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  1. We now have a 12 game regular season, I want 10 win seasons regularly with a 9 win season on a down/rebuilding year and an 8 win season to be considered a major disappointment. Historically AU is an 8 win/season program, but that was before we went to 12 game regular seasons.
  2. Yep, I believe he deserves at least 3 yrs to prove himself. It may be a painful 3 yrs, but Auburn has no business firing him after 1-2 yrs only to be saddled with an unproven coach that would still have to build from the ground up. This program needs stability and a ton of NIL $$ to build the roster to SEC caliber.
  3. Oh WED trashed 'em alright. I know what his intent and it was a choice of words, nothing more. No big deal. I respect the hell out of those players though and hope NIL Auburn is paying them very well for agreeing to come back & help us through this transition period. They didn't have to come back to work their asses off for Auburn, but they did and I appreciate it.
  4. Just my $.02. They aren't garbage. Sure they would have performed better in a lesser division. For better or worse they are Ours and they agreed to come back and help this team get through a transition period with the new staff. They agreed to go through another year of hard work, sweat and pain for AU. They never once "opted out" like many kids at one of our main rivals did the last couple of years. I appreciate that and I hope everyone of them leave here with nothing less than a masters degree on Auburn's dime. I also hope they are getting compensated with NIL $$ in a big way.
  5. I'm wondering if the coaches are using it as an excuse or if it's guys that cover AU recruiting and a few fans sugar coating the portal issue? I can understand 1 or on an off chance 2 portal guys may not match up academically with AU. But stuff like that should be known early in the process, so why keep a guy on your board if he's dead set on sticking with a major that's incompatible?
  6. Hoping upon hope that Auburn can somehow miraculously pull in 5 highly ranked high-school players for the '23 season. It would be something that hasn't happen in what 5-6 years? But I do believe miracles.
  7. Mikey, he's logged 1 yr of 3-7 vs major competition, followed by a coup attempt headed up by the Auburn PTB trying to kick him to the curb without paying the man his dang buyout. Any brand new coaching staff deserves 3 yrs at minimum to put their plan in place, work on recruiting, learn the talent regions, work roster management and solidify their staff as well as getting their off-the-field support staff in place. CBH is no different.
  8. It's BAD and has been for a while, I don't know what it'll take to make it better other than showing recruits we'll pay yuge NIL contracts to linemen once they get here. I mean like a few hundred grand a year type deals.
  9. Dang! That's a mean lookin 30 yr old going to Cal.
  10. He could be gun-shy after that UT/Pruitt mess? There's a negative stigma (for years) with Auburn's brand as it relates to attracting top olinemen and Friend will has an uphill battle to overcome that.
  11. All true and if I remember correctly you warned this board to "be careful what you wish for" when the annual fire Gus torches were lit. Auburn still had to make a change though. A team can't go year after year paying top 5 salaries and not getting top 5 recruiting classes or heck even top 10 ranked teams at the end of every year. Showing the occasional flash of excellence followed by years of inconsistency while also averaging 3-4 losses a year with an abysmal bowl record from a staff making that kind of $$ just won't cut it.
  12. Umm, excuse me.... tons of online classes are offered everywhere now. Who wants to get up and walk to class anymore anyway? Who needs in-person instruction or to wants to actually get to know their professors? lol
  13. We're unfortunately in wait 'n see mode again as fans. I'm frankly glad we aren't having to hear the annual promises of "we'll get this thing turned around, the future is bright.... yada yada yada" after another mediocre season. Now we just have to see if this crew can do better or if it's back on the coaching carousel for AU.
  14. Well, the fact that NS listened to Joey Freshwater and allowed him to change that offense and evolve it is a testament to the old geezer really. Many HC's are too stubborn to make a change.
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