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  1. Whoever starts next season, knowing they had to beat Calzada to win the job if he is not starting makes me feel more optimismic than before had he not came
  2. So are the refs letting any QB that is willing to try to pitch the ball forward upon a sack get away with it now?? The fact that they don't even call intentional grounding when he obviously is just trying to avoid a sack only encourages it imo. Is it just me or does it bother anyone else watching Young get away with this garbage time and time again??
  3. I'm preparing myself mentally to see Calzada start at QB1 next year. However, I still hope I'm wrong
  4. This!!! This is spot on. And if I were in their situation I can't say I wouldn't do the same. But it takes any loyalty out of it. Its no longer student athletes I'm afraid.
  5. The 1000, 500, and 250 monthly unfortunately prices a majority of fans out. I have been following this on another board and it seems like alot more people and donations would come from a 100-500 range. I'm not knocking this by no means and I understand that this is going to be adjusted. I'd really like for us to get ahead of the game on this. Build a good reputation so to speak. I hope it flourishes
  6. I'm no Marshall football guru but I was under the impression that he was transferring because of the Pennington kid most likely starting next year. I do agree with your point however
  7. The verdict is still out for me. The board has unraveled a little the past few weeks. Win the games that you're in position to win and none of this is ever said. I know it's easier said than done. I know some have thrown in the towel already and although I was upset after losing each game I know my opinion won't change a thing. I honestly see both sides gripe. Yes, he inherited a bad situation that will take time to fix with a society that's not patient. At the same time we were in place to win most of the games that we lost, so it's leaves alot to be desired. How we lost is more concerning to me. I really hope he has learned from this year and we get the key pieces we need to compete next year. It could make the difference of 4-5 ADDITIONAL wins next year IMHO. WDE!!!!
  8. So CBH will be good because Dye was. Got it!
  9. After skimming through half the pages I know this! We are a few hours into the off-season and the wheels are already falling off. Gonna be a fun off season. I hope A-day gives me something to get excited about! WDE!
  10. The way I see it is average playcalling with horrendous execution. Some play calls were. WTF! Others were bad execution. We have to get better on the offense beginning with the QB. Some of it falls on coaching if a QB overthrows every. Freaking. Time. I'll be sure to attend A-day and see who/ how good QB 1 is before attaching hopes or attending games
  11. Its according to which story one is trying to tell
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