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  1. RIP #9 This sounds exactly like the situation my uncle went through. At our family Christmas get together 2015, I told my uncle "you've lost weight. What have you been doing different?" He replied "Nothing really. I don't have near the appetite I used to." Well fast forward a few months and he kept complaining of lower back pain. He had already had 2 back surgeries years prior and thought it was that. Well, he began peeing blood and at night he would sweat so bad that my aunt was putting down beach towels for him to sleep on. He finally went to the doctor and they did scans. He had stage 4 kidney cancer and they sent him to Vanderbilt. He was at Vanderbilt 10 days. They did surgery to remove 2 tumors from his kidneys but he was deteriorating. They told him it was just a matter of time before he passed. Easter sunday was coming up and he decided to leave Vandy and go home with his kids and grandkids. Hospice came by for the first time on a saturday and the next day, Easter sunday, he passed away at home. Never ever ignore your body when it's going through major changes like severe night sweats, blood in your urine or stool, etc. Get to a doctor. WDE
  2. Those achilles injuries are so hard to come back from. Of all the players in the NBA throught the years that had achilles injuries, only Dominique Wilkins and Durant have come back as good or better than they were before. As hard as Kobe Bryant worked to be back to his old self after his achilles injury, he just never got there. I know his age was a factor but I just meant he was known to work harder than anyone and still couldn't get his game back. I figured Flanigan would have trouble getting back to his form from last year so not really surprised about his season. He still is a helluva defender though.
  3. I agree you can lose in any round of the tourney. Look at 2018, Virginia was the #1 overall seed and lost in the 1st round to a #16 seed. First time in history that's happened. The very next year Virginia comes back and wins the national title. It's cliche to say "Survive and advance" but it's literally just that come tournament time.
  4. Villanova's coach, Jay Wright, was doing an interview thursday and talked about why you see so many upsets in college basketball but mainly in the NCAA Tourney. He said his team, Gonzaga and some others always keep their guys for multiple years and most of their players stay the full 4 years. He said the mid major schools also have teams with alot of 3 and 4 year players on them because they're not putting many players into the NBA. He said with the "1 and done" being so popular now at bigger schools that his team, Gonzaga and other teams that have Junior and senior heavy teams have an advantage because their guys have built so much chemistry and it really shows. With the transfers on this years Auburn team, as well as Jabari being new, I think we did a great job all in all. I know we are full of emotions right now and are disappointed we didn't go farther but as time goes by, we will all be happy this team finished 28-6 and won the SEC, got to be AP #1 for 3 weeks and had hopefully the #1 pick in the NBA draft playing for us. It's SOOOO tough to win the NCAA Tournament because you've got to have 6 almost perfect games. We didn't have those perfect games but the sun will still rise in the morning and we will still love Auburn. It's gonna be ok. WDE
  5. This 100%. Kessler transferred from North Carolina for 2 reasons. The first and main reason he left UNC is because he didn't want to be a "back to the basket" player. The 2nd reason he left is more a reason he came to Auburn and that is because Jabari would be here and Kessler felt like this could be a special season. Bruce actually mentioned both of these recently as being the 2 reason Kessler came here.
  6. Somebody on this forum said that Kessler should come back next season because he could be the #1 pick in the draft if he comes back. Really?? Btw, we are better than Miami. Just playing bad ball lately.
  7. There it is!!!! I knew it was coming and only took you 2 pages this time. Until Bryan Harsin's initials magically change to G.M., I doubt you'll ever be happy under this regime. I'm very critical of coaches but I also show praise nust the same to them. Beating Ole Miss this season was a really good win. Us and Alabama were the only losses Ole Miss had in the regular season. We beat them by double digits. Arkansas was ALOT better than they've been since Bobby Petrino was there. They went 9-4 this season and we beat them AT their place and again by double digits. There are ways to say "I don't like this coach" without having to be negative on EVERY single thing he does. Just like you said "He's bragging about finishing practice on time." He wasn't bragging. It was 1 freaking quote he made in the middle of things he was proud of. To say he was bragging is just you being negative about every single thing this coach says and does but that's typically your thing on here since the last guy was ran out of town.
  8. I think we smother them on defense and our shots start falling again. If it's kinda close in the 2nd half I hope we can go to our bench and pull away since we are the deeper team. AU - 73 JSU - 61 This morning I looked at our odds to win the National Title and we are 6th best odds. Gonzaga, Arizona, Kentucky, Baylor and Kansas had better odds than us. We had the same odds as Duke. Our defense will keep us in every game we play, no matter who the opponent is. We just need our shots to start falling. WDE
  9. I'm happy that Coach Harsin isn't going to dwell on the noise that happened recently. He said he is focused on the present and future and not the drama that unfolded. The old saying "Move forward and don't dwell on the past. There's a reason the windshield is alot bigger than the rearview mirror." WDE
  10. You can say that again. Some sites were saying Tennessee could maybe backdoor into a #1 seed. I figured a #2 seed at worst. So shocked they got a #3. They're going to be tough. I feel bad for Texas A&M. Went 23-12 and are really hot of late and they were left out. Sucks. Alabama getting a #6 seed shocked everyone. 19-13 record, 9-9 in SEC play. Beat Gonzaga and Baylor but had bad losses and alot of losses. I just don't get it.
  11. We can do this!!!! That's a good region for us and hopefully our bad game is behind us and we can run this to a Final Four!!! WDE
  12. If the 1st round bye hurt us like you claim, then why are you wanting extra days off right now heading into the NCAA Tourney? Wouldn't extra days off right now hurt us just like the bye hurt us?
  13. I give him praise when he deserves it and I call him out when he deserves it. You're a typical sunshine pumper who can't see reality because you're blinded by your Orange and Blue glasses.
  14. Kentucky wins the Natty if healthy, imo.
  15. I hope and pray 2 of our guards aren't at Auburn next season because it will be much of the same if they are. Low IQ basketball and wanting to be the hero in every game gets quiet old after awhile.
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