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  1. Not sure if you noticed during the coaching search, and AD search, and coaching firing, and AD firing, but these “insiders” don’t know anything.
  2. I think we’ll be better. 8 wins might he a little much. I definitely wouldn’t bank Miss. St as a win. 7-5 would be my prediction, unless the roster gets some big upgrades.
  3. I get playing 10-11 guys now. Give young players a chance to develop and see what we have in them. However, if players don’t step up, Bruce needs to really tighten his rotation come tourney time. Right now, that should only include Broome, Cardwell, Jaylin, Morris, Wendell, Donaldson, KD
  4. KD, Zep, and Flan should’ve been encouraged to find transfer opportunities after last season. Bruce should’ve known that last year’s guards weren’t capable and needed to be replaced.
  5. Sounds like a really solid hire. I wasn’t in favor of hiring Freeze, but he is proving me wrong.
  6. Doesn’t that kind of state he’s already developed?
  7. I’m interested in the scenario that has us going 7-5, but fulfilling an objective and making the SEC championship game
  8. Doesn’t every new coach bring in people he’s worked with? Weird to compare his hires to Saban hiring O’Brien. Saban can hire anyone he wants. Freeze isn’t quite at GOAT status. Also, considering every offensive position coach is rumored to have been hired, I’d say it’s very likely he’s selected his OC.
  9. Is he being rumored as the OC? UNC has a really strong offense. When it says air raid tendencies does that mean deep routes?
  10. It seems odd, especially for a coach known for offense. You think he’d turn the D over to whoever he picks as coordinator. At least enough to let them make their own hires.
  11. Lol what does this have to do with anything? Nice subtle brag.
  12. Yeah I’ve been trying to tune out the crazies. He’s our coach and I’ll give him the chance to turn it around. As far as realistic expectations, I’d say 7-5 or 8-4 is where I land.
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