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  1. Monumentally stupid to have not tried. We were primed for all to witness a systematic destruction of the old guard, the deep booster state, the Sexton controlled puppets and Cohen came in and just totally went deer in headlights mode. Like you said though, hopefully Freeze is successful and I root for his success but my god i am jealous of what could have been.
  2. Not that it particularly matters but I hear coach garner
  3. I didnt hear Harsins name unless he posted elsewhere. I did hear.. Wait for it, wait for it... Drum roll please "i want to thank coach malzahn".
  4. B b b b but he hasnt signed anyone yet and and and and there is a rumor he shouldnt be touched w a ten foot pole so so so so so we did the right thing not interviewing him plus plus plus Sexton doesnt represent him
  5. I knew Freeze would load up a few buddy buddies on the staff, doesnt bother me and I definitely dont expect a truly unique, independent oc either. Im looking at the wr, o line and lastly and yet to be filled dc spot -- the defensive coordinator needs to be done right (obviously). Shall be interesting
  6. Yeah it is funny how he pulls the God card out as much as he does when it is like.. Oh.. Idk -- more like the 5 million a year salary card but it is kind of nice to hear that talk in Boulder where mentions of Christ are usually met w scourn. My sister went to boulder so i feel it is a fair generalization.
  7. Team went 1-11 -- house cleaning in order of biblical proportion.
  8. Personally I thought it was hair raisngly good and would have been just what Auburn needed but whatever -- pump that nil money to some players and coach / scheme em up and see if we can't get some wins
  9. His acl's have to be begging him to take make the decision to enter the draft, guy cuts hard -- cant see him raising his stock much more and i would hate for him to have a catostrophic injury
  10. That isn't in dispute as to whether auburn could fill up a bus w coaches from lower tier conferences. It is argued that we had a unique opportunity to subvert the norms and get a baller recruiter. Now can he coach successfully in a major conference or is open for speculation, I suspect he can. The thing that sucks is to not even interview the guy and while our coach is neutered on social media and mumbling on gameday about jill, janey, margeret, amy sue and their husbands but not so and so because she doesnt have a husband (like anyone cares) and getting lost in disneyland like facilities Deion is doing exactly what we knew he would do -- delivering recruits
  11. One would have to be a complete bum, just a total schmuck to not recognize that as being the reality.
  12. To not even get him an interview or a chance at being hired is what's supremely dissapointing. All this talk about how "Cohen is definitely not beholden to the boosters w this hire" needs to be rephrased for future hires to "is he or is he not going to be cucked by jimmy sexton". I certainly hope Freeze dominates and elevates but this search has been quite revealing how the game operates through one man w that being Sexton.
  13. Hmm, not seeing this big PR nightmare Mikey.. Strange
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