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  1. the young man was recruited fiercely by the nation's top programs including caddilac at auburn, had a very brief stint behind a loaded front at Clemson and a lackluster run in a Dan mullen offense that few if any rb's shine plus was injured throughout the spring w a knee injury furthermore I haven't seen anything out in the aether that he was told to leave Florida, could be true could be message board rumor just saying, it's not out there from a cursory search like it is with kobe hudson (but that's a bit different of a case). I'd say it's a good pickup that I'd be excited about as a fan nonetheless maybe he is a total dud my overall point was that this idea that Malzahn would be sought after by auburn is ludicrious or that he would be interested is ludicrious.
  2. he seems to be in a good place and enjoying life again. the wheels are slowly starting to pick up pace on the bus down there -- plus he can literally break a leg, lose to navy and still maintain positive momentum recruiting wise towards yielding positive fruit in Orlando
  3. Gus just snagged another 5 star running back out of the portal and a 5 million cash infusion at ucf in the past 48 hours, fanbase feelings aside, he himself wouldn't even entertain the idea of coming back to the gauntlet of sec west football --
  4. oh boy, this is going to be quite a thread
  5. it's probably more of a situation where they don't necessarily want him gone but they also don't have the confidence to put down stupid amounts of money whereas with other coaches like kiffin, fisher, Kelly and so forth it's more easily justifiable. people hate the boosters but often they do have an inside track on the overall trajectory of things. conspiratorially I think the plan since the coup attempt failed is to not pay any kind of substantial buyout and just sit back and weather the storm and hope Harsin can keep the program afloat enough to avoid Tennessee vol status and then go after a coach when the time is ripe.
  6. Haven't seen much of HG obviously but in my mind I compare him to a Brandon Cox type qb it will be really interesting to see how Bo looks and performs at Oregon
  7. that Western Kentucky game makes me feel uneasy for some reason -- like Georgia state 2.0 possibilities
  8. interesting names, i will say I haven't heard many advocate for those names so it's nice to see a left field approach
  9. I was hoping the poster would respond and put some skin in the game because I view drive by comments disparaging all hires and suggestions without putting skin in the game as exceptionally weak. that said, thanks for your input. I personally do not like crystobal but who knows he could very well have been successful
  10. who do you think is a possible answer?
  11. lol -- let's do it, 100k cash in happy meals left at McDonald's to get a few game changers. that's obviously something pruitt learned from little Nicky if you ask me
  12. even Jeremy pruitt went 8-5 year two won a bowl game and had an 11th ranked recruiting class. I'd like something very similar or damn close to it
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