if any of these athletes go through spring ball and are not satisfied with their current status, can they enter the May transfer portal? Just curious. WDE
  14. I would dearly love to see Auburn come out sporting the old shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads, etc... What an intimidation ploy that would be when they lined up against their opponents. I loved the days when players looked bigger, badder and unworldly. Just go back and look at the players in those old clips above. WDE Happy Holidays
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