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  1. Gus owe's him part that that +$20MM buyout though, because Steele saved Gus' arse many many times and salvaged crappy seasons with his defense.
  2. Yep, and average will no longer cut it in this conference.
  3. Auburn is the best coaching opportunity Hugh Freeze will ever have in his life, and he knows it.
  4. I agree 100%! Kids want $$ and they can get it with NIL so they'll weigh their options carefully and go to a team that will pay them big NIL $$ and give them the exposure they need to gt to the next level. Honestly, I like seeing the old blue bloods fall to the back of the pack for a change and see some new blood in the headlines.
  5. Times running out and if AU wants to make a splash for March Madness, now's the time to get it done. We have to win out to get good seeding.
  6. This is a prime time opportunity to put a stamp on this season and get things ready for a run in March. All eyes will be on Bruce & the Boys! WDE
  7. This goes back years in the LSU Administration to Les Miles' own sleezy personal escapades (which lead to his termination at Kansas) and their former President King Alexaner terminated at Oregon over mishandling Les Miles. LSU had an Asst AD sue LSU for sexual misconduct, it was recently thrown out of court because her idiotic attny's took it too far and pissed off the Judge. But she brought to light the terrible policy they had for investigating Title IX cases. LSU has a serious problem, and President Tate has his hands full trying to push his liberal agenda on campus politics while his own student's safety is a major concern.
  8. I followed this horrific story for days after law enforcement jailed the 4 men that were involved. Then I learned that the NAACP was backing a couple of the men involved and it of course divided down racial lines because this was a young, beautiful, affluent white girl and the two rapists are black. Even though this tragedy didn't happen directly on LSU campus, it is still and an enormous black eye on LSU after other incidents have recently occurred. Bottom line, Baton Rouge is not a safe place to reside or send your daughter to college.
  9. A QB a little better than average to accomplish what exactly? This is a QB league and to compete every week in this conference you need a much better than average QB to do the job. Lord knows we've had to witness what happens when you have average QB's and it ain't pretty. Just yesterday of the nation's top 15 edge rushers, 10 (TEN) signed with SEC teams. 4 to Bama, 3 to UGA, 1 LSU, 1 Tenn, 1 USCe. God Bless SEC QB's.
  10. In the current 247 class rankings for 2023 for the SEC, we came in 8th in the current SEC and would've been 10th in the new SEC when Texas/Ok join. Still a long ass way to go folks, but I guess people can't hold back and will still make grandiose comparisons with a 2-month-old staff.
  11. Thanks for posting this, CU has nowhere to go but ^up^ and Prime is the man to get it done.
  12. Same for me. When knives were out in February and folks wanted him gone and news from the AD was leaking like a sieve, I knew the guy was doomed. HE could've made the choice to turn things around, and some Mods on this board assured us he'd made a lot of improvement within his own department and on the recruiting trail. Sunshine was pumping like lava in the weeks after he was retained, and conscious efforts were made as our beat writers and recruiting gurus were glowing. People couldn't pump out enough positivity almost all of last Spring. I wanted to believe, but as it turns out leopards don't change their spots so easily.
  13. It's a shame Tank didn't play for a team that could highlight his talent or ever get the chance to compete at the championship level for him to showcase his abilities and prove he could be an early round draft type RB.
  14. NIL is wide open Zin, there are no rules. Agents represent players and high school recruits and agents can contact whoever they want, whenever they want. Parents and high school coaches can contact anyone they want and they can gauge interest from a multitude of programs. It is most definitely "pay-for-play" and collectives representing school's apparently act independent of the school or coaches' knowledge, which is frightening. The recent Florida debacle is a lesson for every program and NIL collective in operation. Coaches and Athletic Departments have to know what their NIL collectives are selling, who they are negotiating with and what terms and economics they're touting. Collectives should position themselves and negotiate only at the direction of the head coach & AD.
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