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  1. Well, we know a rough comparison to all 3 program's annual recruiting budgets and we are waaayyyyy behind (million$) them.
  2. I'd like to see that as well and also with a breakdown of how much each individual sport is paying out for NIL.
  3. Frankly, I'm not one bit concerned with the contracts the Auburn Administration, Board of Trustees and Auburn's Legal Team choose to fully execute with the coaches. The $$ doesn't affect my wallet in the least, let 'em keep effing around paying a king's ransom to every Chizik/Malzhan/Harsin and whoever the next round of coaches will be, money is not a issue at Auburn.
  4. He just effed up a Liberty sexual assault lawsuit in August because he can not control himself with a dang cell phone. 😆
  5. I saw that - LOL! "Things are pretty bad on the plains and I don't want to be the next 2-3 yr failure" It was a great joke and had some truth to it.
  6. Dad going public and throwing blame towards the players, the play callers and coaching decisions will NOT bode well for TJ when he gets back in the rotation. Harsin will still be the HC and his OC will still be calling the shots and they can't be happy with Dad at all. What a GD mess!
  7. Auburn has to get this hire right, not risky moves to taking "up & comers" with OU/UT coming in and the CFP expansion. We're severely behind and the clock's ticking.
  8. Those numbers are from 4 recruiting cycles ago - if you can find the 2020-2021-2022 budgets, please post them. I'd love to see where some programs are not only in the SEC but the whole nation. I'd be shocked if programs kept their spending budgets the same over 4 yrs even with the covid season.
  9. Those are old numbers now (2019), I'd imagine they've bumped up a few million for the 2023 classes. You get what you pay for I suppose.
  10. You can't be serious. We are about to faced the first of 8 SEC opponents and you don't think most of them can't go all Manny Diaz on our arse by rushing 3 (THREE) while proceeding to dismember our oline?
  11. TJ appeared to have a dead arm/shoulder in the game and Robby appeared to be gimpy (high thigh??) in the game. This oline lets defenses feast on the QBs ~ injuries this early are detrimental to the season.
  12. Yep! That media barrage a few months ago was in the wake of the February fiasco. A ton of info was getting released from the AD, AU beat writers and AU recruiting sites. Someone in the athletic department went on a tangent to blast out positive news immediately. It was a ploy to make the fan base feel better about the situation - to ease tensions amongst the masses.
  13. AND what has been done about it? Have changes or adjustments to the recruiting processes changed to ensure Auburn has a presence in the top high schools? Has there been a follow-up to the articles that came out earlier this year?
  14. What shocked the $h!t out of me was there were seasoned SEC coaches on staff that I feel confident told Harsin & the Boise staffers who and where they needed to concentrate their recruiting efforts. There's no freaking way Carnell/Friend/Bobo/Mason didn't inform the entire staff and tried to set up the recruiting ground work. And for Harsin to come in and either brush them off or totally ignore them is asinine. Greene and any other member of the athletic department had to have known what was going on. My God, it's so glaringly obvious when Auburn University doesn't attempt to have a presence at the largest high schools in-state.
  15. ALL of this was rehashed around the time the February fiasco was unfolding. Some people would trash any of us for questioning Harsin's tactics, they assured us that he had to get recruits that "met HIS standard" and a lot of the highly rated players just didn't fit His prototype. Then a huge campaign was unleashed after the investigation was completed where ALL of the media outlets pushed positive vibes on us and did everything possible to make Harsin seem likeable and friendly. Then the Tiger Ambush or whatever it was called where he was pounding the pavement on a recruiting tour. Then we see folks hyped and jacked up with lists upon lists of every recruit that ever mentioned Auburn ..........It was all not naught!
  16. YEP! I blew a gasket earlier this year when I read an article (Montgomery Advertiser ??) where numerous 6/7A in-state HS coaches had never seen Harsin walk into the school. Schools that were within a 100 mile radius from his office desk and he'd been on the dang job for over a year and he hadn't made the effort to make the rounds. He never introduced himself, his vision or shook hands with some of the State's top HS programs, he wasn't selling AU at all and he was completely new to the region. In a year where this State has unprecedented talent Penn State/Clemson/Georgia/Florida all made the effort to be visible and Auburn didn't. Some folks in here made excuses that covid prevented it (which was BS) because Penn State/Clemson/Georgia/Florida recruiters had already saturated the trails here and were making headway getting the talent onboard, not to mention what Saban/Alabama were doing. There was no excuse for it in January/February and there's not excuse for it NOW.
  17. The front loaded home games are about to diminish as competition ramps up, I don't see this seasoned oline getting much better. And unfortunately PSU showed that an aggressive defensive attack with rushing even 3 defenders can get through this colander of and oline and disrupt the QB.
  18. What if THIS is as good as IT GETS? These are seasoned, veteran linemen our Super Seniors, they have a ton of time playing together. Private discussions could have already taken place and coaches may have been pounding in their heads for months now, this just damn well may be As Good As It Gets folks.
  19. That's called pullin' a paycheck. Totally tuned out of the game with heads up their arses or lookin' at the Mrs. on social media in her new game day outfit.
  20. Gonna come to the toughest conference in the nation and bring a "different approach to recruiting" while you go up against the best recruiters in the country and expect it work? All the testosterone and bravado a man can muster won't come close to being enough when you recruit prospects that "fit your standard" when your main rivals are evaluating, recruiting and successfully stacking up 5*'s across the board. A "culture change" is fine, but that can't retard a drive to acquire top talent to stock your roster.
  21. Nailed it cbo! I never expected a quick fix, but I do expect a gradual improvement and a staff that utilizes the tools at the HC's disposal with the transfer portal w/unrestricted inner conference transfers + the unregulated NIL environment. I never expected to stock the roster immediately and fill all needs, but I do expect to see a well prepared and knowledgeable squad on the field every week. I expect to see the coaching staff busting hell wide open on the recruiting trail in a relentless effort until they are able to gradually replenish a talent deficient roster. I expect to see a competitive team that knows their assignments and plays with discipline and never gives up on the field.
  22. Absolutely like old times. On a serious note, I hope one of these guys steps up tomorrow vs solid competition and TAKES the starting job for good. This musical chairs at QB needs to end, only then will the offense evolve and get more creative down the stretch.
  23. So simple as it's telegraphing your playbook for an opposing DC.
  24. The measures some folks will stretch to cope is impressive, is it not?
  25. He'd also worked under the most detail oriented, OCD little basturd in the business and knew what it took to put a consistent championship contender on the field. He was at the very center of "The Process" and lived it 24/7.
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