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  1. Will any of you be going for College Gameday? Will anyone here be going to the game as well?
  2. I've seen those photos of Shug Jordan in the crash helmet but I never knew the story behind it. That's really cool that Bob Hope came to an Auburn game in Auburn. For decades Bob Hope was as big a celebrity as anyone. Thanks for the in depth stories!!
  3. Are you confusing 2013 with 2010? You were talking about The Kick 6 and then said "Everyone is also forgetting several games that year that if just one play goes differently, Auburn is not undefeated." Kick 6 was in 2013 and we had already lost to LSU that season. But you're correct about the Clemson and Mississippi State games being close finishes in 2010, the year we were undefeated and won a Natty. If I'm reading your post wrong, I apologize and can delete this post here.
  4. I remember Saban's postgame press conference after The Kick 6. He kept saying "I've never seen a game end that way on a returned missed FG." Then a reporter asked him why he wanted that 1 second back rather than just going to OT. Saban responded "Because I didn't like our chances in OT against that team."
  5. I remember those 2 games. It was so frustrating watching their QB run and escape pressure play after play. We would have 2 guys bringing him down for a sack and he would slip out and gain a 1st down. Just off the top of my head, I think his name was Reggie Ball. I'm not sure what happened to him after his Georgia Tech days but I know he gave us hell the 2 times we played them.
  6. So true. So many people were worried that Hugh's past would sink us on the recruiting trail but it hasn't. As far as I know, and others here have mentioned it, the only time Hugh's past has been brought up publically in recruiting was by Walker White. He said Hugh is straight forward about his past and Walker loved the transparency in Freeze and one of the main reason's he committed was Hugh's redemption story. So far Coach Freeze's past hasn't hurt Auburn or recruiting. If anything, it helped us get our biggest recruit for 2024. This fit is perfect in my opinion. Freeze and Auburn needed each other. WDE
  7. I love this!!! Walker's mother also tweeted that the moment her son stepped onto Pat Dye Field at Jordan Hare, he knew he was gonna commit to Auburn. They also said he visited Baylor and Clemson but knew all along he would commit to us. This just further proves what has always been said about Auburn; if a player is undecided on a school, just get him on campus at Auburn and it will usually take care of itself. Hugh Freeze mentioned it a few times earlier this week that Auburn recruits itself and I truly believe that. This place is special and you just feel the family atmosphere whenever you're in town or on campus. WDE
  8. The portal and NIL has also changed it to where you're going to have to re-recruit your players every year just to keep them on your team. So instead of recruiting them only in high school, you're recruiting them after their freshman, sophomore, junior years of college as well. It also means 90% of schools won't have a really good backup QB because he will get plucked away by another program. So heaven forbid your #1 QB go down with an injury early to midseason because it will probably ruin a good season for most teams. Like several of the talking heads on TV have said about this current landscape of college football, it will somewhat level off the bigger and deeper rosters like Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, Clemson, LSU, etc. because they won't be able to stockpile 4* and 5* talent on their benches but it also will hurt G5 programs because if they have a player that has a breakout season, he will be plucked away by a P5 program. So G5 schools will be even worse off talent wise against the P5 teams. It's just a WAAAAY different era of college football than it was pre 2017.
  9. Great win tonight. Kept turnovers way down and shot the ball well. Now to UTk on saturday. They lost to Florida tonight. Gonna be tough but if we play like we did tonight, we can beat anybody. WDE
  10. Bama played on SEC Network which is part of ESPN/Disney. We were on ESPN2. They give the updates like this all the time, no matter if it's a rival or not. Since Bama started at the same time Auburn did tonight, that's how the updates went. I agree ESPN can pull some shady stuff but this wasn't anything intentional towards Auburn.
  11. Bama is a legit National title contender. As long as Nate Oats is there, they're going to be a problem in recruiting and on the court. It will be fun to see the Pearl vs Oats battles in the future.
  12. I truly think that we will keep beating Ole Miss regularly like we always have. Gus always beat them, Harsin even beat them. Something I get tired of hearing from not only Ole Miss fans but most of the college football fans is that Auburn hired Hugh Freeze because he beat Alabama and Saban in back to back seasons. Tebow, Finebaum, Roman Harper, Dari Nokah and many more talking heads have said this. If we only wanted a coach who beat Bama and Saban, we never would've fired Gus Malzahn. Gus beat Saban and Bama more than any other coach or school did from 2013 to 2019. Hell, throw in our 2010 win over Bama and Saban when Gus was our OC and he had beaten them 4 times in a 9 game stretch. 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019 we beat them with Gus at Auburn. 2012 he was at Arky State so that's 4-5 record against Saban in a 9 game stretch. They usually shut up when you bring that to their attention. We didn't hire Freeze just because he beat Saban.
  13. Ole Miss reporters, as well as the Ole Miss fans wanted Kiffin to take the Auburn job when he had them in that losing streak. They were all talking about how he is a lazy recruiter and very childish on Twitter. Many of the Ole Miss fans were clamoring for Hugh Freeze to return if Kiffin left for Auburn. Then out of nowhere Kiffin stays at Ole Miss and those same reporters and fans that hated Kiffin and wanted Freeze back, are crowing and saying Ole Miss is a better job than Auburn and keeping Kiffin proves it. Those same fans and reporters all trolled us Auburn fans for hiring Coach Freeze and saying "Auburn is so down and out that they can't hire our current coach and have to hire our old hand-me-down ex coach." There were 2 mods over on an Ole Miss board that drew out these long posts that broke down exactly why Ole Miss is now a better job than Auburn. Even though we have beaten Ole Miss 16 of the last 20 years we've played them (actually 17-3 in last 20 because 1 of their wins was taken away due to the recruiting scandal), all of their fans say that "the past is just the past and the present is what matters now." I think until they beat us this past year, we had won 6 in a row over them. I get that every fan thinks their team is bigger and better than it actually is but the Ole Miss fans are just delusional as hell.
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