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  1. gotta be the second option (the deal with the devil)
  2. He’s done. You can’t lose one like last week, ever, unless you have built up A TON of goodwill. This just stuck the dagger in a little further. It will be a couple of years and we will drift into the bottom tier before the end comes, but he won’t be the head coach past 2023
  3. It’s only a catch 22 if you aren’t the guy . If you are the guy (Saban, Kirby-I know they were shady but we have no excuses in the current land of anything goes recruiting ), you get players regardless of stellar results immediately.
  4. Starting to get a little worried about this staffs recruiting. Really like Harain overall but it’s Way too late in year 2 for us to be ranked 13th in the sec. you can’t compete (with uga, bama at least) if you are ranked 13th in the country ... The talent gap between us and the top of the sec is pretty glaring IMO
  5. He better start recruiting or he is going to start getting humbled weekly
  6. Bo gotta go. He just isn’t the answer. He will win you games but he will almost singlehandedly lose you games too. Give me consistency
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